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GER 498: Mini-seminar in German Studies / German for Musicians

Session II, 1 credit

This 1-credit course (definitely not a diction class for singers!) will train music students, musicians, and other interested participants in the language skills indispensable for studying the extensive German musical repertoire and its associated literature, for living and working professionally in German-speaking countries, and for conducting advanced research on musical topics related to the country and its language. It is designed both for those practically involved with music--whether as performers, composers, or teachers--and for those whose main interests are analytical or musicological. Students will learn to comprehend and use German in a variety of musical contexts, including those likely to be encountered on a day-to-day basis by professional musicians and researchers. They will become familiar with the most essential research and translation tools and strategies. A reading selection, covering various historical stages of the language, will facilitate the comprehension of older texts in addition to contemporary German. Students' individual interests and needs will be reflected in their projects and assignments..

Course contents:

  • Basic music terminology: musical instruments, analyzing and rehearsing music, essentials of music history and theory, etc.
  • Selected readings of song and opera texts, composers' correspondence, and secondary sources
  • Reading and writing of biographies of musicians and concert programs/reviews
  • Introduction of the terminology and style required for correspondence with libraries and research institutions, grant and scholarship applications, job applications, writing abstracts, etc.

Course prerequisite: Four semesters of college German or equivalent

Instructor: Monika Hennemann ( ).

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