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Sarah Patterson, CHN 101, Supply Chain Management & Chinese, URI '17, URI International Business Program

I can't believe how much I've learned in just one semester in the Chinese program at URI. I'm constantly amazed by the teachers' and advisors' knowledge, approachability, and true concern for their students' best interest. Especially as a first year student, the small class sizes and opportunities for success and growth have welcomed me to the university and nurtured my passion for foreign language.

Jimmy Chan, CHN 101, Chemical Engineering & Chinese, URI '15, URI Chinese Flagship Program & International Engineering Program

I was motivated to learn Chinese at the beginning of the semester. Our teacher gave us a great deal of homework and speaking assignments in order to start speak or write in Chinese. I am proud to say as Chinese 101 student, I learned a lot and I still want to learn more Chinese. Overall I enjoy taking Chinese.

Silay Doak, CHN 421, Fine Arts & Chinese, URI '13, Chinese Major, URI CSS '11, URI CSS '12

For me, choosing to remain in school a little longer than most and taking up Chinese as a major is the right path. What I have gotten from being in the Chinese program from the first time was that there was always a hand to pick me up, to show and make sure that I didn’t give up. I am with the friends that I have made through learning Chinese; we have plans to become fluent and conquer several other languages. That sense of self-accomplishment and contentment came from knowing I was on the right path; with people that walked the same way and help supported me and vice versa.

Jessica Magill, CHN 421, Supply Chain Management & Chinese, URI '14, URI International Business Program, URI CSS '10, URI CSS '12

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Chris Chacon, CHN 215, CBS News New York, URI CSS '11

My experience at the URI Chinese Summer Language school was phenomenal! Coming from Utah all the way to Rhode Island was quite the trip. The first day I arrived at the TI house the Chinese immersion began, having all the teachers only speak to me in Chinese I felt as if I were already in China. The class sizes were small and very personable, I was able to get the one on one help I needed. Having studied Chinese for a few years I felt confident in my speaking but my reading and writing was terrible. The URI program helped me to improve my weak areas of Chinese that I desperately needed help in.

In addition to the learning aspect the food throughout the whole program was great! Also all the teachers and staff were amazing but my favorite part was that everyone in the house was there to speak Chinese, and this created the best atmosphere to learn and practice our Chinese. The reason why chose this program was because I did not see any other program that offered the opportunity to do a full Chinese language immersion then actually go to the country to continue the learning process, to me actually being in the country I felt that this is the best way to improve my Chinese, and it did! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone at any level of Chinese that wants to not only improve their Chinese but also experience China and its beautiful culture.

Ingrid Han, CHN , Biological Sciences (Pre-Med), URI, Chinese Summer School 2011

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Michael Ferrari, CHN 205, Accounting & Chinese, URI '15, URI Chinese Flagship Program, URI CSS '12

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Kaylen Duarte, CHN 421, Journalism and Mandarin Chinese Language, URI '12, URI Chinese Flagship Program

As a journalist, my job is to interpret the world through the stories of everyday people. Flagship gave me the tools and training I needed to do just that on a global scale. During my year abroad in Nanjing, I trudged through muddy fields alongside Chinese farmers, interviewed factory workers, and discussed politics with blue-collar security guards over glasses of Chinese baijiu. Flagship isn't just about learning a language; it's about gaining a deeper understanding of our world.

Christian Marks, CHN 421, Computer Engineering & Chinese, URI '13, URI Chinese IEP

Being in the IEP Program, has not only allowed me to meet new people but also gave me a chance to go to China to study Chinese at Zhejiang University, and work alongside Chinese engineers in an internship with Hexagon Metrology in Qingdao. The program provided lots of opportunities, opened many career doors, and gave me experience that I would have never found studying in the US. It has also helped me to explore many different countries and cultures, and even find a job where I get to use both my engineering and language degree.


Chris Andraka, CHN 421, Chemical Engineering & Chinese, URI '13, URI Chinese IEP

I had a great year abroad, I loved that I could not only study the language in class, but also use it practically in everyday life when meeting people, ordering food and shopping. I traveled a lot during my year in China and saw some of the most amazing places that I may ever see between the Karst forest and the mountains of Dali, as well as the Snow and Ice Festival in Harbin. During my internship, my Chinese rapidly progressed into fluid conversations, and to a level at which I can present my work in the language to a group of people. Since my internship was at Bayer, Shanghai, I also got to live in one of the biggest cities on the planet, where there is always something to do. I loved getting off of the metro at a random stop and exploring until I found another stop.

Elena Dempsey, CHN 421, Global Business Studies & Chinese, URI '13, URI Chinese IBP

Studying in Hangzhou, one of the most breathtaking places in China, was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I didn't think I would be able to top that! However, my internship with Hasbro, Inc.'s China office proved me wrong. I had the chance to intern in their Shenzhen and Hong Kong offices, work with a full Chinese staff, meet with vendors, and had the chance to see a continuation of my work from my summer in their Rhode Island office. Also, participating in Dragon Boat races on Stanley Beach, Hong Kong with my co-workers was an experience I will never forget. Going to China has changed my life for the better and I am so pleased that URI has this program.

Patrick Slavin, CHN 421, Marketing & Chinese, URI '13, URI Chinese IBP

My year in China through URI's IBP program was an amazing experience. During the first few months of the program, I studied at Zhejiang University, learning Chinese with classmates from six continents. After that semester, I moved on to an internship at Hengtian software. While there, I was able to work on some great projects, collaborating with my Chinese coworkers in a company whose corporate language and culture was Chinese. I was truly amazed at how much my language ability and cultural understanding could improve in one year, and the IBP program was a huge part of that.

URI Chinese Language Speech Competition

The Department of Modern languages Chinese Program in collaboration with the URI Confucius Institute is proud to announce the 1st annual Chinese Speech Competition. Click on the link below for more information.

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