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Ensemble Library - Choral

Mixed Voices - SATB

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Cat. # Title Composer/Source Arranger Voicing Accompaniment
C-0442 Adoramus Te Clement, Jacques   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0040 Adoramus Te Corsi, Giuseppe Norman Greyson SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0048 Adoramus Te Christe Rosselli, Francesco Peter J. Wilhousky, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano0
C-0709 African Noel Thomas, Andre J. (see composer) SATB 3 conga drums , tabourine (parts printed on back of each part)
C-0658 Afterglow Debussy, Claude Churchill, Stuart SATB piano
C-0461 Agnus Dei Williams, Peter   SATB rehersal piano
C-0049 Agnus Dei Wilson, Harry Robert   SSAATTBB Piano
C-0047 All Creatures Now are Merry Minded Benet, John Lionel Benson, Ed. SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0567 All For Me Grog Traditional Sea Shanty Stephen Hatfield SATB a cappella
C-0475 All His Mercies Shall Endure (from “The Occasional Oratorio”) Handel, George F.   SATB piano
C-0341 All Music Wilson, Harry Robert   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0610 All were There Lynn, George   SATB for rehearsal use
C-0682 All ye Who Music Love Donato, Baldassare Robinson, Russell SAB for rehearsal only
C-0234 All’Roun’ De Glory Manger Ehret, Walter   SATB Piano
C-0607 Alleluia! Hummel, Ferdinand Wilson, Harry R. SATB Piano
C-0095 Alleluia McCowen, Robert M.   SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0051 Alleluia Muczynski, Robert   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0250 Alleluia Thompson, Randall   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0274 Alleluia Zaumeyer, John L.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0602 Alleluia! Christ is Risen Kopolyoff, Andre Gaul, Harvey SATB Piano or Organ
C-0508 Alleluia, from Brazilian Psalm Berger, Jean   SSAATBB a cappella
C-0702 Alleluia (from “Songs of Faith”) Basler, Paul   SATB Piano, Horn and Percussion
C-0239 Allon, Gay Bergeres Costeley, Guillaume Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0479 Amercan Indian songs Jennings, Kenneth   SATB piano
C-0701 American Indian Songs Jennings, Kenneth   SATB Piano
C-0391 Amor in Nachen Gastoldi, Giovanni Greyson, Norman SSATB Piano
C-0080 Amor, per tua merce Monteverdi, Claudio Don Malin, Trans. & Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0710 And the glory of the Lord Handel, George Frideric   SATB piano
C-0103 And Will You Leave Me So? Baksa, Robert   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0102 Anima Del Cor mio Monteverdi, Claudio Malin,Don - Editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0517 Anthony O Daly from Reincarnations, Op.16, No.2 Barber, Samuel   SATB  
C-0181 Anthony O Daly; Reincarnations - (Op. 16, No2 ) Barber, Samuel   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0604 April is in her Lovely Face Morley, Thomas Wilson, Harry R. SATB Rehearsal use only
C-0128 April is in My Mistress’ Face Morley, Thomas Churchill, Kenneth - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0108 Art Lasst nict von Art Hindemith, Paul   SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0141 At The River Copland, Aaron Wilding-White, R. SATB Piano
C-0373 Art Thou That She? Berger, Jean   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0674 Ask Me No More American Foilk Song Conley, Mark Alan SATB piano
C-0104 Autumn; Four Seasonal Madrigals from the “Zodiac” - No. 3 Freed, Arnold   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0464 Ave Maria Arcadelt, Jacob   SATB organ
C-0650 Ave Maria Bach-Gounod Ganschow, Theodore F. SATB Piano
C-0708 Ave Maria Busto, Javier   SATB organ
C-0536 Ave Maria Rachmaninov, Sergei   SATB a cappella
C-0509b Ave Maria Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel   SATB a cappella
C-0600 Ave Maria Stravinsky, Igor   SATB Rehearsal use only
C-0381 Ave Maria Victoria, Tomas Luis De Wilhousky, Peter J. (Editor) SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0453 Ave, verum corpus des Pres, Josquin   SAB rehersal piano
C-0272 Ave verum corpus (from Gradulalia, Liber I) Byrd, William Clough-Leighter, H. (Editor) SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0478 Avinu Malkeinu Janowski, max   SATB organ
C-0336 Ayn Charod; Four Palestinian Folk Songs - No. 2 Palestinian folk song Binder, A.W. SATB


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C-0014 Ballad of Brotherhood Wagner, Joseph   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0137 Ballad of Green Broom; Five Flower Songs (Opus.47 No. 2) - No.5 Britten, Benjamin   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0196 Balulalow - No. 2 from “Three Carols” Warlock, Peter   SATB Piano
C-0559 Banks O’Doon Mulholland, James      
C-0577 Banquet Fugue Rutter, John   SATB piano
C-0574 Basket - from "Four Pastorales" Effinger, Cecil   Four Part Chorus piano
C-0354 Battle Hymn of the Republic Steffe, William Ringwald, Roy SATB Four-hand Piano
C-0347 Battle Hymn of the Republic Steffe, William Wilhousky, Peter J. SSATTBB Piano or orchestra acc. (score included)
C-0043 Be Glad Then America Billings, William Richard C. Pisano, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0665 Beautiful Saviour Old Crusaders’ Hymn Riegger, Wallingford SATB only for rehearsal
C-0209 Before the Paling of the Stars Kanitz, Ernest   SATB Piano + two trumpets ad libitum
C-0017 Behold, I Build an House Foss, Lukas   SATB Piano
C-0598 Behold that Star Talley, Thomas W. Cunkle, Frank SATB for rehearsal only
C-0016 Behold the Lord High Executioner Sullivan, Arthur, SIr Bryceson Treharne SATB Piano
C-0653 Bells, The Ahrold, Frank   SATB piano
C-0526 Benedictus from Mass in Eb Major Schubert, Franz Craig, Don and Harold E. Mason (editors) SATB piano or organ
C-0425 Bereaved Maid, The; Three Lyrics for Chorus - No.1 Walker, George   SATB Piano
C-0648 Beside Thy cradle here I stand Bach, Johann Sebastian C.F.M. SATB piano or organ
C-0533 Betelehemu Olatunji, Via and Wendell Whalum Brooks, Barrington SATB a cappella
C-0173 Biche, La Hindemith, Paul   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0105 Bird, The Billings, William Pisano, Richard C. - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0015 Blessed is the Man - Op. 37, No. 3 Rachmaninoff, Sergei Winfred Douglas, Ed. SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0156 Bluebird, The Dello Joio, Norman   SATB Piano
C-0366 Blue Skies Berlin, Irving Boutelle, Charles SATB Piano
C-0145 Bolava hlavenka B. Martinu   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0072 Bonjour, mon coeur Lasso, Orlando di H. Clough-Leighter, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0623 Born To-day Sweelinck, J.P.   SSATB Organ
C-0444 Bourée for Bach - from “2nd English Suite” Bach, J.S. Williams, Bennett - Transcriber SATB String Bass and Snare Drum
C-0019 Bouree from the “English Suite No. 2” Bach, J.S. Swingle, Ward SATB String Bass, Drums (rehearsal piano)
C-0642 Break Forth, O Beauteous, Heavenly Light Bach, J. S. Thompson, David SATB optional piano or organ
C-0034 Brother Will, Brother John Sacco, John   SATB Piano
C-0035 Builders of America McDonald, Harl   SATB _ narrator Unaccompanied
C-0608 By Babylon’s Wave Gounod, Charles    


