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Latest updates from Fall 2011:

John Brownell (2008, MBA 2010)
Currently working at Jumpstart For Young Children, in Boston MA as a Staff Accountant, as an honorary French alum (that counts right) it continues to be an interest to me. I plan to increase to a functionally proficient level so that after a couple years at my current job I can move on to an international non profit where I can use French professionally. I'm currently tutoring a co-worker in the ways of French over lunches. Right now I'm attempting to break her Spanish pronunciation habits and playing vocab games. Qu'est-ce qu'il y a pres d'ici? Est-ce qu'il y a des chaises? (October 2011)

Matthew Kane (2003)
I work at Akamai Technologies in Cambridge. I've made some Francophone friends in Quebec and Lausanne, and speak with them in French from time to time. For our last anniversary, my wife and I visited Montreal. We brought back some French children's books for our daughter (including translations of some of her English-language favorites) so we can read to her in French. She can count to ten in English, French, and Spanish! (thanks to Dora the Explorer for the last one) (October 2011)

Sara Manteiga (2011)
I will be attending Tufts for a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering. As for now, I am just relaxing, preparing to move/attend school, and enjoying what may be my last real summer break. As far as French goes, I don't have any plans yet, but I hope to keep practicing despite my busy school schedule. I've looked online for French-speaking groups in the area (I assume sort of like la Causerie) and there seem to be many to choose from, so I might join one of those once I move. (October 2011)

Nicole Hosford (2011)
I just got a job as a jewelry designer at K and M Associates in Providence. They have accounts with Walmart, Bebe, Guess, K-mart, etc. and I am now part of their design team! They are a big company and they continue to grow! I get to go on trend-shopping trips to NYC frequently, and travel to Tokyo and Hong Kong at least once a year for work as well. They really liked that I had studied abroad and lived in Europe since they want me to travel for this job. Also having two degrees showed that I am ambitious and hard working! I still make my Poivre Luxe leather cases and sell them at Green-Envy Boutique in Newport! I have also met a lot of French vacationers at my summer job and was able to speak with them in French, which was very exciting for us both. Thank you so much for your help and pushing me to be a French major and study abroad. I'm so honored that I got to have you as a professor. Hope all is well and good luck with the semester! (October 2011)

Julia Schlect (Baker 2007)
After working for the Bayer Gastronmie GmbH for almost 2 years, my husband got a 3 year job offer on a project at Ford Brazil. We left Germany in July 2009 and are currently living in Salvador da Bahia which is in the North East of Brazil. Our son Paul was born here in October 2009 what actually makes him a Brazilian citizen. Right now I'm still on maternity leave (in Germany you can take up to 3 years). When we first came here I couldn't speak Portuguese at all, but started to take lessons right away. French was actually very helpful while learning the language. There are quite a lot similarities. We have 1 more year left here in Salvador da Bahia, it has been a good experience so far. It is always interesting to get to know another culture. I still plan to go back to work for the Bayer Gastronmie GmbH next year. Until then, I say Good Bye, A bientôt, Até logo and Auf Wiedersehen! (October 2011)

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Dean Capece (2010)
After graduating URI, I now work at A&M Productions in Cranston where I am the Line Producer/Project Manager.  We produce anything from corporate videos to commercials and film.  Also, we create websites, collateral, etc.  We take ideas from concept (script writing and story boarding) to the complete project. We do have clients that request their projects to be in other languages.  Right now I'm working on a project for the RI Department of Corrections that would like their radio ad in English as well as Spanish. I haven't been able to fully use my French yet, however we do have a client that will be having all videos translated into French and Spanish (with subtitles), so I will be working on that project.

I have learned, even better, the value of knowing another language. I have seen many more opportunities for myself, as well as others, having the ability to converse in multiple languages. In the fall I do plan on expanding my knowledge of language in learning Arabic. I will keep you all updated should anything new and exciting happen! (May 2011)

Marjorie Johnson, (Foster 2009)
During the past year, I have been teaching Beginning French 1 and 2 at URI as a per course instructor. I very much enjoyed the experience and was grateful to be able to do a year of teaching directly after graduating last year! This summer I will be working as a translator and chauffeur for the French film company Edery Film, helping them to film a documentary on the antique sailing ship Amorita, which is docked in Newport. Our work will take place mostly in Newport, Mystic, and Bristol, and my role will be to assist the director, Pierre Marcel, with interviews in English, translating into French for him and supplying follow-up questions as needed. This opportunity is aptly timed, since it will give me a chance to polish my French before moving to Paris in October to begin a two-year master's degree program in "Arts et langages: linguistique, littérature et image" at l'Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales. The French section has helped me make a pretty seamless transition from undergraduate studies into the working world and grad school, and I am eternally grateful!

I also currently babysit for the marvelous Maura Stelik and am finishing up an internship at the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities as a grants assistant. (May 2011)

Jena Burgner (Foster, Minor, 2009) currently works at the Bradley Sleep Research Lab at Brown University in Providence, RI. She works under an M.D. from Paris, France who is doing her post-doctoral fellowship in sleep medicine. (March 2010)

Colin Lindo (Foster 2009) lives in Bermuda. Here is his most recent update: I moved to Bermuda where I first worked at 9 Beaches resort in Sandy's. I worked there from April until August. I soon found myself at Pompano Beach Club about 8 kms down the road where I work as a Bellman, Boat house supervisor (renting out snorkle equipment, katamarans, and kayaks - albeit it closes this monday) Cocktail waiter, and in November I will be a fulltime server at one of the resorts amazing restaurants. I am now saving up to become a ESL teacher. I must save grand to get my license and go through the proper training. Then I hope to end up in Paris, Prague, or some Eastern European country; whatever works out in my favor. (October 2009)

Mark Marcello (Foster 2009) currently lives and works in New York City. Here is his most recent update: Upon earning my bachelor's degrees last December in Communications and French, I took a Public Relations job in New York City, where I currently reside in Manhattan. I work for Nustars, LLC where I assist coach an acting program for aspiring young actors and actresses. In the fall of 2010, I am applying to the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa to achieve my MBA. (January 2010)

Kristen Thomas (Foster 2009) works for the sports apparel company Charles River Apparel right outside Boston. (2009)

Emily Macaux (Piaf 2008) was offered full financial support (TAship) by Boston University where she received a MA in French Literature. Here is her latest update: I can't believe it's been over a year now since I started graduate school at BU...Anyways, I wanted to get back in touch, as I just learned today that I passed my Master's Qualifying Exam!  I am incredibly excited--this past semester has been quite intense as I've prepared to take it--now I can hardly believe it's done!  Since I passed, I'll officially receive my Master's degree in January.

