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Ruth Nentzel

Ruth Nentzel is a university graduate in German Studies and the Arts, and also a fully-qualified and widely experienced teacher in German schools (Grundschule,Hauptschule and Gymnasium), in addition to possessing a Meisterschüler degree in visual arts. She has taught attheUniversität Hildesheim (Painting and Contemporary Art History) and attheTechnischeUniversitätBraunschweig, where she was long-time head of the section for Intensive Studies in the Department for German as a Foreign Language (GFL). In this context, she has presided over numerous intercultural training seminars with a wide variety of participating nationalities (Chinese, French, Arab, Americans). She has, moreover, undertakenregular seminars in grammar and pedagogy for GFL teacher trainees.

Concurrent to her work in German pedagogy, she has maintained an international career as an artist, with studios in New York and Berlin. She curates her own prize-winning exhibitions, gives frequent lectures on art, and conducts art tours.

Ruth Nentzel has been a faculty member of the DSSA since 2000, and has taught both intermediate and advanced students. This year, she is looking forward to her advanced course in Session I (Landeskunde/ German Culture) and her intermediate level class in Session II.


Ruth Nentzel