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John Peterson

Department of Philosophy
227 Chafee Social Science Center
142 Flagg Rd.
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881
Phone: 401-874-2224

E-mail: John Peterson

John Peterson is Professor of Philosophy.  He joined the department in 1963 after having received his Ph.D. degree from Indiana University.  His interests are in metaphysics, medieval philosophy, history of philosophy, epistemology, and ethics.  His published papers appear in The Review of Metaphysics, Ratio, Faith and Philosophy, Journal of Philosophical Research, Grazer Philosophische Studien, IPQ, ACPQ, The New Scholasticism, The Modern Schoolman, The Thomist, and other journals. He is author of Realism and Logical Atomism, Univ. of Alabama Press (1976), and Introduction to Scholastic Realism, Lang (1999).

Professor Peterson regularly teaches PHL 322: Medieval Philosophy, PHL 341: Metaphysics, PHL 323: Modern Philosophy, and PHL 101: Critical Thinking.




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