Some additional, extremely exciting news--I will be going to Berlin this February for the Berlinale film festival!  I have always been drawn to film, but this past year, it has become an absolute passion--I've had the opportunity to take some amazing film classes in addition to my courses in French literature, and I've also been able to attend a number of screenings and discussions in Boston.  So--needless to say!--I'm absolutely ecstatic to be going to the festival! (December 2009)

Patricia Matthews (Piaf 2008) was hired by the French Ministry of Education to teach English in Bordeaux, France during the academic year 2008/2009.

Nicholas Mandler (Piaf 2008) is working as a traffic engineer at the Connecticut DOT, designing signs, lines, and signals. Here is his most recent update: My experience with the French IEP has helped me by providing experience in transportation engineering during my internship, urban planning at UTC, and the familiarity with transportation modes I gained while traveling in

Caroline Cuddy (Piaf 2008) was hired by the Spanish Government as "Auxiliar de Conversación". She will be teaching English conversation in a high school in Andalucía during academic year 2008/2009. (May 2008)

Mansour Faye (Piaf 2008) interned at the French television network France 24 in the summer 2008. He is a MS candidate in Software Engineering and Television Management at Drexel University. (2008)

Kate Gorton (Piaf 2008) works at the French American School of Rhode Island in Providence, RI. (September 2008)

Annie-Laurie Hogan (Piaf 2008) is a JD candidate at Villanova University School of Law as of fall 2008. (2008)

Katie Guida (Piaf 2008) was offered full financial support (TAship) by Pennsylvania State University where she will start in the MA/PhD program in Art History in the fall 2008.

Allison Petit (Piaf 2008) was hired by the French Ministry of Education to teach English in Guadeloupe, French West Indies during the academic year 2008/2009.

Jean-Philippe Shulman (Piaf 2008) works on submarines for General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton, CT. He lives in Narragansett, RI. (2009)

Lydia Smith (Piaf 2008) is teaches 7th and 8th grade French at Gorton Junior High School in Warwick, RI. (2009)

Julia Schlecht (Baker 2007) lives in Germany. After I finished my degree in Dietetics and Nutririon with my Minor in French in 2007 I went back to Germany looking for a job. I started with a 3 months internship at the Bayer Gastronomie GmbH in Germany. It's a company that owns various restaurants and hotels, is the caterer of the Cologne Trade Fair and of course manages all the the cafeterias in the different Chemical Parks of Bayer all over Germany. I helped to design a new booklet about healthy nutrition and food safety in our cafeterias. After the internship they offered me a 1 year contract as a trainee (training on the job) and I learned a lot about all the different business areas of the company. This October I started a new job at the Bayer Gastronomie GmbH as the assistant of the operation manager from one of our biggest cafeterias. I really like this job since it includes various fields and is not "just" an office job. We also have a lot of guests from all over the world where I can use English as well as French quite often. A bientôt und auf Wiedersehen! (2008)

Otto Gregory (Baker 2007) works in West Kingston, RI. Here is his latest update: At the time of my graduation the job market wasn't conducive to finding satisfying, sustainable work. Instead of relocating I decided to start a business, a technical company actually. Northeast Sensors Incorporated opened its doors in West Kingston Rhode Island officially on April 20, 2007.  The company prides itself on designing and producing health monitoring devices for jet engines. To make things more interesting, our products are for military applications, with a strong emphasis on research and development. Some of our clientele includes Rolls Royce Aerospace, United States Airforce, United States Airforce Research Labs, United States Navy, Pratt & Whitney, as well as other companies that play a major role in the development of propulsion instrumentation. The company requires me to do quite a bit of traveling, most of which is domestic. A change of scenery is always good. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity of working for myself. It's something I never saw myself doing while I was still a student.  That's the beauty of life, you never know where it will take you. (May 2008)

Amanda Bischoff (Baker, Minor, 2007) lives in Lattingtown, NY.  Amanda works at Locust Valley Central School District in the individual needs department. (2009)

Amber Castle (Baker 2007) lives in Hamden, CT. This is her most recent update: I am still in contact with the French pharmacy students who participated in the excahnge program with URI (SEE PHOTOS). This summer I hope to take a month to travel across Europe. I highly recommend this rotation to everyone! I am working at Yale-New Haven Hospital as a pharmacy resident. Our department is really progressive, so there are lots of interesting clinical opportunities. I'd be happy to give tours or answer any questions -- everyone should feel free to e-mail me anytime. We also host two exchange programs, one from Spain and one from Rennes, France! Every year I get to meet two new French students. I haven't figured out what to do with my Certificate in French and Pharmacy yet, but I'll keep you posted. I've been looking into possibly working in a hospital in Montreal, but the process to transfer my degree there is a little daunting. On verra bien! : ) Thanks for a wonderful experience at URI! (2007)

Sarah (Gabryluk) Koenig (Baker 2007) works in East Hartford, CT. Here is her latest update: I am now working as a supplier quality engineer in Pratt and Whitney's International Parts Center. Last year, instead of working with Techspace Aero in Belgium as planned, I ended being offered a permanent position in our International Parts Center. I now support all of our suppliers in Italy and our one supplier in Switzerland. This is a pretty tall order, since one of the toughest suppliers to Pratt & Whitney is in Italy, whose parts span nearly all of our product lines. I 've had already had the opportunity to travel in Italy once for work. I've had the fortune of working on two very high visibility projects since July. I also have gone back to do my MBA through Carnegie Mellon. We are able to connect to the CMU campus via staellite, and several other sites around the country also join us in the same way.

