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Multimedia Publishing Help

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Introduction to Audio and Video on the Web
A short primer on the process and requirements for audio and video on the web.

Getting an Account at URI
Media accounts are currently restricted to faculty and staff.  The web master and WebCT administrator have asked that, because of their size,  media files not be stored on the web server (www.uri.edu) or the WebCT server.  The media server (http://media.uri.edu) is the correct storage site for these files.

Information about the Media Server at URI
The URI media server (media.uri.edu) is restricted to faculty and staff.  The server is unix and therefore poses certain restrictions on file names. We also ask that you use certain file types to make your media more accessible, easier to use and faster to download.



Audio Help

Sound Edit 16
A Macintosh program produced by Macromedia and available in the ITC and Fine Arts labs.

Another Macintosh program, this produced by Bias and available in the ITC and Fine Arts labs.

Total Recorder
An inexpensive Windows program available as a download on the web from High Criteria

Sound Recorder
The free Windows utility bundled in Windows 98 and 2000.  Can be used to record up to 60 second clips.


Video Help

Media 100
A hardware and software solution for the Macintosh available in the ITC and Fine Arts labs. A very complete non-linear digital editing suite.

Final Cut Pro
A Macintosh program available in the ITC and Fine Arts labs. Non-linear digital editing software that includes editing, titles, transitions, layers and some effects.

A simple and free Macintosh program for capturing and basic editing of digital video. 


Compression Software

Compression 1o1
A primer to the theory and reality of media compression of media. Defines terms and discusses variables and parameters.

Definitions of terminology used in multimedia and especially compression.

Discussion of the process and basic directions to get started using the program that has been the industry standard in media compression.  Cleaner is available in the ITC and Fine Arts labs.


Advanced Media

QuickTime Pro  (Version 6)
A short course on some basic features of QuickTime Pro. Importing and exporting, self-containing, compressing, hinting and creating text movies.

QuickTime Pro  Part II (Version 5)
This section focuses exclusively on using QuickTime to play PowerPoint presentations on the web.  Taking PowerPoint into html can be an abusive process.  This solution creates a single file and can be used to synchronize sound to individual slides.

Embedding Media in a Web Page
Directions for embedding your media files in the page. A simple elegant solution uses the plug-in to play the files directly in the web page.

Directions for multicasting from campus using the Sorenson Broadcaster equipment suite (laptop and camera) available for  faculty/ staff checkout from Classroom Media
Assistance (Chaffee 217).



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