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William H. Krieger

Department of Philosophy
226 Chafee Social Science Center
142 Flagg Rd.
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881

Phone: 401-874-2812
E-mail: William Krieger
Krieger Pic. Photo by Mike Salerno

International Society for th History of Philosophy of Science:
Israel Coast Exploration Project:

Having received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Claremont Graduate University, a B.S. in Biology from Columbia University, and a B.A.(Honors) in Jewish Philosophy from the Jewish Theological Seminary, William Krieger joined URI's philosophy department in 2006.  Dr. Krieger ’s research interests include the Philosophy of Science, Science and Values, the Philosophy of Technology, Epistemology and Metaphysics, the Philosophy of Religion, and Archaeological Theory.

Dr Krieger's teaching interests reflect his research and he teaches a wide variety of courses for URI (he has been known to take requests). He does advising for University College and for the Department (in both PHL and RLS), and he has served on a variety of committees, including the URI Center for the Humanities Executive Committee, and the URI Faculty Senate's Executive Committee. Dr Krieger is currently a member (and serves as parliamentarian) for the URI Faculty Senate.

A working archaeologist who has gotten his hands dirty and/or wet at a variety of sites throughout Israel, Dr Krieger is currently Co-Director of the Israel Coast Exploration (ICE) project, a research dig and field school that provides training opportunities in terrestrial and underwater archaeology as well as in archaeological conservation and heritage (Come join us). He is also a member of the URI Archaeology Group, a collection of scientist and humanist archaeologists working at URI.

In 2010 Dr Krieger participated in a conference devoted to underwater archaeology. The resulting document, the Penn-Brock Statement of Principles and Best Practices for Underwater Archaeology and the Stewardship of Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean is helping to shape international policy by putting forward a set of principles and best practices for underwater archaeology and the stewardship of underwater cultural heritage.

Dr Krieger currently serves as the Executive Secretary of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS), as an area editor (in Archaeological Theory) for The Journal Religious Studies Review, as a member of the John Hazen White Center for Ethics and Public Service. He has also served on boards for a variety of other organizations focusing on archaeology, religion, and the humanities.

Since his arrival at URI, Dr Krieger has received the URI College of Arts & Sciences Teaching Award (2011 and was named a "Newsmaker" by the Providence Business News (2013).

In his off hours (or minutes), Dr Krieger is an Instructor Trainer for the National Ski Patrol, a Senior Patroller and Assistant Patrol Director for the Yawgoo Valley Ski Patrol, an avid (though amateur) photographer of his land and underwater travels, and a cellist.


Major publications:



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Sci at the Frontiers


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ISBN: 978-0-7391-1249-x

Phil Arch Book 1


Book Chapters


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Free Mkt

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Click HERE for Prof Krieger's 'Selected Works' Page (recent publications)


Courses - Philosophy:

PHL 101: Critical Thinking (Face to Face and Online Versions)
PHL 101H: Critical Thinking (Honors Program)
PHL 103: Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 215: Science and Inquiry
PHL 342: Knowledge, Belief, and Truth
PHL 342: Wittgenstein's Epistemology
PHL 452: Philosophy of Science
PHL 453: Philosophy of Social Science

PHL 490: CAPSTONE: Philosophy of Archaeology

PHL 490: CAPSTONE: Philosophy of Technology


Courses - Archaeology:

LET 151: Archaeology Frontiers (Team taught)
HON 307:
Israel Coast (letters)
HON 310: Israel Archaeology Field School (social science)


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