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GER 598 A: Miniseminar in German Studies / Teaching Pedagogy

Session I, 1 credit

Topic: Poetry in German Language Teaching

Poetry often plays only a minor role in language teaching: ”Too difficult,“ some might say, or ”too little time.“ However, those who endeavor to integrate lyrical texts into their language teaching will be richly rewarded. Students usually react enthusiastically and respond by displaying increased levels of creativity. Poetry can be employed in language classes in a variety of contexts, including creative writing, comparative cultural studies, and even grammatical or phonetic exercises. In our seminar, we will – in addition to analyzing the function of lyrical texts in major textbooks and evaluating existing lesson strategies – focus on the practical applications of poetry in language teaching, and assemble a collection of poems that address specific linguistic features. Finally, we will create (and try out) our own teaching material, with an emphasis on humorous, amorous, and political poems.

Instructor: Monika Hennemann

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