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Department of Political Science

Maureen Moakley

Maureen Moakley


Maureen Moakley (Ph.D. - Rutgers - 1984) is a Professor of Political Science, teaching American Government, State Politics and Media and Politics. She writes extensively on state politics; her books include The Political Life of the American States, Party Alignment and State Politics, and Rhode Island Politics and Government with Elmer Cornwell. Her current research focus is on the question of statehood for Puerto Rico. In addition to her academic work, she does regular political commentary on state politics on Rhode Island PBS and Rhode Island NPR.

Those interested in Washington internships, graduate school in American politics or in applying for an internship in state government or public service should feel free to contact her.

Maureen Moakley
Department of Political Science
University of Rhode Island
Washburn Hall 80 Upper College Road, Suite 4
Kingston, RI 02881-0817

Voice mail: (401) 874-4055
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