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Classical Studies Students

Read about what our majors are doing Here!

List of Majors and Minors, current and recent:

    Amy Barth: Latin (Minor)

    Luca Cintolo: Classical Studies

    Heather Cotoia: Classical Studies

    Megan Cotter: Classical Studies and English

    Kristina Golubiewski: Classical Studies and Anthropology

    Katie Guida: Classical Studies and French

    Melissa Henneberry: Classical Studies and History

    Samantha Henneberry: Classical Studies and Art History

    Brian Klotz: Latin and Greek (Minor)

    Yanina Kubic: Classical Studies

    Brittany Lavigne: Classical Studies

    Patricia Logan: Classical Civilization (Minor)

    Emily Moore: Latin (Minor)

    Erin Mullen: Classical Civilization (Minor)

    Miranda Nero: Latin (Minor)

    Eimy Osaki: Classical Studies and Anthropology

    Scott Reininger: Latin (Minor)

    Deirdre Rippe: Classical Studies

    James Ross: Classical Studies

    Zack Silva: Latin (Minor)

    Selina Valade: Classical Studies

    Jenn Warburton: Latin (Minor)

    Jay Whalen: Latin (Minor)

    Emily Yost: Classical Studies

Class of '07 Majors: Where are they now?

    Shaun Kirby: MA Program in Archaeology, Brock University

    Erin Vachon: MA Program in English, URI
Class of '08 Majors: Where are they now?
    Megan Cotter

    Kristina Golubiewski: PhD Program in Iron Age Archaeology, University of Minnesota

    Katie Guida: PhD Program in Renaissance Art History, University of Maryland

    Melissa Henneberry: MAT Program in Latin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    Samantha Henneberry: PhD Program in Classical Archaeology, University of California, Berkeley

    Selena Valade: MA in Classics, University of Vermont