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Department of Political Science

Skye Leedahl

Assistant Professor


Skye N. Leedahl, Ph.D., is a faculty member with a joint appointment in the Departments of Human Development and Family Studies & Political Science. She was hired as part of the Cluster Hire Initiative in Aging & Health. She has worked in nursing homes, for a U.S. Senator, at a community agency action agency, and as a research project coordinator for various stated-funded program evaluation and research projects. Dr. Leedahl was the recipient of the prestigious John A. Hartford Doctoral Fellowship in Geriatric Social Work, and she has received various awards from the Gerontological Society of America and the University of Kansas for her research. Dr. Leedahl currently teaches HDF 202 (Research Perspectives in HDF), HDF 440 (Environmental Context of Aging), and PSC 505 (Public Program Evaluation). She is active in the community and is a volunteer counselor for the Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) & the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Program.


Dr. Leedahl's research is focused on strengthening health and long term services and supports as well as advancing social policy to address the needs of the growing older adult population. She is particularly interested in improving social integration for older adults in need of long term care services (in community & facility settings). Much of Dr. Leedahl's past and current research projects involve developing and evaluating programs, interventions, and services for addressing social and health needs of older adults. She uses quantitative & qualitative methods in her research.


Professor Leedahl’s teaching interests include gerontology, research methods, social policy analysis & advocacy, program evaluation, and aging & health policy.


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Skye Leedahl

Departments of Human Development & Family Studies/Political Science

University of Rhode Island

2 Lower College Road, Transition Center, Room 201

Kingston, RI 02881-0817


Phone: (401) 874-4567



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