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C-0584 Cancion de Cuna con Pollitos Mena, Jose Guinand, Maria SATB accapella
C-0635 Canon Pachelbel, Johann Gardner, Maurice SATB Piano
C-0529 Cantata No. 160, BWV 106 Bach, J. S.   SATB PIano
C-0052 Cantate Domino Giovanni, Croce Maynard Klein, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0581 Cantemus! Bardos, Lajos   I, II, III  
C-0004 Cantigas Berger, Jean   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0436 Cantique de Jean Racine Op. 11 Fauré, Gabriel   SATB Piano
C-0223 Carol for the Wassel-Bowl Gordon, Philip   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0547 Carol of The Bells Peter J. Wilhousky   SATB Piano
C-0663 Carol of the Drum Davis, Katrine K.   SATB for rehearsal only
C-0167 Carol of the Sheep Bells Kountz, Richard   SATB Piano or Organ
C-0053 Chanson Janequin, Clement Frank Damrosch, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0038 Chanson Joyeuse de Noel F.A. Gevaert   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0399 Charlottown Bryan, Charles Faulkner   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0579 Cheek to Cheek Berlin, Irving Shaw, Kirby SATB Piano
C-0036 Cherubim Song Tchaikovsky, Peter I.   SATB Piano
C-0044 Chester Billings, William Alice Parker and Robert Shaw, Eds. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0544 Ching-A-Ring-Chaw Copland, Aaron Fine, Irving SATB piano
C-0292 Choose Something Like a Star - #7 from “Frostiana” Thompson, Randall   SATB Piano
C-0098 Choral Improvisation on the poem “Ozymandias” Palmer, Willard A.   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0088 Choric Psalm McAfee, Don   SATB Tambourine, Cymbal, Drum
C-0204 Christ was Born on Christmas Day Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker     Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0245 Christmas Carol from Lapland Dickinson, Clarence   SATB Unaccompamied (rehearsal piano)
C-0401 Christmas Day Holst, Gustav   SATB Organ, Piano or Orchestra
C-0210 Christmas Day (Adaptation of Frederic Chopin’s 6th Nocturne) Binkerd, Gordon   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0056 Cito husicky Martinu, B.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano- no reduction)
C-0258 Clap Yo’ Hands from the musical “Oh, Kaye!” Gershwin, George Wood, Joseph SATB Piano
C-0050 Climbin’ Up the Mountain Folksong (Spiritual) Smith, William Henry SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0563 Clocks Stephen Chatman   SATB unaccompanied
C-0042 Come Be My Love Raffman, Relly   SATBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0392 Come Live with Me and Be My Love Reed, Alfred   SATBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0556 Come, My Celia Chatman, Stephen   SATB acapella
C-0646 Come Soon Brahms, Johannes Harrison, Julius SATB for rehearsal only
C-0384 Come to Me, My Love Dello Joio, Norman   SATB Piano
C-0651 Come unto Me Bach, J. S. Hall, Antoinette SATB Piano or Organ
C-0130 Come, Woeful Orpheus Byrd, William Ehret, Walter - Editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0037 Concordi Laetitia Unknown Taylor, Deems SATB Piano
C-0523 Consecrate The Place and Day Pfautsch, Lloyd   S.A.T.B. a cappella
C-0568 Conversion of Saul Stroope, Z. Randall   SSAATTBB  
C-0201 Coolin, The; Reincarnations - (Op. 16, No3.) Barber, Samuel   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0170 Coventry Carol Luboff, Norman   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0211 Cradle Hymn Ehret, Walter   SATB Piano or Organ
C-0655 Crazy Cantata Bennett, Robert Russell   SATB Piano
C-0106 Creation Billings, William Pisano, Richard C. - Adapted & Edited SATB unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0013 Creation, The Scott, Tom   SATB Chorus + Narrator Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0351 Crucifixus from the Mass in B Minor Bach, J.S. Byron brooks - Editor SATB Piano or Organ
C-0525 Cry Out and Shout Nystedt, Knut   SSATTB a cappella
C-0685 Cuckoo on the Fence, The Stephani, Johann   SSATB for rehearsal only
C-0174 Cygne, Un Hindemith, Paul   SATB

Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)

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C-0248 Dadme albricias, hijos d’Eva; Three Spanish Christmas Carols - No.2 Greenburg, Noah Greenburg, Noah - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0333 Dance Alleluia Freed, Arnold   SATB Piano, String Bass, Bongos, Wood Block
C-0397 Dancing with George M. Cohan, George M. Gene Grier and Lowell Everson SATB Piano
C-0683 Danny Boy traditional Andrews, Doug SATB for rehearsal only
C-0613 Dark Water James, Will   SSAATTBB For rehearsal only
C-0419 Das Herz tut mir aufspringen Hassler, Hans Leo   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0018 Das Schifflein Schumann, Robert Jan Meyerowitz, Ed. SATB Flute and Horn (rehearsal piano)
C-0246 Dear Nightingale, Awake! from “Four Carols for Mixed Voices” Woodgate, Leslie   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0032 Deep River Folksong (Spiritual) Fisher, William Arms SATB Piano
C-0673 Deer Chase American Folk Song Conley, Mark Alan SATB piano
C-0046 Deh Come Trista Arcadelt, Jacques Everett Helm, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0033 Dem wir das Heilig itzt - from the cantata “Gelobet sei der Herr” Bach, J.S.   SATB Organ
C-0136 Der Abend (Opus 64, No.2) Brahms, Johannes   SATB Piano
C-0349 Der gang zum Liebchen - op.31, No.3 Brahms, Johannes   SATB Piano
C-0504 Der Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf Bach, Johann Sebastian Neumann, Werner (ed.); Buszin, Walter (transl.) SSAATTBB continuo
C-0393 Der Tanz Schubert, Franz Robinso, Ray (Editor) SATB Piano
C-0633 Desert Song Romberg, Sigmund Koshetz, Alexander SAB Piano
C-0238 Did Mary Know? Averre, Richard E.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0698 Dide Ta Deo Brown, Uzee   SATB piano, 5 percussion
C-0008 Die Beredsamkeit Haydn, Franz Joseph Roger Wagner, Ed. SATB Piano
C-0163 Dieu! qu’il la fait bon regarder; Trois Chansons - No.1 Debussy, Claude   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0551 Dirait-On Lauridsen, Morten   SATB  
C-0039 Dirge in Woods Custer, Arthur   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0009 Dissi a l’amata mia lucida stella Marenzio, Luca Don Malin, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0499 Dixit Maria Hassler, Hans Leo   SATB a cappella
C-0606 Doctor Foster Hughes, Herbert   SATB Piano
C-0527 Dodi Li Chen, Nira Jacobson, Joshua SATB a cappella, optional flute, clarinet and percussion
C-0422 dominic has a doll; Four Cummings Choruses (Op. 98, No. 1) Persichetti, Vincent   SATB Piano
C-0109 Doulce Memoire Sandrin, Pierre Burnett, Henry - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0656 Down by the Old Bayou Bennett, David   SATB piano
C-0538 Dravidian Dithyramb Paranjoti, Victor Quadros, Andre de SATB a cappella
C-0692 Draw Up Water From the Well Clemens, James E.   SATB a cappella
C-0666 Dry Bones   Gearhart, Livingston SATB