I am actually writing you this email from Italy! I am in charge of managing 5 different suppliers, four of which will supply parts for the F135 engine. The main focus of my job is finding the root cause of problems and helping my suppliers fix them so that they do not occur again. This is the second time that I've had the opportunity to travel to Italy for work this year.  During my visit, I also found the time on the weekend to go visit Pisa and Monaco, where I got to use my French. The French IEP gave me a way to differentiate myself from all the other engineers applying for my same job and taught me how to balance the challenges of getting the work I need done while still respecting the foreign culture I'm in.  A very important lesson to learn is that even if I am not using my French directly, the auxiliary skills I acquired from taking French have served me well. (2009)

Some of the things that being a French major at URI taught me and have served me very well since accepting this job: As the URI French web site points out, we all work very hard at being able to do whatever we are interested in, but at doing it anywhere in the world. Our group has people working for 17 hours on the clock, when you factor in our forward deployed field reps. But most importantly, being a French major at URI has taught me to be humble and respectful but NEVER to give up and to keep my head up. This is one of the best lessons that I learned at URI.
(May 2009)

Kristen Murphy (Baker 2007) is a Professional French Master Program (PFMP) candidate at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (concentration in European Affairs). 2008 update: I just found out where I'm going for my internship. I'll be interning with M. Trocard in Bordeaux (in the Fronsac appellation) at his Chateau in Saillans! I can't believe it! I'll be there from 30 July to 30 October 2008 (so I'll help with the vendage and the mise en cuve)! Plus, I'll have lodging onsite. M. Trocard is a negociant and vigneron. Plus, our coordinatrice des stages, Patrizia, is still in talks with the Office National Interprofessionnel des Vins. They work on the appellation system in France and are located in Paris. I might be able to intern there from November 2008 to January 2009, because I ideally want to spend 6 months in France for my internship. So all of this is very exciting! My family is planning on a trip around France in July and then they'll drop me off at the chateau. As Prof. Ritt Deitz said, this is a first for a PFMPer- to have lodging in a chateau!
2009 Update: So I've been busy! Ever since I came back from France in November, I've been looking for a job. In January, I went to the Boston Wine Expo to help Gary Vaynerchuk and his crew from his wine store the Wine Library. (I went on Vaynerchuk's podcast after I got back in November. VIEW my episode). I asked Vaynerchuk's advice for getting into the wine world. He said, "What about working for the Wine Library?" I, of course, accepted!

At the end of February, I moved down to NJ. I started last Tuesday and have been having a blast ever since! I've been shadowing the principal wine buyer for the store (as that is what I'll ultimately like to do). Currently, I'm on as a wine consultant and social media specialist. Gary wants me to get used to the floor (or should I say floors- there are two floors of wine!) and then I can use facebook/twitter/myspace to interact with customers. Also, Gary wants me to take up the blog on their website, Terroir, as I do like to write.

And on the 1st day, I even got to use my French. There was an Italian winemaker in with his importer and we got to try his fabulous wines. Some way or another I got to speaking in French with him and we were chatting about les vins bourguignons.

Now I'm just trying to get acclimated and write my thesis. I'm writing on Bordeaux wines, globalization, Robert Parker's influence, and what they can do to compete on a global scale.

Thomas Keohane (Baker 2007) teaches English and Art at the French American School of Rhode Island in Providence, RI. (October 2007)

Kelly McBrien (Baker 2007) received a Professional French Master at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (concentration in Business) in 2009. She wrote her thesis on the new marketing and labeling techniques of French wines to appeal to American consumers. Kelly currently lives in Paris, France and has recently been hired as a wine and champagne sales representative for the company Juste le Terroir. (March 2010)

Lori Naber (Baker 2007) is the Admissions Officer for French, Prague, and India programs at AIFS in Stamford, CT. Here is her most recent update: Since graduation, I have been working here helping students who wish to study abroad, just like I did in Cannes when I was an undergraduate. I practice my French with my resident directors who correct me and encourage me to keep practicing. I am also getting my Master in Communication Studies at Fairfield University in my home state of Connecticut. (2009)

Ilana Marcus (Cartier 2006) is a Master of Arts candidate in Teaching for Math Education at Boston University. This is the update she sent us in October 2006: I will graduate in May and soon I will be teaching math in high school! While I am glad to be getting my Master's degree, I really miss my URI days (especially French class!), le Rhode Island me manque! (2006)

Stefany Joaquin (Cartier 2006) taught high school math in Westerly, RI. She is now working as an audit analyst. (2007)

Stacey Haag (Cartier 2006) lives and works in New York City. Here is her latest update: I've gotten a new job! I am now the Merchandising and Design Assistant for Chorion Silver Lining (Chorion is a large UK conglomerate concentrating in Children's brand management). Anyways, very exciting times! (November 2007)

Paulo Cardoso (Cartier 2006) lives in Karlsruhe, Germany. He works as an engineer in the Industry Solutions Division of Siemens AG. (2009)

Ah'leah Companie (Cartier 2006) lives in Connecticut after a year in Toulouse, France. (2007)

Gretchen Dlugolecki (Cartier 2006) graduated in 2008 with a Professional French Master (PFMP) (concentration in European Affairs) from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She interned at the Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile in Toulouse, France as a cultural liaison between a group of American engineer students and the French Administration in the summer and early fall 2007.

Nicole Bradley (Yourcenar 2005) lived and taught high school English in Le Pontet, France in 2005/2006.

Nicole Verrier (Cartier 2006) lives in the Washington DC area. Here is her most recent update: I've worked for MedImmune, a biopharmaceutical company, for about 3 years. While working, I attended Johns Hopkins and received my Masters in Biotechnology. (October 2009)

Ide Koulbanis (Cartier 2006) teaches 7th grade French at Deering Middle School in West Warwick, RI. (2006)

Gabrielle Murphy (Cartier 2006) works for the TMC-Advanced Coatings department of Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, CT. This is her latest update: Things are going very well here at Pratt. I am almost 1/2 way into my second rotation in the advanced coatings department. I work as a process engineer at the moment, monitoring, qualifying and ameliorating the Electron Beam Vapor Deposition ceramic coating process along with four other engineers. My days are quite busy, filled with test trials, ergonomic improvements, process improvements, and many issues that arise day to day. Last summer our program went on a trip to the plant in Montreal, Quebec. There I spoke French. It was great to use the language again. I haven't been able to use it in my everyday job, but there are many opportunities for work overseas or in Canada after graduation. In Hartford there is the Alliance Française that is quite active. I recently found out about the group, so I am going to look into the café sessions and the lectures that are given. I haven't traveled back to France since leaving, but I do miss the language and the culture very much. I still keep in touch with a number of people that I met while living there, so I shall hopefully be back next year. (2007)

