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Faculty of the URI Philosophy Department


Full Time Faculty

William Bartels, lecturer, PhD. Rice.  Specialties: Philosophy of Religion.
Chafee 171. (401) 874-4493

Cheryl Foster, prof. , PhD. Edinburgh. Specialties: Aesthetics,Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology, 19th Century Philosophy.
Lippitt 300F. (401) 874-4022.

Galen Johnson, prof. chair, PhD. Boston University. Specialties: Phenomenology, Recent French Philosophy (especially Merleau-Ponty), Aesthetics, American Philosophy.
Chafee 228. (401) 874-4790.

Katrin Jomaa, assistant prof., PhD Indiana University, Bloomington. Specialties: Islamic Religion and Politics.
Washburn 303. (401) 874-4056.

William H. Krieger, associate prof., PhD. Claremont Graduate Univ. Specialties: History & Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Archaeology, Archaeological Theory.
Chafee 226. (401) 874-2812.

Zahra Meghani, associate prof., PhD. Michigan State. Specialties: Ethics, Bioethics, Feminist Theory.
Chafee 225. (401) 874-2208.

Eske Møllgaard, associate prof., PhD. Harvard. Specialties: Eastern Philosophies, Comparative Philosophy, Continental Philosophy.
Chafee 224. (401) 874-4441.

Craig Nichols lecturer, PhD. Boston University. Specialties: Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Interpretation.
Chafee 173. (401) 874 2418

John Peterson, prof., PhD. Indiana. Specialties: Epistemology, Logic.
Chafee 227. (401) 874-2224

David Prentiss, lecturer, PhD. Brown.  Specialties: Ethics, Professional Ethics.
Chafee 172. (401) 874-2422

Fritz Wenisch, prof., PhD. Salzburg. Specialties: Value Theory, Ethics, Phenomenology.
Chafee 231. (401) 874-2226.

Emeriti Faculty

Yong Choon Kim, prof. emeritus of religion, PhD. Temple University.

Stephen D. Schwarz, prof. emeritus of philosophy, PhD. Harvard. Specialties: Existentialism, Ethics, Metaphysics.

William Young, prof. emeritus of philosophy, ThD. Union Theological Seminary.

Donald J. Zeyl, prof. emeritus of philosophy, PhD. Harvard. Specialties: Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion.


Charles Chaves instructor, PhD. Salve Regina University. Chafee 186

Daehler Hayes, instructor, MDiv. Harvard Divinity School.Chafee 185

Lyle Mook, instructor, MDiv. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Chafee 185

Sharma Pragati, instructor

Ryan Scullin, instructor. Chafee 186

Bethany Vaccaro, instructor. Chafee 186



FACULTY Announcements

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FACULTY Announcements

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