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Department of Physics

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Physics

This program provides the best preparation for students planning to move on to graduate studies in physics and for students seeking careers as professional physicists in industry or government.

Bachelor of Arts in Physics

This program is ideal for students who are attracted to physics, who have a very broad range of interests, and who would like to consider career options not limited to science.

Bachelor of Science in Physics and Physical Oceanography

This program is unique in the entire United States. It is jointly offered by the Physics Department and the Graduate School of Oceanography. Students in this program are optimally prepared for graduate studies in oceaonography. Students from CT, MA, and VT are eligible to enroll at a reduced rate through the New England Regional Program.

Double Major : BA in Physics & BA in Education

Dual Degree : BA in Physics & BS in Engineering

Minor in Physics

Possible Minors with a Degree in Physics

Minors available with a BS in Physics Minors available with a BA in Physics