Steven Nadeau (Cartier 2006) has had a long journey since graduation. Here is the update he sent us in February 2007:
After graduation May 2006, I moved to Newport and worked at The Mooring Restaurant all summer as a server while I was searching for a position that would start my career. After months of searching, I decided to come to NYC without really any plan other than to find an apartment and a job. I subleted from a friend of a friend, then dog-sat for a friend of a friend so that I had a place to stay, then I was couch surfing at multiple friends apartments (Thank you Stacey!!). November 1st I started working a temporary position at Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia (CLSA) from 6am - 9am printing copies and organizing their research library. Then November 9th I started working temporarily in the Watch Marketing Department at Cartier's corporate headquarters for the rest of the day. When my assignment was over in the Watch Marketing department, I started another position in the Jewelry Marketing department. December 1st I FINALLY found a decent apartment in Manhattan's East Village. I am not sure which task was more daunting in NYC, finding a job or finding an apartment. 
Since November I have been working 60+ hour weeks between the job at Cartier and  CLSA, while still tenaciously pursuing full-time permanent employment. I would interview all the time, would never be extended an offer because most companies  would say that I was "over-qualified" meaning that I had good qualifications, but moreso that I would be extremely bored in the position because of my extensive travel etc. Other companies would tell me that I was underqualified for the positions that I was interested in because I lacked an internship and/or professional work experience. That coupled with my family and I not having any contacts in the working world made things extremely
difficult. There is a lesson to be learned here: INTERNSHIPS ARE NOT OPTIONAL. I was always under the impression that it would be easy to find a company to work for and that they would train me, so I never did an internship. However the truth is, companies lose money training entry-level employees and that is why companies refrain strongly from hiring recent grads without internships or experience. I was working with 14 temp agencies/ recruiters, was registered on every online job board, I tried networking as much as possible, and I was applying directly to  companies, and nothing was leading to full-time permanent employment.


My tenacity paid off and recently I was extended an offer to work in NYC at Calyon, the corporate and investment bank of the Credit Agricole Group. They are flying me to Paris next week for training!!! The job is a great fit for me because I will be using French on a daily basis, will be working for a French company, occasional travel, I will be working in finance in the Credit Markets division, and I will be working in NYC (the best American city). This was the best offer because it fulfilled many aspects of what I was looking for.

I was able to submit my resume directly to HR at Calyon because I was a temp at CLSA, which was the next best thing to having done an internship.  

Some resources that may help others:

----Accent is a recruiter that specializes in permanent and temporary work for people that speak other languages (they got me the job at Cartier)

Accent International
274 Madison Avenue
15th Floor
New York, NY 10016

----Solomon Page is a recruiter that specializes in permanent and temporary work for various industries (they got me the job at CLSA)
Solomon Page
1140 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
212-824-1560 this website is a business networking website.  It is particularly useful to find a contact name at the company you have applied to. For example I got an interview at Bank of America after applying for 2 years to their Analyst training program.  In linked in I searched for "HR Bank of America NYC" and found the vice president of HR's name. I called the VP of HR and within a week they were calling me to set up an interview! 

Feel free to contact information Steven Nadeau if you have any questions.

Monica Reynolds (Cartier 2006) lives in Santa Barbara, CA, where she works as Undergraduate Advisor for the department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of California at Santa Barbara. (August 2007)

Patrick Sharkey (Cartier 2006) taught English in Shikoku, the smallest of the four main islands of Japan. He is currently teaching French at  Coventry High in Rhode Island. (2009)

Laura Sharp (Cartier 2006) is living and working in Boston, MA. Here is her most recent update: I recently moved to Boston, am now am done with Physician Assistant School and have started working at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Cardiac Surgery. So far I love the job and living in Boston! (January 2010)

Ginny Sorrell (Cartier 2006) has been working for two years at Rhodia's Novecare division at their North American headquarters in Cranbury, NJ. She has now decided to go to Law School. This is her latest update: I am currently a second-year law student at Georgetown Law.  At the conclusion of my first-year, I was able to put my French skills to use yet again at a summer internship in West Africa. My internship was with an NGO that works to advance human rights in Guinea by providing free legal services to those who could not otherwise afford legal assistance. My French degree was really an invaluable addition to my engineering studies as an undergraduate. The Program not only afforded me the opportunity to intern in Paris, but also helped me to work as a project manager with significant business travel in North America and Europe upon graduation. My French skills have opened up job opportunities, increased my cultural understanding, and facilitated my love of travel. (2009)

Jihan Minikon (Yourcenar, Minor, 2005) interned with VH1 in New York City. She was a PA on the set of The Best Week Ever Show. (2007)

Rachel Lomonaco (Yourcenar 2005) spent a year in Guinea, Western Africa working for the Peace Corps and then received a Master in TMD at the University of Rhode Island. Here is her most recent update: I am working for a company called Preserve based out of Massachusetts. They make beautifully designed eco-conscious household products from 100% recycled plastic and paper.  I am doing a combination of customer service work with product management and development.
(January 2010)

Luke Wallace (Yourcenar 2005) lives in Northern Virginia. Here is his most recent update: Since graduating I've worked for a small consulting firm in Northern Virginia. This month marks my third year as an analyst with the company. During my employment I have been promoted and have become the subject matter expert in a variety of fields. I am also the local office's go to guy for French translation. When I look at how far I've come since my first year at school, I realize I could have never gotten to where I am had I not signed up for French 101. PS: When I retire I'm moving to Marseille. (January 2008)

Salma Faghri (Yourcenar, Minor, 2005) is a MD candidate at Brown Medical School. (2005)

Gérard Benoît (Yourcenar 2005)is currently teaching French at Mansfield High School (in the Boston suburbs).

Pascale Delaunay (Yourcenar 2005) is an electrical engineer at Cisco Systems in San Jose, California. (2005)

Soani Delgado (Yourcenar 2005) works for the City of Providence in the Department of Public Works. (2006)

Liz Wilson (Yourcenar 2005) lives in Brussels, Belgium where she received a Master in Communications and Technology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Here is her latest update: Life is very busy for me these days. I have been living in Brussels for almost 2 years now.  I have a job working for a reinsurance service company. English is the business language but I speak mostly french with my colleagues. I am getting used to 'belgicismes' like 'septante', 'tantot', and the constant  usage of 's'il vous plait'.  Recently the city has been buzzing with celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the 1958 World's Fair. I hope all is well with everyone at URI. (2008)

Angela Wyche (Yourcenar 2005) taught English in Brest, France during the academic year 2005/2006.

