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Cheryl Foster

Associate Director: Honors Program
Lippitt Bldg 300F
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881
Professor: Department of Philosophy
230 Chafee Social Science Center
142 Flagg Rd.
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881

Phone: 401-874-4022

E-mail: Cheryl Foster

 Prof. Cheryl Foster

Applied philosophy in action


Philosophy Stuff

I have been a philosopher at the University of Rhode Island since 1992, before which time I taught at the University of Edinburgh and for the Open University, both in the United Kingdom. At this point in time I have been teaching philosophy and writing philosophically for twenty years.

Teaching philosophy to undergraduates strikes me as being a great privilege and I remain impassioned about my work in the classroom. Despite its abstruse character philosophy plays a central role in any reflective human life, even if one does not realize the philosophical character of such reflections. I find myself hearing from students I taught more than a decade ago, students who share their realizations about the impact of philosophy on their lives now that they have reached early middle age. I am grateful to have been part of their journey.

Although I have been publishing scholarly work steadily during my professional life, most of that work won't be terribly interesting or accessible to an audience beyond the community of professional philosophers. Nonetheless, here are a very few things I have written that might be of interest to a handful of people:

“Schopenhauer On the Proper Foundation of Art” in The Cambridge Companion to Schopenhauer

“The Narrative and the Ambient in Environmental Aesthetics” in The Aesthetics of Natural Environments

"I've Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now: Can There Be Aesthetic Qualities in Nature?" in Aesthetic Concepts: Essays After Sibley

"Wherefore the Rhizome? Eelgrass Restoration in the Narragansett Bay" in Handbook of Regenerative Landscape Design

Beyond Philosophy

Two years ago I decided to stop writing scholarly articles and have since that time directed my intellectual and creative energies toward writing fiction and plays. After twenty years of working as a scholar, I now feel compelled to work out my philosophical preoccupations in new arenas.

To that end I was honored to see my one-act play "Blue Angels"selected by Chicago's Rivendell Theater Ensemble for production in its annual "Fresh Produce" series in August 2008. At the moment I am working on two full-length dramas while also seeking an agent for my novel False as Water, an epistemological quest disguised as a conventional mystery.



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