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Waxberg Memorial

When visiting the Music Resource Center, people frequently remark on the old wooden sheet music cabinet that sits across from the circulation counter. It is filled with piano sheet music, much of which belonged to a Providence area piano teacher from the first half of the 20th centery named Edith Gyllenberg Waxberg (1885-1961). There is a small brass plaque on the top of the cabinet indicating that it was donated in her memory. I don't know when the donation was made but the music itself indicates that Ms. Waxberg was a pianist of considerable talent. Much of the music is in fragile condition and does not circulate but the fingerings and editorial comments written on the pages make for an interesting addition to our collection of piano pedigogy. Also stored in the cabinet is a collection of teaching editions of piano sheet music that once belonged to Cranston area teacher Lucia Caito which was donated by URI Music Professor Emeritus, Donald Rankin.

The top left drawer has some paper ephemera related to Ms. Waxberg including this recital program from a performance at the Monday Morning Music Club of Providence, date unknown.

Edith Gyllenberg Waxberg

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