Sara Jacobs (Yourcenar, Minor, 2005) lives in San Francisco, California where she works as Program Administrator for the Institute of International Studies at the University of California. (2007)

Adilson Ribeiro (Yourcenar 2005) is currently employed as computer engineer at Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, Missouri.  He sent us the following update: Here at Cerner, I've been involved with different projects and teams. Last project I worked on was part of the French Administratif project. That is, Cerner is currently working with France to help them create a similar medical system that we have here in the U.S. As part of it, we're currently modifying our existing system in a way that would best fit the French clients. During that time, I had the opportunity to work with the French Engineers/Clients over in Marseille. Thanks to my French background I was recently asked to join another team who is in the process of converting their system for the French clients. Joining the IEP program was the best thing I did. It allowed me to get outside my comfort zone and explore/experience different cultures. I was lucky enough to study abroad in Orléans, France for six months and to work for SAP (in Montréal, Québec) for another six months. I'd highly recommend the French IEP program to anyone. (2009)

Luis Rodrigues (Yourcenar 2005) taught high school English in Clichy, France in 2005/2006. He is currently a Master candidate in Clinical Social Work at Rhode Island College. (November 2007)

Julie Jette (Yourcenar 2005) sent us the following update at the end of September 2005: After graduation I spent the summer as an intern with Saint Gobain in Northboro, Massachusetts. I also spent two weeks vacationing in France, (Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux). I will be returning to work full time for Saint Gobain as a Research engineer on October 11th. 

Courtney McKenna (Yourcenar 2005) is a Master candidate in College Student Personnel at the University of Rhode Island. (2006)

Derek Oliveira (Yourcenar 2005) sent us the following update at the end of October 2005: I am working at PTC in Needham, Massachusetts as an Associate Technical Support Engineer. I will be helping to support Pro/ENGINEER, which is a 3D solid modeling CAD software. PTC was looking for people who spoke Portuguese to support their customers in Brazil, so when I told them I was trilingual, they were extremely pleased.

Heidy Tavarez (Yourcenar 2005) works for Citizens Financial Group and is a very generous donor to the Black, Blanc, Beur Scholarship Fund. She is also a Executive MBA candidate at URI. This is what she wrote us in November 2005:
Specifically, I work for the Auto Finance Division and primarily focus on generating business as well account management. I get to interact a lot with upper management and executives within the division and I get to learn a lot from them. I am very happy with this position and hope to grow within the company. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to utilize my French where I'm at, but needless to say I am definitely looking forward in the future to be able to use French with whatever position I do obtain. I am currently getting ready to get back into the game and get my MBA in Business Administration at URI. Wish me luck!

Actually, I do have a story to share with you. There was an instance where a lady who worked in the building was trying to communicate with the security guard but wasn't able to becasue she spoke french/creole. That's when I was actually coming in through the door after my lunch break and came was stopped by the security guard, asking me if I spoke spanish because she couldn't comprehend what the lady was saying. So I said yes and asked the lady if she spoke spanish and she said no.Then she said "Non, je parle français." I was  actually so surprised and excited at the same time because here I come to the rescue and I'm able to use my French.

I wish the best of luck to all the students who graduated with a BA in French and to all of those who are in the process of obtaining one!
Heidy Tavarez (November 2005)

Aubrey Maxwell (Rochambeau, Minor, 2004) lives in San Diego, California. Here is her latest update:
I am currently working for an Advanced Technologies firm doing marketing and tradeshows for them. I frequently travel within the states for General Atomics, attending different tradeshows and displaying our newest technologies to mostly our government clients. I can't ask for a better place to live than San Diego, where the sun in always shining and where I'm currently training for a marathon. (October 2005)

Morgan Buonanno (Rochambeau 2004) lives in Seekonk, RI and teaches high school French in the Bristol and Warren Regional School District in Rhode Island. She also works for Mondes Nouveaux, a non-profit organization that arranges stays for French students in  the US. She is getting married in October 2005. (2005)

Logan Connors (Rochambeau 2004) received is PhD in French and Francophone literature from Lousiana State University, while pursuing doctoral work at the Université Paris--Sorbonne (Paris IV). His dissertation is on eighteenth-century French theater and theater criticism. Prior to his dissertation defense (Feb. 2010), Logan taught at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon as a lecteur. He has recently presented conference papers in New Orleans, Helsinki, Finland, Paris, Geneva, and Berlin. He has forthcoming publications on Voltaire's use of pamphlets, Charles Palissot's anti-philosophe theater, and the dramatic criticism of Charles Colle. In addition, Logan presented a paper at the 2009 MLA Convention in Philadelphia. He accepted a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of French at Bucknell University where he will start in the fall 2010. Even if busy, Logan continues to get in the occasional long-distance run and attend local theater productions in Lyon. He can be reached at (March 2010)

Alison Svenningsen (Rochambeau 2004) is working for Gilbane Building Company in Providence, RI. She practices her French dealing with
a steel company from Quebec that no one else can communicate with in her office. (March 2005)

Amy (Concannon) Ditzel (Rochambeau 2004) now lives in Pembroke, Massachusetts. This is the update she sent us at the end of September 2005: Since graduating with a BA in French, a BS in Nursing, along with completing the Honors Program, I have been working as an RN at South Shore Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Several of my coworkers also speak French, so we often have conversations in French. I have begun a Master's program at Northeastern University, where I am pursuing my Neonatal Nurse Practitioner degree. I got married in May, and now live in Pembroke, MA.

John Coughlin (Rochambeau 2004) is PhD. candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Yale. (2005)

Jennifer Wendell (Rochambeau 2004), a graduate of the NYU Publishing Institute in Book, Magazine, and Electronic Publishing lives in New York City where she works for DK Books. This is what she was writing us in May 2005:
I have a job now!  A real with a salary and all that. It's pretty exciting. I'm a Mass Market Sales Assistant at DK Books. To find out more about what kind of books they publish, check out http:/ It's mostly reference books. We do a lot of board books for kids and readers. We publish ultimate guides for various films. Basically, I coordinate between the sales staff in the field who are selling our products to places like Costco, K Mart, Target, Hudson News, etc. The position is a great starting point for a publishing career, and I'm pretty excited at where it could take me. I started on Monday, and while the week has been pretty stressful, I've already learned so much more about the industry than I knew before. So it appears as though I'm staying in New York for quite some time. If anyone manages to find themselves here, drop me a line, and we can grab some coffee or something. I've also taken up knitting, which I find to be quite relaxing and enjoyable in general. There's something about making something with your hands that is completely and totally satisfying. I think I'm also going to try to teach myself either Latin American Spanish or German. I found these book & CD kits at work that no one's needing. All I have to do is put them on my ipod and voilà, commute turned lesson (think David Sedaris' Tapeworm essay). I think they'll lack the enthusiasm of a Dr. Rogers or Durand course, but hey, I'll take what I can get! 
Jenn's latest update: I got a new job with the same company.  I’m doing marketing now for licensed titles that we publish.  It’s a lot of fun, but there’s so much to do and so much traveling that I’ve been bad at keeping in touch with folks. (May 2008)

