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French and Pharmacy

Dual Degree! Earn a Pharm.D. in Pharmacy AND a B.A. in French in six years!
(including two rotations in France)

Students enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program may earn a Bachelor of Arts in French (B.A.) or Certificate in French & Pharmacy, including two hospital rotations in Rennes, France (through our exchange agreement with the University of Rennes' School of Pharmacy). Students must complete the requirements for both degrees, including general education requirements. For the Certificate, students must complete 18 credits in French (FRN 101 & FRN 102 may not count) and two rotations in Rennes, France. With careful planning, no extra semesters are required for this 6 year program (including rotations). Students graduating with dual degrees in Pharmacy and French are well prepared to compete in the global pharmaceutical economy. In addition, the New England region is home to several francophone communities as well as a close neighbor to Quebec.

When I tell people that I’m a French and Pharmacy double major, I usually get a, “whoa. [pause] Those are very… different from one another”.  I would have to agree.  But in the difference lies the attraction.  Some people ask, “how do you do it?  Pharmacy is hard enough and now you’re trying to learn another language?” A French class is liberating in a way because of the ability (and requirement) to express yourself, especially after learning about molecules and drug facts all day.  Plus, the faculty is amazing and incredibly supportive.  I have not taken a French course that I dreaded attending because the professors present new topics of discussion and keep it relevant while interesting.  Like many great experiences, it cannot be expressed with words.  Being a French and pharmacy double major is a challenge, but the courses are definitely worthwhile.  If you’re ambitious, this dual program is highly recommended.
Mei Ka Fong
First Ever PharmD/French dual degree (Jodie Foster French Class of 2009)

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Useful Texts (available in the URI Library)

GO. Le guide des opportunités de carrières. GO Editions, 2003. HF5382. 75 G654
Pierre-Eric Fleury. Guide du CV et de la recherche d’emploi. First Editions, 2002. HF5382.7 F548
Florence Le Bras. Lettre de motivation, mode d’emploi. Marabout, 2001. HF5549.5 M63 L437
Florence Le Bras. CV, mode d’emploi. Marabout, 2001. HF5383 L437