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German Double Major and Dual Degree Programs

We encourage all German majors to consider minoring or majoring in another field. Students may combine German with any other course of study offered at the University, such as another liberal arts field, one of the sciences, business, or engineering.

The International Business Program (IBP) offers a dual degree in Business and German with a study abroad semester at the University of Applied Sciences in Gamburg and the option to do an internship in Germany. For more information, contact Dr. Doris Kirchner.

The German International Engineering Program (IEP) is the largest dual degree program at the University. In this five-year program, students combine their chosen engineering field with the study of German, earning a full B.A. degree in German. Students complete a six-month professional internship in Germany during their fourth year. For more information contact Dr. John Grandin or visit the International Engineering Program (IEP) website.