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Italian Program

Knowledge of the Italian language affords access to one of the West's richest cultural traditions as well as to one of Europe's most vital contemporary societies. Italian is a primary language for research in art history, music, philosophy, literary studies, and archaeology. Italian literature, and more recently Italian cinema, is widely admired. The strong position of contemporary Italy in the area of design and fashion makes Italian language ability vital to those engaged in business and trade.

Why choose Italian at URI? (over 60 majors)

You will love learning the Italian language, you will embrace Italian culture, history, literature, fashion, and cinema AND you will get a job!


-The B.A. in Italian
-Four-year dual degree programs in Italian and most majors at URI, including Textiles, Fashion -Merchandising and Design (TMD) & Business.
-B.A. in Secondary Education with academic major in Italian
-A minor in Italian


-Personal advisors for all majors and minors
-Respected and talented faculty truly interested in their students
-Coursework in Italian language, literature, film, women’s history, business, and contemporary culture
-URI Summer Study in Calabria
-Affiliated study abroad programs in Rome, Venice, Florence, Ferrara, Syracuse.
-Teaching Internships in secondary schools in Lombardy, Italy (PACIOLI)
-Internships at the Office of the Italian Consulate in Providence
-Italian Student Club, CIAO

New! Internship opportunity in Italy for URI students of Italian
Information here and here.

For more information, please contact Dr. Catherine Sama or Dr. Michelangelo La Luna .
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For information regarding the summer program in Italy, contact Professor Michelangelo La Luna.

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