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Eske Møllgaard

Department of Philosophy
224 Chafee Social Science Center
142 Flagg Rd.
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881
Phone: 401-874-4441


Eske Mollgaard


Eske Møllgaard is Associate Professor of Philosophy. Having received his
Ph.D. from Harvard, he joined the department in 2007. His research interests
are in East Asian Philosophical Traditions and in Continental Philosophy.

Professor Møllgaard regularly teaches RLS 131: Introduction to Asian Philosophies and Religions, PHL 331: East Asian Thought, and PHL 324: Recent European Philosophy.


Publications include:

An Introduction to Daoist Thought: Action, language, and ethics in Zhuangzi.
London: Routledge (2007).

“Slavoj Žižek’s Critique of Western Buddhism.” Contemporary Buddhism: An
Interdisciplinary Journal, 9:2 (November 2008): 167-180.

“Is Tu Wei-ming Confucian?” Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, 6:4
(Winter 2007): 397-412.

“Dialogue and Impromptu Words.” Social Identities: Journal for the Study of
Race, Nation and Culture 12.1 (January 2006): 43-58.

“Eclipse of Reading: On the ‘Philosophical Turn’ in American Sinology.” Dao:
A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, 4.2 (Summer 2005): 321-340.

“Zhuangzi’s Notion of Transcendental Life.” Asian Philosophy, 15.1 (March
2005): 1-18.



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