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C-0247 E la don don, Verges Maria ; Three Spanish Christmas Carols - No.1 Greenburg, Noah   SATB Percussion or handclapping (rehearsal piano)
C-0403 Ehre sei dir, Christe Schütz, Heinrich   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0161 Ein Blümlein wenn’s die Sonne spüret Berger, Jean   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0404 Ein Hennlein weiss Scandello, Antonio   SATB Piano (ad. lib.)
C-0107 El Grillo des Pres, Josquin Merrill, Marlin - translation and adaptation SATB Unaccompanied
C-0135 El Yivneh Hagalil Chajes, Julius   SATB Piano
C-0438 Elegischer Gesang Beethoven, Ludwig Van Clough-Leighter, H. SATB String Quartet
C-0695 Elegy Kalinnikov, Victor   SATB Piano
C-0273 Elijah, Rock! Folk Song - American Spiritual Johnson, Hall SATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0041 Emitte Spiritum tuum Schuetky, Fr. Jos.   SSATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano0
C-0177 En Hiver Hindemith, Paul   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0023 Entrance and March of Peers - from “Iolanthe” Sullivan, Arthur, Sir   SATB Double Piano
C-0619 Entrance and March of the Peers Sullivan, Arthur Clough-Leighter, H. SSAATTBB Piano
C-0471 Erev Shel Shoshanim Hadar, Josef Klebanow, Jack SATB piano
C-0590 Erev Shel Shoshanim “Evening of Roses” Hadar, Josef Klebanow, Jack SATB piano
C-0261 Erie Canal, The Scott, Tom   SATB Piano
C-0691 Es Mussen Sich Freuen und Frohlich Niedt, Friedrich Erhard Rodde, James SATB a cappella
C-0532 Eu e Voce Hughes, J. Edmund Hughes, J. Edmund SATB a cappella
C-0059 Ev’ry Time I Feel The Spirit Folksong (Spiritual) Dawson, William F. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0566 Evening Taneyev, Sergeit Kaiser, Amy (Ed.) SATB a capella
C-0212 Evergreen Pinkham, Daniel   Unison Keyboard instrument or pair of guitars
C-0398 Everything’s Coming’ Up Roses Styne, Jules Ades, Hawley SATB Piano
C-0253 Exsultate Justi Viadana, L. da Maganini, Quinto (Revised and edited) SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0058 Exultate Deo Poulenc, Francis   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano - no reduction)
C-0343 Exultate Deo Scarlatti, Alessandro   SATB

Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)

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C-0383 Fa Una Canzone Vecchi, Orazio   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0423 Fair Phyllis I Saw Farmer, John Walker, Rod - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0589 Faithful Over a Few Things Burleigh, Glenn Edward   SATB piano
C-0158 Fanfare for Christmas Day Shaw, Martin   SATB Piano or Organ
C-0361 Father William; Three Choruses from Alive in Wonderland - No. 3 Fine, Irving   SATB Piano
C-0317 Festival Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis Pinkham, Daniel   SATB Piano or Organ
C-0647 Festival Prelude Bach, J. S. Stoessel, Albert SATB Piano
C-0617 Festival Song of Praise Mendelssohn   SATB Piano
C-0302 Fiddler on the Roof - Choral Selections Bock, Jerry Leyden, Norman SATB Piano
C-0244 Five French Noels - 1)Joseph est bien marié 2)Tous les bourgeois de Chastres 3) Ou s’en vont ces gais bergers 4)A la venue de Noel 5)A minuit fut fait un réveil Christmas Carol - French Forbes, Elliot SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0110 Fools Rush In Bloom, Rube Luboff, Norman SATB Piano
C-0644 Four Love Songs Brahms, Johannes   SATB 4 hand piano
C-0394 Four Madrigals to the Poems of James Joyce Spencer, Williametta   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0147 Four Rounds on Famous Words - No. 1 Health Schuman, William   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0148 Four Rounds on Famous Words - No. 2 Thrift Schuman, William   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0149 Four Rounds on Famous Words - No.3 Caution Schuman, William   SAB Unaccompanied
C-0150 Four Rounds on Famous Words - No.4 Beauty Schuman, William   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0146 Four Whitman Sketches Klein, John   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0611 Freedom is the Word! Jones, Margaret   SATB Piano
C-0388 French Chansons (A collection) Seay, Albert * *Seay, Albert (Editor, Transcriber, Translator) SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0605 Friends Gaines, Samuel Richards   SATB  
C-0129 Frölich zu Musizieren from Three Late Renaissance Choruses - No. 3 Friderici, Daniel Fisher, Jerrold - Editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0395 From an Unknown Past - (Seven madrigals) Rorem, Ned   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0595 Fruhlingsfeier Mendelssohn, Felix Van Camp, Leonard SATB a capella
C-0240 Fum, Fum, Fum Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker   SATB

Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)

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C-0495 Gather Ye Rose-Buds Conley, MarkAlan   SATB Keyboard
C-0543 General William Booth Enters into Heaven Heath, Fenno   SATB Piano
C-0693 Gentle Stars Shone Down Upon Us, The Kalinnikov, Victor   SATB a cappella
C-0379 Geographical Fugue Toch, Ernst   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0241 Gesu Bambino Yon, Pietro A.   SATB Piano
C-0520 Gift Carol, The Pfautsch, Lloyd and Debby   SATB, a cappella Piano for Rehearsal
C-0111 Give Me My Heart from “Balletts and Madrigals for Five Voices” (1598) Weelkes, Thomas Boyd, Jack - Editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0342 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor Berlin, Irving Ringwald, Roy SATB Piano
C-0700 Gladsome Light Chesnokov, Pavel   SATB piano for rehearsal only
C-0696 Gladsome Light Kastalsky, Aleksandr Morosan, Vladimir SATB a cappella
C-0583 Gloria Bass, Randol Alan   SATB piano
C-0316 Gloria from Heiligmesse - 1796 Haydn, Franz Joseph Woodman, Michael S. - Editor SATB Pianp or Organ
C-0251 Gloria from “Mass VIII” Hassler, Hans Leo Druba, Carl (Editor) SATB - Double Chorus Piano
C-0151 Gloria (From the Magnificat, Opus 157) Hovaness, Alan   SATB Piano (Orchestral accompaniment available to order)
C-0140 Gloria in Excelsis Mozart, W.A.   SATB Piano
C-0667 Gloria in Excelsis Deo   Duncan, Carlyle SATB Piano
C-0546 Gloria in excelsis Deo Haydn, Joseph   SATB piano (instrumental parts available from publisher)
C-0139 Gloria Patri Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da Krone, Max T. - Editor SATB - Double Chorus Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0630 Glory Rimsky-Korsakoff, N.      
C-0639 Glory to God Bach, Johann Sebastion Wilson, Harry R. SATB optional piano
C-0668 Glory to God n the Highest Pergolesi, G.B.   SATB piano
C-0278 Glory Train Cain, Noble   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0337 Go Down, Moses! Folk Song - American Spiritual Cain, Noble SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0112 Go, Lovely Rose Stevens, Halsey   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0528 Go, Lovely Rose Thiman, Eric   SATB a cappella
C-0669 Go not far from me, O God Zingarelli   SATB for rehearsal only
C-0252 Go Tell It on the Mountain Christmas Carol - American Spiritual Work, John A. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0365 God Bless America Berlin, Irving Boutelle, Charles SATB Piano
C-0703 God is Seen Parker, Alice   SATB  
C-0618 God of Our Fathers Warren, George William Gearhart, Livingston SATB Piano
C-0157 Good Christian Men, Rejoice Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0237 Good King Kong Looked Out Bach, PDQ Schickele, Peter SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0073 Good Night, Good Night, Beloved! Pinsuti, Ciro   SATB Piano
C-0269 Great Day Folk Song - American Spiritual Martin, Warren SSAATBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0545 Great Day Hogan, Moses   SATB none
C-0020 Great Day (From the Musical Play “Great Day”) Youmans, Vincent   SATB Piano
C-0012 Great God A’ Mighty Folksong (Spiritual)   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano )
C-0558 Green Grow the Rashes, O Mulholland, James    
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C-0228 Hacia Belén va un borrico Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0505 Hallelujah! Youmans, Vincent Sund, Robert SATB a cappella
C-0706 Hallelujah! Youmans, Vincent Sund, Robert SSAATTBB acappella
C-0463 Hallelujah, Amen (from Judas Maccabaeus) Handel, George Frederic   SATB piano
C-0081 Hallelujah, Amen (from ‘Judas Maccabaeus’) Handel, George Frideric C.F.M., editor SATB organ
C-0306 Hallelujah, Amen from the oratorio Judas Maccabaeus Handel, G.F. Davison, Archibald T. - Editor SATB Organ
C-0348 Hallelujah Chorus (fromThe Messiah) Handel, G.F.   SATB Piano
C-0001 Hallelujah Chorus from “Mount of Olives” Beethoven, Ludwig van C.F.M. SATB Piano or Organ
C-0548 Hanerot Halalu Cohon, Baruch J.      
C-0264 Hans Haugen Pooler, Marie   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0003 Hark, All Ye Lovely Saints Above Weelkes, Thomas   SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0376 Harvester’s Song Berger, Jean   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0684 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Martin, Hugh and Ralph Blane Andrews, Doug SATB for rehearsal only
C-0010 Heavens are Telling, The Haydn, Franz Joseph   SATB Piano
C-0002 He Never Said a Mumbalin’ Word Folk song (Spiritual) Wilson, Harry R. SSAATTBB Unaccompanied
C-0350 He, Watching Over Israel from the Oratrorio Elijah Mendelssohn, Felix   SATB Piano
C-0516 He’ll Make A Way Smith, Byron J.   SATB Piano
C-0006 He’s Gone Away Folksong (Southern Mountain) Clokey, Joseph W. SSATBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0005 Heilig Mendelssohn, Felix Gregg Smith - Editor SATB Double Choir Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0377 Here is the Little Door Howells, Herbert   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0636 Here Yet Awhile Bach, Joh. Seb.   SATB, SATB Piano
C-0552 Highland Mary Mulholland, James   SATB  
C-0480 Hiney mah tov Levine, Iris   SATB a capella
C-0460 Hodie aperuit Ferko, Frank   SSAATTBB rehersal piano
C-0265 Hodie Christus natus est Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da   SATB Double Choir Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0233 Hodie christus natus est; Four Motets for the Season of Christmas - No.4 Poulenc, Francis   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0222 Hodie, Christus Natus est Willan, Healy   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0225 Hodie nobis coelorum Rex Nanio, Giovanni Bernardino   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0082 Holiday Song Schuman, Willaim   SATB Piano
C-0657 Homing Riego, Teresa Del Stickles, William SAB piano
C-0638 Honor and Glory Bach, J.S. Ehret, Walter SSATB Piano or Organ
C-0057 Hospodi Pomilui Lvovsky, S.V. Kenneth Churchill, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0649 How lovely is thy dwelling-place Brahms, Johannes   SATB Piano
C-0083 How Stands the Glass Around? Kay, Ulysses   SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0224 How Still He Rests Pierce, Brent     Oboe, wind chimes (rehearsal piano)
C-0203 How Unto Bethlehem Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0601 Hush! Somebody’s Callin’ My Name Traditional Spiritual Dennard, Brazeal W. SATB  
C-0007 Hymn to the Virgin Britten, Benjamin   SATB Dbl Choir


