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Department of Political Science

Undergraduate Program


All students are responsible for completing their respective university, college, and major requirements. They are therefore urged to consult their major advisor at least once each semester. Advisors are assigned to students via E-Campus at the time they are accepted into the College of Arts & Sciences and declare a major. Although PSC Majors may find their officially assigned advisor through E-Campus, majors also may visit with any URI Political Science Professor on the basis of a student's area of specialization. Please check with the Political Science departmental office (206 Washburn) for a list of Professors' office hours.

Major Concentrations

American Politics:
Maureen Moakley
Brian Krueger
Lawrence Rothstein
Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz

World Politics:
Nicolai Petro
Marc Hutchison
Kristin Johnson
Gerry Tyler

Political Theory:
Alfred Killilea
Maureen Moakley
Lawrence Rothstein

Public Administration:
Timothy Hennessey