Ryan Cournoyer (Rochambeau 2004) is working at Bentley Systems Inc. where he uses both his French and his civil engineering skills daily. Here is his latest update: Following my graduation from URI and my internship with Université Laval in spring 2004, I've been employed by a civil engineering software company called Bentley Systems Inc. We're headquartered in Exton, PA, however, we do have offices and partners in 38 states, virtually every country in Europe, and a  total of 40 countries worldwide. In January 2007 I was asked to spend 6 months working out of our international headquarters in Amsterdam and I've had the opportunity to give software sales presentations/demonstrations/seminars/training in 22 countries since then including Iceland, Sweden, Belgium, Israel, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Luxembourg, Romania, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Ireland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, etc. French was and still is utilized almost daily in my position through collaboration with French colleagues, help in travel situations (particularly Romania in my case), one on one with clients, and opened doors for me in career development. With Bentley I specialize in support of their product line that involves hydraulic mapping and calculations for water distribution and wastewater collection systems. As of now I am the only member of our team that can train and communicate to our French users with respect to this specific line of products. I've trained users in Trois Rivières, Quebec, given sales demonstrations for consultants in Drummondville, QC, presented to the Ville de Montréal, and aided in conferences in Quebec City. Within the next month I've been asked to train a group of users in Tunis, Tunisia. Obviously without the ability to couple a Civil Engineering degree with a French degree, none of these opportunities would have been opened to me. (October 2007)

Victoria Crimmins (Rochambeau 2004) is working in Silicon Valley as a Conference Manager for NVIDIA , world leader in visual computing technologies. In 2008 she received her Diplôme de Français des Affaires, DFA1, from the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris with mention bien. In her spare time, she volunteers for URI as an Alumni Admissions Representative, recruiting Bay Area students to URI. (October 2009)

Ruth Gisselle Crisostomo (Rochambeau 2004) graduated in 2008 with a Professional French Master (PFMP) (concentration in Media/Arts/Cultural Production) from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She interned with Courrier de l'Ouest in Niort and Radio France in Poitiers, France in 2005/2006.

Chris Cummiskey (Rochambeau 2004) is a graduate student in engineering at URI. (2007)

Courtney Edge (Rochambeau 2004) created her own business and this is what she was writing us in October 2006: I've been busy creating my own business for the past 9 months, and am now in a place to share it with others. Since January, a fellow URI grad and I have been researching the history of the East Side of Providence. We've focused on fairly macabre areas of study, and have created The Providence Ghost Tour. Check us out at We're running tours now through mid-November, and do have group rates available if a bunch of folks want to go. (2006)

Nevan Hanumara (Rochambeau 2004) is currently completing his PhD. in Mechanical Engineering at MIT focusing developing low, cost medical robotics and smart tools. He is involved in international research collaborations and entrepreneurship efforts for which the French IEP was vital preparation. (2009)

Becky Miller (2002, 2004) teaches French at East Lyme High School in Connecticut, and here is the update she sent us in September 2005: Je suis prof de français dans mon ancien lycée au Connecticut!! J’ai été embauchée dès mon départ de l'université. J’adore mon travail, c'est tout ce que j'avais toujours voulu faire comme métier. Puisque c'est mon ancienne école, je connais le bâtiment, les autres profs, et les soeurs et les frères de mes élèves. J’enseigne le français 1 et 2. Pour vous donner une idée de ce qu'on fait dans le français 1, on vient d'apprendre les chiffres de zéro jusqu'à vingt et l'alphabet. Dans le français 2, on vient de passer une interro sur « avoir » et « être ».  Un peu différent de ce que je faisais à l'université avec vous, mais ça me plait beaucoup. J’ai un très bon rapport avec mes élèves, qui sont pour la plupart des freshmen (14 ans). On travaille beaucoup, et on rit beaucoup aussi. En plus, je vais toujours à leurs matchs de football américain, leurs cross country meets, leurs band competitions, etc. pour qu'ils puissent voir que je m'intéresse vraiment à leur vie. Et c'est vrai!! J’adore mes élèves,  j'adore mes collègues, (j'adore mon salaire!) et je n'ai jamais été aussi contente de ma vie.   
a +, Becky
PS :  connaissez-vous le site web On peut y écouter des stations de radio en direct qui viennent de beaucoup de pays différents. Je l'écoute chaque jour avec mes élèves.

Morgan O'Hara (Rochambeau 2004) lives and works as a Marketing Coordinator for a sales and marketing firm in Norwalk, CT after several years in Laguna Beach, California. Here is the latest update she sent us: I just moved from California to Norwalk, CT (right outside of Stamford) in early October 2007. I loved California, but it is nice to be closer to family and friends. As for my work situation, I was lucky enough that my company simply transferred me to our CT branch, so I have essentially the same job but run East rather than West accounts. I work for a marketing company that runs all Unilever products (Skippy, Lipton, Dove, Caress, Ragu, etc.) promotions in supermarkets. (2007)

Brad Pelletier (Rochambeau 2004) is an attorney in Providence, RI. Here is his most recent update:
I attended Roger Williams University School of Law in 2005 and graduated with a J.D. degree in 2007.  I am a member of the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Missouri and Federal District Court, District of Rhode Island Bar Associations and am an active member in LEAD (Lawyers for Equality and Diversity).  After receiving my law degree, I clerked for the Honorable Gilbert Indeglia in Rhode Island Superior Court and also practiced criminal defense litigation with the Roger Williams Law Clinic in Providence.  I am currently a partner at the law offices of Pelletier & Clark, LLC which is located at 21 Meeting Street-Garden Level on the East Side of Providence.  We are a general practice law firm, however, I concentrate in the areas of Real Estate Transactions, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Family Law and Business Organizations. (October 2009)

Heidi Phelps (Rochambeau 2004) graduated in May 2007 with a MA in French Literature at the University of Kansas. After teaching French at the University of Rhode Island for one semester, she was hired by the French Government as Assistant to the Cultural Attachée of the Consulate of France in Boston. Here is her update: On January 2nd 2008, I started my new position as the Assistant to the Cultural Attachée at the French Consulate of Boston. I am unbelievably excited about the work that I will be doing here. My main responsibilities include writing the Consulate's bi-monthly newsletter, which highlights upcoming French cultural events throughout New England, drafting letters and speeches, writing French to English translations, and various administrative tasks. I am also helping to coordinate "La Journée de la Francophonie" at Milton High School, an all-day event with activities promoting French language and culture that will take place in March 2008. I have been here for a little less than a week now, but I have already learned so much.  It's so great to see that there are so many local institutions keeping Francophone culture alive and well in New England. (January 2008)