I Back to Top
C-0115 I Beheld Her, Beautiful as a Dove; Liturgical Motets No. 3 Willan, Healey   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0372 I Find No Peace Berger, Jean   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0434 I Got Rhythm - from the musical “Girl Crazy” Gershwin, George and Ira Warnick, Clay SATB Piano
C-0549 I Hear a Voice A-Prayin’ Bright, Houston      
C-0334 I know a Maiden Fair to See - Opus 3, No. 2 James, Philip   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsl piano)
C-0557 I Saw Eternity Chatman, Stephen   SATB acapella
C-0169 I Wonder as I Wander (from Songs of the Hill-Folk Schirmer’s American Folk-Song Series, Set 14) Niles, John Jacob and Henry Horton   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0114 Ich waiss mir ein Meidlein hübsh und fein Lasso, Orlando di Clough-Leighter, Henry - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0474 If Music Be the Food of Love Dickau, David   SATB piano
C-0116 If Women Could Be Fair Byrd, William Boyd, Jack - Editor SSATB or SAATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0628 If you singing every day Schumann, Robert O’Hara, Geoffrey SATB Piano
C-0113 Il est bel et bon Passereau   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0711 In Memorium Nelson, Paul   SATB piano
C-0117 In the Beginning of Creation Pinkham, Daniel   Mixed Chorus Electronic Tape (Available at URI)
C-0368 In the River of Jordan Hunter, Ralph   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0662 Indian Love Call Friml, Rudolf Scotson, Walter SATB piano
C-0055 Io son fenice Vecchi, Orazio Don Malin, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0166 It is Good to Be Merry Berger, Jean   SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0064 It Was a Lover and His Lass Jarrett, Jack M.   SATB Piano
C-0476 It Was A Lover and His Lass Rutter, John   SATBarB none
C-0118 It was a Lover and His Lass from “Shakespeare Songs, Op. 80” Mathias, William   SATB Piano
C-0069 Italian Street Song Herbert, Victor   SATB


J Back to Top
C-0694 Ja Vem A Primavera De Curitiba, Herique   SATB Piano
C-0068 Jesu, Dulcis Memoria Victoria, Tomas Luis de Norman Greyson, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0466 Jesu, joy of man’s desiring Bach, Johann Sebastian Treharne, Bryceson SATB piano
C-0671 Jesu, meine Freude Buxtehude, Dietrich   SATB piano
C-0168 Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head (from 10 Christmas Carols from Southern Appalachian Mountains collected by John Jacob Niles - Schirmer’s American Folk-Song series, set 16 Warrell, Arthur   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0074 John Henry Siegmeister, Elie   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0572 John Saw Duh Numbuh Negro Spiritual Alice Parker and Robert Shaw SATB  
C-0263 Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker   SATB Piano
C-0659 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Beethoven, Lv Simeone, Harry SATB piano or organ
C-0021 Jubilate Deo Sowerby, Leo   Unison Organ
C-0078 Jubilee Folksong (American Spiritual) Smith, William Henry SATB Unaccompanied - (rehearsal piano)
C-0313 Just as the Tide was Flowing Vaughan Williams, R.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0494 Justorum Animae di Lasso, Orlando   SSATB

Unaccompanied (a cappella)

K Back to Top
C-0421 Kalinka Prokhorov, V.   SSAATBB piano
C-0355 Keep Your Lamps! Folk Song - American Spiritual Thomas, Andre SATB Conga drums (high, medium, low)
C-0289 King and I, The - Choral Selection Rodgers, Richard Warnick, Clay SATB Piano
C-0054 Kpanlongo West African Folk Song Bermel, Derek SATB  
C-0119 Kum Ba Yah Folksong (American Spiritual) Gardner, Maurice SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0634 Kyrie Schubert, Franz   SATB Piano
C-0570 Kyrie Vasiliauskaite, Kristina   SATB piano
C-0071 Kyrie (African Mass) Luboff, Norman   SATB Tuned Drums
C-0079 “Kyrie” from Mass VIII Hassler, Hans Leo Carl Druba, Ed. SATB -Double Chorus

