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Coursework in Hebrew

The University of Rhode Island currently offers four courses in Hebrew:

  • HBW101: Beginning Hebrew 1 (Fall Semesters ONLY)
  • HBW102: Beginning Hebrew 2 (Spring Semesters ONLY)
  • HBW103: Intermediate Hebrew 1 (Fall Semesters ONLY)
  • HBW104: Intermediate Hebrew 2 (Spring Semesters ONLY)

The beginning level focuses on fundamentals of grammar and pronunciation, exercises in reading, writing, and conversation.

The intermediate level focuses on development of facility in reading narrative and expository prose, exercises in grammar, listening comprehension, and speaking.


  • HBW101: None.
  • HBW102: Hebrew 101 or equivalent.
  • HBW103: Hebrew 102 or equivalent.
  • HBW104: Hebrew 103 or equivalent.

For more information, please contact Dr. Ruth Ribner.