Fain Melanie Robert (Rochambeau 2004) is currently teaching in Lincoln, RI but is leaving soon for the U of Arizona in Tucson to get her MA in Art History. As Melanie states "they require a French language test in order to earn the MA. I should have no trouble!" (April 2008)

Carlos Muñoz (2003) works for Smith Barney, Mutual Fund Annuity Group, Service of Offshore Mutual Funds in New York City. (2006)

Matt Kane (2003) works for ChoiceStream in Cambridge, MA. This is his most recent update: Un de mes collègues ici a habité en France pendant dix ans ainsi de temps en temps nous parlons en français. Malheureusement je ne suis pas retourné en France mais je voyage à Montreal les étés pour le festival de Mutek. D'habitude je voyage avec un camarade tout à fait américain donc je dois lui traduire les signes! (2007)

Michael Peckham (2003) is a first year J.D. candidate at the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. (September 2006)

Sarai Pryor (2003) works for Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, RI. (2007)

Alexis Percival (2002) now lives in New York City after a year in Marseille, France. Here is her latest update: I'm living in Hell's Kitchen NYC, which is much lovlier than it sounds. I work for a company called J. Pocker & Son on the Upper East Side, we are custom picture framers for high end art and deal with large Interior Design firms. We also sell artwork. I am happy to report that I'm taking a class at the Alliance Francaise with Thierry Bidault, who used to work for the world bank, among other places. The class is Conversation economique et politique 450, and it is intense but great. I would encourage any alumni in NYC to register for classes there, its very impressive and not too expensive. The facilities are amazing and the people are terrific, and I've found it to be a good place to network. (2006)

Erika Hansson (2002) has visited just about every Western European country during the last three years. She has taught English in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Vence, France where she lived until February 2007. She is living in Warwick and completed a MAT/TC program for French at URI.She is teaching French at the Frank E. Thompson Middle School in Newport, RI. (2008)

Martha Holmes (2002) received a M.A. in French Literature from Boston University and is currently teaching French and Spanish at CCRI. You can contact Martha HERE. (2008)

Sarah Feeley (2002) now lives in New York City after several years in Paris, France where she worked as Academic Advisor at NYU in Paris. This is what she was writing us in October 2006: Je travaille pour la Foundation for AIDS Research comme Assistant Coordinator for Media Relations et je vais aller au Festival de Cannes pour mon boulot cette année! Je suis très contente. En plus, je fais un peu de "freelance" en ce moment. Je suis traductrice pour le New York City Center Fall for Dance Festival (il y a quelques troupes françaises qui participent au festival). Même à New York j'utilise mon français. (2006)
Sarah Feeley, BA French/BFA Theatre Class of 2002

Colleen Stadelmann (2002) works in the Corporate Audit Staff of General Electric. After several months in Mexico, and in Le Creusot, France, she is now based in London, England (September 2005). This is what she was writing us in April 2005:
I just wanted to give you an update to where I am. I'm in Le Creusot (tiny town in Burgundy.) There is very little English spoken here so they had to send someone with a decent level of French and apparently I qualified. It's great for practicing my French since I'm the only auditor here and I can only really converse in French with the people in the business here. It's only an hour and 20 min from Paris by TGV so I have spent the last 2 weekends there. I'm in France until the end of May and then we're all reassigned again (as we are every 4 months.) I'm having a good time so far - the hours are long and demanding, but it's a great experience and I'm learning a lot.

Matthew Zimmerman (2002) founded his own company called FarSounder. Here is his most recent update: I graduated from the IEP with majors in French, German, and Ocean Engineering. After college, I founded a company called FarSounder. We develop and sell 3D sonar system for ship navigation and diver detection. I actually get to use my language skills often as we have dealers and customers all over the world. One of my yearly sales trips is to the Monaco Yacht Show where I help present our products and provide demonstrations to potential customers. I get to give all the German and French speaking customers the demonstrations. As part of my work in the past few years I've gone to: France (multiple times), Monaco (multiple times), Portugal, Turkey, Dubai, Canada, Malta, Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands (multiple times), Germany (multiple times), Italy (multiple times), and Croatia just to name a few. My IEP experience definitely helped prepare me for my career. It helped me understand and interact with people from other cultures as well as taught
me how to travel independently.

Freya Recksiek (2001) lives in Paris, France and works as Project Manager for the French company VirtuOz. (2008)

Kristy (Thistle) Yankee (2001) now lives in Plainville, MA. She teaches French in Franklin. Here is her latest update: My year has been crazy, since May I have: finished my master's degree, moved to MA (Plainville-near the Wrentham Premium Outlets), took 30 students to France, got married, and started a new position. Whew! I am still in Franklin, but I am only teaching three classes... I got promoted to Director of Foreign Languages for the district! (October 2007)

Kelli (Burrier) Tautic (2001) majored in French and Elementary Education at URI. She currently lives in Windsor, Connecticut with her husband, dog, and two cats. She teaches fifth grade in West Hartford, Connecticut. (2006)

Melissa Klipple (2001) graduated from URI with a BA in French and Mathematics. Here is her latest update:
In December 2004, I finished my teaching certification program in Secondary Mathematics and am currently teaching 9th grade Algebra. in Connecticut. Unfortunately, I have not been able to teach French because of the great need for math teachers in my area. However, the French language still holds a dear place in my heart and I find it useful in my job every day. In my school district we have many ESL students and knowing the difficulties of learning French as a second language, I can relate to these students who work so hard to learn my language. For me, knowing another language has been a great advantage for any field or career paths I have chosen. (September 2005)

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Jennifer (Burford) Biafore (1994) teaches French full-time at Narragansett High School in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Crissa Carlotti (1991 & MA, 2001) graduated from URI with a degree in French and Art History. She later received a MA in Education (with concentration in French). She is presently a French teacher at East Providence High School, Rhode Island. She is the past President of the AATF-RI, co-coordinator of Grand Concours for RI, and uthor of the French Teacher's Guide of French Art at the RISD Museum. (October 2005)