Keyboard instrument+ Brass and Woodwind Octets

L Back to Top
C-0340 Lacrymosa - Requiem Movement No. 7 Mozart, W.A.   SATB Piano
C-0511 Laetatus sum Haydn, Johann Michael David Stein, ed. SATB keyboard
C-0472 Lark Copland, Aaron   SSAATTB rehersal piano
C-0540 Lass Dich Nur Nichts Nich Dauren Opus 30 Brahms, Johannes Kurt Soldan SATB Organ or Piano
C-0371 Lasst uns erfreuen herzlich sehr German (17thC.) Anonymous A.T.D. SATB Piano and Organ
C-0319 Last Words of David Thompson, Randall   SATB Piano or Orchestra
C-0389 Laudate Dominum from Vespers de Confessore (K.339) Mozart, W. A.   SATB Piano or Organ
C-0027 Le Chant des Oyseux Janequin, Clément   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0629 Legend, A Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch   SATB for rehearsal only
C-0242 Les Agnes dans nos campagnes Wasner, Franz   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0352 Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Styne, Jules Stickles, William SATB Piano
C-0360 Libiamo ne’ lieti calici (from La Traviata) Verdi, Giuseppe   SATB piano
C-0678 Light One Candle Yarrow, Peter DeCormier, Robert SATB Piano, Guitar
C-0482 Like by the Khasidim a Nigun Cohon, Baruch J.   SATB piano
C-0266 Lilium Regis, Op. 73 Creston, Paul   SATB Piano
C-0220 Lirum Lirum Morley, Thomas   SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0226 Listen to the Lambs Dett, R. Nathaniel   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0670 Little Duck in the Meadow loogovaya, Ootyonushka Nikolsky, A. SATB only for rehearsal
C-0624 Little Heather Shaw, Wilfrid   SATB for practice only
C-0707 Little Innocent Lamb Bartholomew, Marshall (see composer) SATB a cappella
C-0412 Little Old Lady Carmichael, Hoagy and Stanley Adams   SATB Piano
C-0359 Lobster Quadrille, The; Three Chrouses from Alice and Wonderland - No.I Fine, Irving Gifford   SATB Piano
C-0599 Loch Lomond Scotch Folk Song Simeone, Harry SATB piano
C-0612 Lord’s Prayer Malotte, Albert Hay Deis, Carl SATB For rehearsal only
C-0626 Lord’s Prayer Wilson, Harry Robert   SSAATTBB for rehearsal only
C-0315 Lord Shall Bless His People With Peace, The Lora, Antonio   SATB Piano
C-0408 Love Lost - A Cycle of Four Satirical Poems on Love Sjolund, Paul   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0120 Love Not Me For Comely Grace Wilbye, John Knight, Gerald SATB unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0396 Lovely Rose, The Cook, Joseph T.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0084 Lover Come Back to Me Romberg, Sigmund Earl Lawerence SSAATTBB Piano
C-0432 Lovers Love the Spring Frackenpohl, Arthur   SATB piano
C-0621 Loyal Lover, The English Folksong Taylor, Deems SATB Piano
C-0578 Lullaby from Kipling’s Jungle Book Suite Rozsa, Miklos   SATB Piano (rehearsal only)
C-0066 Lullaby of the Duchess - No. 2 of Three Choral Settings from “Alice in Wonderland” Fine, Irving   SATB Piano
C-0227 Lute Book Lullaby (English Nativity carol) Ballet, William Oldroyd, George SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0375 Lost is My Quiet Berger, Jean   SATB

Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)

M Back to Top
C-0093 Madame Jeanette Murray, Alan   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0330 Magnificat - Opus 108 Peeters, Flor   SATB Organ
C-0588 Make Our Garden Grow Bernstein, Leonard Page, Robert SATB piano
C-0561 Make We Joy Now in this Fest Prior, Richard      
C-0380 Make-Believe Kern, Jerome Stickles, William SATB Piano
C-0344 Man of La Mancha (Choral Selections) Leigh, Mitch Warnick, Clay SATB Piano
C-0445 Margoton Va T’a l’iau; Chansons Françaises - No. 1 Poulenc, Francis   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0661 Mary Goes to Church Brahms, Johannes Granville, Roger (Editor) SATB for rehearsal only
C-0217 Mary Had a Baby Black, Charles   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0216 Mary Had a Baby Dawson, William L.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0179 Mary Hynes; Reincarnations (Op.16, No.1) Barber, Samuel   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0291 Matona, Mia Cara Lasso, Orlando di   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0467 May 1945 Levi, Paul Alan   SATB a cappella (opt. piano)
C-0257 May No Rash Intruder Disturb from “Solomon” Handel, G.F. Clough-Leighter, H. - Editor SSATB Piano
C-0386 Mein Edler Schatz Vecchi, Orazio Payson, Arnold SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0192 Merry Christmas Warrell, Arthur   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0329 Modern Music Billings, William Davis, Hans T. (Editor) SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0450 Modern Music Billings, William Ehret, Walter (Editor) SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0553 Mon Coeur est Pret Mathews, Peter      
C-0075 Monotone Lockwood, Normond   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0353 Mood Indigo Ellington, Duke; Mills, Irving; and Bigard, Albany Van Leaman, George SATB Piano
C-0219 Moon Shines Bright , The (Christmas Madrigal) Reed, Alfred   SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0688 Motherless Child Johnson, Craig Hella (arr.) Johnson, Craig Hella SATB a cappella
C-0024 Music When Soft Voices Die Dickinson, Clarence   SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0060 Musiciens qui chantez Waelrant, Hubert Gerald Knight SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano0
C-0550 Music’s Always There With You, The Rutter, John      
C-0522 Musics Empire, from Triptych Pfautsch, Lloyd   S.A.T.B. a cappella
C-0523 Musics Empire, from Triptych Pfautsch, Lloyd   S.A.T.B. a cappella
C-0123 My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth (from Two Madrigals from The Triumphs of Thusnelda) Schickele, Peter (PDQ Bach)   SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0086 My Bonny Lass Morley, Thomas H. Clough-Leighter, Ed.   Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0076 My Child is Gone Folk song (African American Slave Song) Nightingale, Mae SSAATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0218 My Dancing Day Folk Song - England Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0689 My God is a Rock Dandridge, Damon H. (arr.) Dandridge, Damon H. SATB a cappella
C-0011 My Lord, What A Mornin’ Folksong (Spiritual) Burleigh, H. T. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0122 My Love Hatch, Tony Kerr, Anita SATB Piano
C-0675 My Lovely Celia Monro, George Davis, Katherine K. SATB for rehearsal only
C-0077 My Shepherd Will Supply My Need American Hymn Tune Thomson, Virgil SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0431 My True-Love hath my Heart Berger, Jean   SATB

Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)

N Back to Top
C-0507 Na bahia tem Afonso, Daniel Rufino   SATB a cappella
C-0591 Nachhtens Brahmes, Johannes Klien SATB Piano
C-0121 Nåchtliches Ståndchen Schubert, Franz Stroh, Virginia and Buryl Red, Eds. SATB Unaccompanied
C-0189 Negro Bell Carol James, William Laurence   SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0443 Neis Gadol Haya Sham Harris, Arnold   SATB Piano
C-0411 Never Tell Thy Love Bright, Houston   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0515 Night Delaney, Robert   SSATB piano and string quartet
C-0580 Nightengale Sang in Berkeley Square Maxhwitz & Sherwin Billingsly, Alan SATB Piano
C-0382 Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square Sherwin, Manning Puerling, Gene SATB Unaccompanied
C-0571 No Mark from Four Pastorales Effinger, Cecil   SATB and oboe  
C-0030 Nocturne Cain, Noble   SATB Piano
C-0541 Now From the World (The Light of God is Gone) Bird, Hubert   SATB piano, clarinet in Bb
C-0191 Nowell Titcomb, Everett   SATB Organ
C-0256 Nun danket alle Gott Pachelbel, Johann King, Robert - Editor SATB Trumpet I & II, Trombone I & II (Parts available), Optional Continuo
C-0331 Nun ruhen alle Walder Bach, J.S.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0031 Nymph and Swain (Madrigal) Dickinson, Clarence   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0182 Nymphs and Shepherds Purcell, Henry   SATB

Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)

