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Department of Political Science

Graduate Program

Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) Degree

The M.P.A. program is a late afternoon and evening program administered jointly by URI and Rhode Island College. The program offers administrative theory and practice for the public and nonprofit sectors. The course work covers critical areas for public managers at the national, state, local, or international levels, including program and policy analysis, statistical methods, budgeting and finance, personnel, public ethics, administrative law, and policy formulation and implementation.

For the fiscal years 1992-95, the program is a recipient of a highly competitive U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE) grant to implement initiatives designed to incorporate the study of public ethics throughout the M.P.A. curricula. Specialized courses are available.

The program requires 36 credits for students with sufficient preparation in political science, computer science, and statistics, including 21 credits of required core courses and a 6 credit internship. The internship credit requirement can be waived for students with appropriate work experience and replaced with two additional elective courses.  Successful completion of written comprehensive exams is also required for graduation.

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If you would like to receive information about the master's degree program in Public Administration at the University of Rhode Island, please contact Robert Weygand