Dr. Jeanne M. Kabulis (1990) teaches French and Spanish at Centreville High School in Clifton, Virginia. This is the update she sent us in September 2006: I graduated from URI in 1990 with a B.A. in French (minor in Spanish). I earned my M.A. (1992) and Ph.D. (1997) in French from Penn State University. At some point in my doctoral program, I realized that being a university professor was not for me [...]. I enjoyed being a student of French literature and civilization, but it was simply not where I wanted to focus my energy. Rather, my first love has always been teaching language and I enjoy perusing the latest scholarship in the field to the extent that it informs my teaching. My husband and I moved to Las Vegas in 1997 where I earned my teaching credential in French and went on to teach French and Spanish in the Clark County School District (Las Vegas, NV) as well as French, ESL and World literature at both the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the Community College of Southern Nevada.We left Las Vegas in 2003. Since then, I have been teaching both French and Spanish in Fairfax County Public Schools in Northern Virginia. Currently, I teach at Centreville High School in Clifton, VA. We have two children, Zoe and Anthony. (2006)

Dr. Paul Rogers (1996) received a MA in French (1998) and a Ph.D in Medieval French Literature (2008) from the University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill. He is currently teaching English at the Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III, France. Here is his latest update:
My BA in French from URI allowed me to enter the University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill’s Masters program in French literature in 1996, where I completed an MA in Francophone literature working on the theater of Bernard Zadi Zaourou, and taught introductory and intermediate French classes as a graduate teaching fellow. In 1998-1999, I served as the graduate student assistant to UNC’s study abroad program in Montpellier, France, for one year while teaching English at the Université de Montpellier II, l’Université des Sciences et Technologies du Languedoc. In 2000, I returned to UNC where I started my Ph.D in French, choosing to focus on medieval literature after the first year of coursework. Over the course of 5 years spent at UNC, I taught a variety of French classes in the Romance Languages Department, including introductory and intermediate courses, grammar, and conversation courses, and an introduction to French literature. I also worked for two years as the editorial assistant for the two journals, Hispanofíla and Romance Notes, and the book series North Carolina Series on Romance Languages and Literatures.

In 2005, I received a position teaching English in the Anglophone Studies department at the Université de Montpellier III. Since then, I have been teaching all levels of English courses there, from classes for first year non-majors, introduction to English/ American literature for English majors, to language courses in French and English for 1st year Masters students and for 2nd year Masters students in Cultural Heritage Studies. In August 2008 I defended my doctoral dissertation, Myth, the Marvelous, the Exotic, and the Hero in the Roman d’Alexandre under the supervision of Dr. Edward Montgomery. Since receiving my doctorate in December 2008, I have continued to teach in Montpellier, I have worked as a trainer for a TESOL/ TEFL course, instructing native English speakers in pedagogical techniques and coordinating student-teacher practice with the teachers at the French Lycée Privé Polyvalent Nevers, one of the most highly ranked high schools in the city, and I have also had the opportunity to serve as the interim Assistant Director to the University of Minnesota’s Learning Abroad Program in Montpellier, helping American students to adapt to life in France and to the French university system.

My research interests include the romans d'antiquité, medieval epics in general, and uncovering the connections within literature and the arts of mythical themes regardless of the time period or cultures in which they are born. The figures of heroes, antiheroes, gods and demigods have always existed within literature and it is the process of unraveling their unique natures within a specific work that can lead to a greater understanding not only of a literary tradition as a whole, but also a deeper grasp of the hidden forces and underpinnings of  society. The persistence and burgeoning of mythical themes in contemporary literature may tell us something about the nature of our systems of belief and how society as a whole functions.  Studying  texts from the medieval period allows us to shed light on the mysteries of the current era’s societal behavior. (December 2009)

Kirstin Bidlack Stahl (1996) teaches French full-time at South Kingstown High School in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

Sara Tremblay (1991) sent us the following update in May 2007:
Early 1992: I moved to France (with the man I later married ~ a Johnson & Wales Chef) to work for EuroDisneyland Paris on a 1-yr. Visa. 1993: I moved to Florida. I was hired by a French managed company called "IMG" or International Marketing Group. The office was in the middle of an 800 acre citrus grove. IMG are citrus growers, but more specifically successful niche brokers. Their administration is French & they sold FL Citrus directly to the largest grocers in Europe, bypassing importers. I was fortunate & worked with them from '93-'96 in Marketing. I traveled 11 European countries with them, meeting buyers, encouraging them to use the marketing kits from The FL Dept. of Citrus & to visit us in FL. 1996: Baby 1 of 3 was born. I've been a full time at home mom working p/t w/ flex hours ever since.
Truth be told, I often wonder what to be when I grow up.

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Chris Gladu (1988) lives in Florida and works for IT Security Software. This is what he was writing us in May 2005:
I sell IT Security Software over the phone into the Quebec market... I've been doing it for one company or another since about 1998. It's ironic, I got the second major in French almost as an afterthought just because I had enough foreign language credits from my junior year abroad to do it... it has ended up being the catalyst for all the big moves I've made in my professional life: I graduated a semester early (Dec 88) and my first job offer was with Holt Rinehart and Winston's Foreign Language group in Fort Worth....I was able to break into IT during the Internet boom in the late 90's despite not having a background in technology specifically because the company in Dallas that hired me wanted a French speaker.....when that ride ended after 5 great years I was able to get this position in sunny Florida because of the French sales experience... French has paid off for me, and that year abroad has been of immeasurable value. On the other hand the BA in Political Science has yet to show much of a return on investment.  Most recent update from January 2008: I just completed my Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies at Saint Leo University in December 2007.

John P. Panzica (1989, MBA, 1991) is Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) in Warwick, RI. (2006)

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Fred Joyal (1979) lives in Los Angeles, California and is the successful CEO of 1-800-DENTIST. He also generously supports URI's Film Media Program and the annual film festival "Visualizations." (October 2005)

Catherine Pastore (MA, 1977) teaches French full-time and is Chair of the department of Foreign Languages at South Kingstown High School in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

Sandra Auclair Shaw (1971) is currently teaching French full-time at North Cumberland Middle School in Cumberland, Rhode Island.  Here is her most recent update: I am proud to say that French is alive and well in Cumberland. Why? We have an exploratory program where 7th graders have one semester each of French and Spanish. Give me a chance, I say, to get at them and they will respond. I am proud to say that this year I have the largest number of 8th graders ever to have chosen French: 59!!!! These students have a full year of 8th grade language and proceed to high school at Level 2. This January [2006], I will depart with 100 students for 5 days to visit Québec City. This has become a very popular and legendary trip in Cumberland. This will be our 9th annual trip, and it just keeps getting better, while really promoting the study of French in our school. (October 2005)