O Back to Top
C-0094 O Be Joyful in the lord Gretchaninoff, A.T. Noren, N. Lindsay - English Adaptation SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0092 O Can Ye Sew Cushions? Bantock, Granville   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0162 O Care, Thou Wilt Despatch Me Weelkes, Thomas Ehret, Walter - Editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0186 O False Deceit Philipps, Peter   SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0221 O filii et filiae Leisring, Volckmar Hoggard, Lara SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0296 O For A Shout Of Sacred Joy Hovaness, Alan   SATB Organ
C-0298 O For the Wings of a Dove Mendelssohn, Felix   SATB Piano or Organ
C-0070 O Gladsome light (from “The Golden Legend”) Sullivan, Arthur   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0236 O Little Town of Hackensack Bach, PDQ Schickele, Peter SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0230 O magnum mysterium; Four Motets for the Season of Christmas - No.1 Poulenc, Francis   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0028 O Magnum Mysterium Victoria, Tomas Luis da John Finley Williamson, Ed. SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0454 O Mistress Mine Vaughn Williams, Ralph   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0681 O mistress Mine Williams, Ralph Vaughan   SATB for rehearsal only
C-0534 O Nata Lux Lauridsen, Morten   SATB a cappella
C-0025 O Quam Tristis Et Afflicta - from the Stabat Mater Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista Walter Ehret SATB Piano
C-0297 O Sing Your Songs Cain, Noble   SSAATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0171 O Swiftly Glides the Bonny Boat (op. 108,No. 19) Beethoven, Ludwig   SATB Piano, violin, cello
C-0378 O Vos Omnes Vittoria, Tomas luis De La   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0427 O Western Wind; Three Lyrics for Chorus - No. 3 Walker, George   SATB Piano
C-0519 Of Crickets and Daffodils Reese, Randall   SATB Piano
C-0026 Of the Father’s Love Begotten Chenowith, Wilbur   SATB Piano or Organ
C-0085 Oh, I Can’t Sit Down Gershwin, George   SATB Piano
C-0641 Oh Jesus, Lord, My Light and Life Bach, J. S.   SATB piano or organ
C-0279 Oh Lawd, I’m On My Way from “Porgy and Bess” Gershwin, George Stickles, William SATB Piano
C-0513 Oh My Luve’s Like a Red, Red Rose Clausen, René   SATB piano
C-0281 Ola! o che bon eccho! Lasso, Orlando di   SATB - Double Chorus Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0284 Old Colony Times Folk Song - Colonial Siegmeister, Elie SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0022 Ole! o che byon eccho Lasso, Orlando di H. Clough-Leighter, Ed. SATB Dbl. Chorus Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0625 Omnipotence, The Schubert, Franz Spicker, Max SSAATTBB Piano or Organ
C-0091 On this Night was Born Christ Jesus Christmas Carol - English Ehret, Walter - Editor SATB Piano or Organ
C-0664 Once to Every Man and Nation Welsh Tune Ohl, Ferris and Dorothy SATB piano
C-0029 One Morning in May Folksong (Kentucky mountains) Niles, John Jacob SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0521 Orpheus With His Lute, from Triptych Pfautsch, Lloyd   S.A.T.B. a cappella
C-0435 Out of the Depths Hovhaness, Alan   SATB organ
C-0154 Ouvrez Moi L’Huis Jannequin, Clement   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0303 Ozark Fox Run Sacco, John   SATB Piano
P Back to Top
C-0339 Paint Your Wagon (Choral selections) Loewe, Frederick Rizzo, Jacques C. SATB Piano
C-0311 Paper Reeds By the Brook - from The Peaceable Kingdom Thompson, Randall   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0660 Pass Me By Coleman, Cy Cassey, Chuck SATB piano
C-0576 Passionate Shepherd to His Love, The Belmont, Jean   SATB Piano (rehearsal only)
C-0531 Past Life Melodies Hopkins, Sarah   mixed voices a cappella (11 seperate parts)  
C-0587 Pastoral Qu, Xixian Wu, Yipping SATB A Cappella
C-0594 Pasture, The Stroope, Z. Randall   SATB Piano
C-0290 Pat-A-Pan Christmas Carol - Burgundian Folk Song Davis, Katherine K. SATB Piano or unaccompanied
C-0385 Pater Noster Stravinsky, Igor   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0447 Patriotic Songs of America various   SATB optional piano
C-0063 Peace Must Come Like a Troubadour Wilson, Harry Robert   SATB Piano
C-0555 Per Spellman Allaway, Ben   SATB piano
C-0285 Piange, l’Amante ucciso Lotti, Antonio Dart, Thurston SATB Keyboard Continuo
C-0620 Pilgrims’ Chorus Wagner, Richard Koemmenich, Louis SATB Piano
C-0367 Pioneers, O Pioneers McDonald, Harl   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0062 Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger Folksong (Spiritual) Terri, Salli SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0338 Poor Wayfaring Stranger Folk Song - American Spiritual Siegmeister, Elie SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0702 Porgy and Bess: Choral Selections Gershwin, George Warnick, Clay SATB piano
C-0512 Praise his holy name! Hampton, Keith   SAM (M=Men) Keyboard
C-0697 Praise the Name of the Lord Kalinnikov, Victor   SATB piano
C-0127 Praise to the Lord Christiansen, F. Melius   SATB Piano
C-0326 Praise to the Lord Christiansen, F. Melius   SATB Piano
C-0502 Praise Wet Snow Falling Early Alexander, Elizabeth   SATB piano
C-0131 Praise Ye the Lord Gibbs, Geoffrey   SATB Organ or Piano
C-0470 Praise Ye the Lord (from “The Light in the Wilderness”) Brubeck, Dave   SATB Piano, with optional percussion and string bass
C-0065 Prayer Kountz, Richard   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0616 Prayer from “Cavalleria Rusticana” Mascagni McConthy, Osbourne SATB Piano
C-0687 Prayer of the Middle Ages, A Hanson, Howard Warland, Dale, editor ssaattbb acapella
C-0686 Prayer of St. Fancis Schwalm, C Thomas   SSAATTBB  
C-0362 Prayers From the Ark - No.1 Noah’s Prayer Davies, Ivor R.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0363 Prayers From the Ark - No. 2 The Prayer of the Little Bird Davies, Ivor R.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0364 Prayers From the Ark - No.3 The Prayer of the Cat Davies, Ivor R.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0132 Prayers from the Ark - No.4 The prayer of the Mouse Davies, Ivor R.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0133 Prayers from the Ark - No. 5 The Prayer of the Raven Davies, Ivor R.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0134 Prayers from the Ark - No.6 the Prayer of the Dove Davies. Ivor R.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0458 Precious Lord, Take my Hand Dorsey, Thomas Schrader, Jack SSATB piano
C-0176 Printemps Hindemith, Paul   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0172 Promise of Living (Thanksgiving song from “The Tender Land”) Copland, Aaron   SATBB Double Piano Accompaniment
C-0509a Prope est Dominus Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel   SATB a cappella
C-0479 Prophecy of Peace Latham, William P.   SATB (96c) organ
C-0295 Psalm 100 (Echo) Schütz, Heinrich Lynn, George - Editor SATB Double Chorus Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0309 Psalm 150 Lewandowski, Louis Wilson, Harry Robert - Editor SATB Piano
C-0704 Psalm 23 Basler, Paul   SATB piano and horn
C-0498 Psalm 90 Ives, Charles John Kirkpatrick & Gregg Smith, editors SATB Organ
C-0314 Psalm CXLVIII, from Two Psalms Holst, Gustav   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0277 Psalmo Brasileiro Berger, Jean   SATTBB Unaccompanied
C-0175 Puisque tout passe Hindemith, Paul   SATB

Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)

Q Back to Top
C-0164 Quant j’ai ouy le tabourin; Trois Chansons - No. 2 Debussy, Claude   ATB Unaccompanied
C-0184 Queen to Me a Royal Pain Doth Give, The (Two Madrigals from The Triumphs of Thusnelda) Bach, PDQ Schickele, Peter - Editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0455 Quel augellin che canta Monteverdi, Claudio   SSATB rehersal piano
C-0231 Quem vidistis pastores dicite; Four Motets for the Season of Christmas - No. 2 Poulenc, Francis   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0243 Quittez, Pasteurs Wasner, Franz   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
R Back to Top
C-0283 Railroad Reverie Sacco, John   SATB Piano
C-0410 Rainsong Bright, Houston   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0560 Red Red Rose, A Mulholland, James      
C-0308 Red River Valley Folk Song - American Horton, Lewis Henry SATB Piano
C-0676 Regina Coeli Mascagni   SATB piano
C-0143 Requiescat Schuman, William   SATB Piano
C-0452 Rest Sweet Nymphs Pilkington, Francis   SATB consort of strings or recorders (keyboard provided too)
C-0294 Ride On, King Jesus Folk Song - American Spiritual Cain, Noble SATB Piano
C-0125 Ride the Chariot Smith, William Henry   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0259 Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One McCray, James   SATB Piano and Flute
C-0249 Riu Riu Chiu; Three Spanish Christmas Carols - No. 3 Greenburg, Noah Greenburg, Noah - Editor SATB  
C-0286 Road Not Taken - #1 from “Frostiana” Thompson, Randall   SATB Piano
C-0101 Romany Life Herbert, Victor   SATB Piano
C-0099 Russian Picnic Enders, Harvey   SATB


S Back to Top
C-0387 ‘S Wonderful Gershwin, George Warnick, Clay SATB Piano
C-0468 Salmo 150 Aguiar, Ernani   SATB a cappella
C-0307 Salutation! Gaines, Samuel Richards   SATB Piano
C-0275 Sanctus Haydn, Michael Kjelson, Lee - Editor SATB Piano
C-0615 Sanctus and Hosanna Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Ehret, Walter (Editor) SATB Piano
C-0449 Sanctus (Imperial Mass) Haydn, Joseph ed. Dwight Warner SATB Organ
C-0690 Save Me, Lord! Morris, Robert L.   SSATBB a cappella
C-0593 Savory, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Patriquin, Donald Patriquin, Donald SATB Piano
C-0416 Schaffe in mir, Gott ein rein Herz (Op. 29, No.2) Brahms, Johannes   SATBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0622 Sea Moods Tyson, Mildred Lund Treharne, Bryceson SATB Piano
C-0439 Sermon on the Mount - from the oratorio “The Light in the Wilderness” Brubeck, Dave   SATB Organ with Percussion and String bass
C-0358 Set Down Servant Shaw, Robert   SATB Piano
C-0603 Shadrack MacGimsey, Robert Lee, Orrie SATB Piano
C-0400 Shchedrik Leontovich, M.   SATB piano
C-0096 She Walks in Beauty Wilson, Harry Robert   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0637 Sheep May Safely Graze Bach, Joh. Seb Davis, Katherine K. SATB Piano
C-0597 Shenandoah Folksong Hartley, Gerald SATB for rehearsal use only
C-0097 Shenandoah Folksong (American) Bartholomew, Marshall SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano0
C-0194 Shepherds and the Inn - from “Three North American Christmas Carols” Gaul, Harvey   SATB Piano or organ
C-0654 Shepherds’ Farewell to the Holy Family Berlioz, Hector   SATB piano
C-0197 Shepherds Hearing Angels Sing Peloquin, C. Alexander   SATTBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0320 Shepherd’s Story, The Dickinson, Clarence   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0335 Shout for Joy Peloquin, C. Alexander   SATB Organ
C-0282 Showboat Medley Kern, Jerome Warnick, Clay SATB Piano
C-0152 Silent Night Gruber, Franz Conte, David SATB (With soprano/tenor descant) Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0446 Silent Night Grüber, Franz Wilson, Harry Robert SATB Piano or Unaccompanied
C-0155 Silver Swan, The Gibbons, Orlando   SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0503 Silverly Ruddell, Bruce   SATB Keyboard
C-0535 Sim Shalom Janowski, Max   SATB organ (piano)
C-0255 Simon the Fisherman Jessye, Eva   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0287 Sing a New Song Bencriscutto, Frank   SATB Organ or Piano (or Band)
C-0448 Sing Me A Little Song - A collection of Canzonettas, Balletos and other Madrigals by Italian masters various Klein, Maynard SATB piano (for rehersal only)
C-0627 Sing to the Lord a new Song Schutz, Heinrich   SATB, SATB for rehearsal only
C-0187 Sing We the Virgin Mary Niles, John Jacob and Lewis Henry Horton   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0643 Six Love Songs Brahms, Johannes   SATB 2 pianos
C-0451 Sixty-Seventh Psalm Ives, Charles E.   SATB rehersal piano
C-0293 Skip To My Lou Folk Song - American Wilson, Harry Robert SATB Piano
C-0185 Sledge Bells, The Roberton, Hugh S.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0061 Sleep, Wayward Thoughts! Dowland, John Charles Kennedy Scott, Ed. SARB Lute
C-0190 Snow , The (Op.26, No.1) Elgar, Edward Pointer, John SATB Piano + two violins
C-0413 Some Enchanted Evening Rodgers, Richard   SATB Piano
C-0510 Son de Camaguey Hatfield, Stephen   SATB a cappella
C-0677 Song for the Mira MacGillivray, Allister Calvert Stuart SATB piano
C-0407 Song of Exaltation Beck, John Ness   SATB Organ or piano
C-0645 Song of Fate (Schicksalslied) Brahms, Johannes   SATB Piano
C-0614 Song of Man Kountz, Richard   SAB Piano
C-0180 Song of Mary Fischer, Carl Aug. Kranz, Albert SSATTBB piano
C-0188 Song of Mary Fischer, Carl August Chambers, Robert - Arranged and edited SATB Piano
C-0530 Song of the Open Road Joio, Norman Dello   SATB Piano
C-0652 Songs of Mary Brahms, Johannes   SATB  
C-0090 Soon Ah Will Be Done Dawson, William L.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0345 Sound of Music, The Rodgers, Richard Warnick, Clay SATB Piano
C-0254 Sourwood Mountain Wilson, Harry Robert   SATB Piano or unaccompanied
C-0087 Speak to One Another of Songs Berger, Jean   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0402 Spherical Madrigals Finney, Ross Lee   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0310 Spinning-Top Rimsky-Korsakoff, N.A. Schneider, Kurt - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0198 Spotless Rose Howells, Herbert   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0457 spring! from “Two Songs” Walker, Gwyneth   SATB Piano
C-0456 Spring Time of the Year from “Five English Folk Songs” Vaughan Williams, Ralph   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0089 Steal Away Folksong (American Spiritual) Cooke, Charles L. and Harry R. Wilson SATB Piano (optional)
C-0262 Stomp Your Foot from “The Tender Land” Copland, Aaron   SATB Piano Duet
C-0672 Strike up the Band Gershwin, George King, Pete SATB piano
C-0153 Succession of the Four Sweet Months; Five Flower Songs (Opus47-No.2) - No.2 Britten, Benjamin   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0705 “Suite” de Lorca Rautavaara, Einojuhani   SSAATTBB acappella
C-0126 Sumer is icumen in Reis, Hugo Reis, Hugo - editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0328 Sumite Psalmum Schütz, Heinrich   SSATB Five-Part Instrumental + Continuo
C-0268 Summer Time Gershwin, George   SATB Piano
C-0260 Surrexit Pastor Bonus Lasso, Orlando di Deis, Carl - Editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0199 Susanni Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0554 Svaagat Paranjoti, Victor   SATB acapella
C-0323 Swansea Town Holst, Gustav   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0492 Sweet Love Doth Now Invite Dowland, John Greyson, Norman S.A.T.B Piano
C-0312 Sweet Sunny from The Tall Kentuckian Dello Joio, Norman   SATB


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C-0045 Tafellied Brahms, Johannes H. Clough-Leighter, Ed. SAATBB Piano
  Take, O Take those Lips Away; Three Lyrics for Chorus - No. 2 Walker, George   SATB Piano
C-0267 Te Deum Clokey, Joseph W.   SATB Organ
C-0144 Te Deum (For the coronation scene of Shakespeare’s Hennry VIII Schuman, William   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0437 Tea For Two Youmans, Vincent Scotson, Walter SATB Piano
C-0322 Tece Voda, Tece Taylor, Deems   SATB Piano
C-0321 Telephone, The Thompson, Randall   SAATTBB Piano
C-0124 Telephone Hour Strouse, Charles Warnick, Clay SATB Piano
C-0585 Tell My Ma Washburn, Jon Washburn SATB unaccomp.
C-0565 Tempus Chatman, Stephen   SATB A capella
C-0138 Terra tremuit Rheinberger, Joseph   SATB - Double chorus Unaccompanied
C-0573 There is no rose Garcia, Gary   SATB piano or organ
C-0346 There is No Rose from “A Ceremony of Carols” Britten, Benjamin Harrison, Juius SATB Harp or Piano
C-0679 There Will Be Rest Ticheli, Frank   SATB for rehearsal only
C-0280 There’s a Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon for New York from “Porgy and Bess” Gershwin, George   SATB Piano
C-0100 Thing of Beauty Wilson, Harry Robert   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0207 Thou Must Leave Thy Lowly Dwellings from the Oratorio “L’Enfance du Christ” Berlioz, Hector Carlton, John - Arranged and edited SATB Piano
C-0159 Though Amaryllis Dance Byrd, William Boyd, Jack - Editor SSATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0183 Three Choruses From the Ode on St. Cecilia’s Day (No. 13 - Grand Chorus “Hail! Bright Cecilia / No. 14 - Quartet with Rapture of Delight / No. 15 - Chorus Hail! Bright Cecilia Purcell, Henry   SATB Piano
C-0208 Three Christmas Scenes - 1. The Wise Men 2. Carol of the Shepherds 3. Lullabye for the Christ Child McCormick, Clifford   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0390 Three Hungarian Folk Songs Seiber, Matyas   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0160 Three Hungarian Madrigals Sugar, Rezso Walker, Rod - editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0271 Three Kings, The Willan, Henry   SSATBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0575 Three Madrigals Mabry, George L.   SATB  
C-0405 Three Madrigals - “O Mistress Mine,Where are You Roaming?,” “Take, O take Those Lips Away,” “Sigh No More, Ladies, Sigh No More!” Diemer, Emma Lou   SATB Piano
C-0415 Three Oriental Pieces Saladino, David   SATB unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0305 Three Quatrains from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Bright, Houston   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0235 Throw the Yule log On, Uncle John Bach, PDQ Schickele, Peter SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0276 To Everything There is a Season Kaplan, Abraham   SATB Piano, string bass, tambourine, drum set
C-0374 To Mistress Isabel Berger, Jean   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0465 To Music Schubert, Franz Wilson, Harry Robert SATB keyboard
C-0301 To Music - Opus 126 a. Saar, Louis Victor   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0200 Touro-louro-louro! Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0640 Tribute to Romberg Romberg, Sigmund Mac Lean, Douglas SATB Piano
C-0418 Tröste mich wieder mit deiner Hülfe Brahms, Johannes   SATBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0414 Trumpet Gloria Dufay, Guillaume   SA with Trumpets or SATB Unaccompanied or with Trumpets
C-0440 Tune Thy Music to Thy Heart Berger, Jean   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano0
C-0582 Turn the World Around Belafonte, Harry and Robert Freeman Farrow, Larry SATB piano
C-0538 Turtle Dove, The Vaughn Williams, Ralph   SSATB a cappella
C-0193 Twelve Days of Christmas Scholin, C. Albert   SATB Piano
C-0202 Twelve Days of Christmas Shaw, Robert and Alice Parker   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0430 Twentiana - No.1 I want to Be Happy - No.2 I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover - No. 3 Carolina in the morning - No. 4 Bye Bye Blackbird - No. 5 Charleston - No. 6 Tea for Two - No. 7 Hallelujah! Ades, Hawley   SATB Piano, drums, string bass
C-0325 Twenty Choral Warmups Craig, Don   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0699 Two Japanese Proverbs Walth, Gary Kent   SATB a cappella
C-0214 Two Kings Clokey, Joseph W.   SATB Trumpets and Trombones
C-0429 Two Madrigals - ‘Sing We at Pleasure” and “And must I Now Depart Then?” Paulus, Stephen   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano),
C-0459 Two Mendelssohn Partsongs (Hirtenleid Op. 88, No. 3 & Lob des Fruhlings Op. 100, No. 2) Mendelssohn, Felix   SATB rehersal piano
C-0441 Two “Modrigals” from Shakespeare No.1 Morning Song - No. 2 The Marrige of True Minds Butler, Eugene   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0424 Two Shaker Songs (Simple Gifts and I Will Bow) Folk Song - American Shaker Ferguson, Edwin Earle SATB Piano or Organ
C-0473 Two South African Ceremonial Songs (Somagwaza and Nginani Na) Kaptein, Lawrence and Lyon, Caroline   SATB


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C-0542 Ubi Caritas Halley, Paul   SATB and keyboard piano, percussion, bass, optional organ
C-0324 Under the Willow Tree from the opera Vanessa Barber, Samuel   SATB Piano
C-0409 Uns ist ein Kind geboren Bach, J.S.   SATB Piano or Organ
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C-0680 Va, pensiero Verdi, Giuseppe   SATB piano
C-0496 Valediction Conte, David   SATB Keyboard (organ)
C-0539 Vamudara Maraire, Dumisani   SATB Percussion
C-0497 Veniki - Russian Folk Song Rubtsov, F.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0142 Vere Languores Victoria, Thomas Ludovicus Schindler, Kurt - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano0
C-0178 Verger Hindemith, Paul   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0514 Verleih’ uns Frieden Mendelssohn, Felix Robert Schunemann, ed. SATB keyboard
C-0417 Verwirf mich nicht von deinem Angesicht (Op. 29, No.2) Brahms, Johannes   SATBB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0232 Videntes stellam; Four Motets for the Season of Christmas - No.3 Poulenc, Francis   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0632 Vienna Life Strauss, Johann Gibb, Robert W. SATB Piano
C-0332 Vier slowakische Volkslieder Bartok, Béla   SATB


C-0318 Virga Jesse Bruckner, Anton   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0195 Virgin Unspotted (Judea) Billings, William Dickinson, Clarence SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0299 Voix Celestes Alcock, Gilbert A.   SATB

Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)

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C-0300 Walking Carol, The Christmas Carol - American Folk Song Black, Charles SATB Piano
C-0288 Walk Together, Children Folk Song - American Spiritual Smith, Henry SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0357 Walking on the Green Grass Hennagin, Michael   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0524 Warm-Up, A Round for Mixed Chorus Bernstein, Leonard   six part mixed women and men a cappella, hand clapping
C-0631 Water Boy Work Song Pitcher, Gladys SATB For rehearsal only
C-0518 Water Night Whitacre, Eric   SATB piano for rehearsal
C-0428 Weep You No More, Sad Fountains Dowland, John Knight, Gerald SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0213 What Child is This? (Alternate text: Greensleeves) Hodges, Steve   SATB Piano
C-0420 When Jesus Wept Billings, William Dickinson, Clarence - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0370 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again Gilmore, Patrick Sarsfield Harris, Roy SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0270 When the Trumpet Sounds Thomas, André   SATB Piano
C-0067 Where the Earth Meets the Sky - No.2 The Pasture Stroope, Z. Randall   SATB Piano
C-0206 Willie, Take Your Drum Strickling, George F.   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0462 Willow Song (No. 2 of Three Elizabethan Part Songs) Vaughan Williams, Ralph   SATB rehersal piano
C-0433 Winter and Spring Borowoski, Felix   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0506 Winter madrigals Morrison, Theodore   SATB a cappella
C-0215 Winter Passes Over (Iam Hiems Transit) Purvis, Richard   SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0569 Winter Wonderland Bernard, Felix Ruth Elaine Schram SATB  
C-0356 With Drooping Wings from the Opera Dido and Aeneas Purcell, Henry Greyson, Norman SATB Piano
C-0500 Worthy to be praised! Smith, Byron J.   SATB piano
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C-0229 Ya viene la vieja Ericksen, Frederick   SATB Double Choir Castanets, finger cymbals, tambourine (rehearsal piano)
C-0304 Yea Though I Wander Schumann, Georg Christiansen, Paul - Editor SATB Unaccompanied (rehearsal piano)
C-0586 Yo M’enamori D’un Aire Rogers, Wayland Rogers, Wayland SATB A cappella
C-0609 Yonder! Yonder! Russian Folk Melody Gaines, Samuel Richards SATB For rehearsal use
C-0369 You’ll never Walk Alone - from the musical “Carousel “ Rodgers, Richard Stickles, William SATB Piano
C-0327 Younger Generation - from the film North Star Copland, Aaron Swift, Frederic Fay SATB Piano
C-0501 Your voices tune, from “Alexander’s Feast” Handel, G. F. Malin, Don (ed.) SATB piano
C-0165 Yver, vous n’estes qu’un villain; Trois Chansons - No. 3 Debussy, Claude   SATB Unaccompanied
C-0469 Zion’s Walls Copland, Aaron Koponen, Glenn SATB



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