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Behavioral Science Ph.D. Program


Important Information for Behavioral Science Applicants

The deadline for RECEIPT of applications and all supporting materials is:
January 6, 2015
  • Please note that any application not received by that date will not be considered
  • Please refer to department admissions for application details

Below is some information that is specific to the Behavioral Science program:

  1. Personal Statement (2 copies submitted online; approximately 2 pages) - Please include the information below:
  1. Why you are interested in pursuing behavioral science/experimental psychology;
  2. Interests or focus areas you wish to pursue;
  3. Faculty members you would like to work with;
  4. Research and teaching experience (including tutoring);
  5. Service/extracurricular activities;
  6. "Fit" with the URI Psychology Department multicultural mission, i.e., how your work (including service activities) or interests have or will enhance your understanding of a diverse world


Qualified applicants to the Behavioral Science Program should show interest and ability for doctoral level training. Students who have been involved in research activities and who wish to pursue further research training are highly regarded in the selection process. Generally, students are expected to have a combined score of at least 1100 (before 2011) and 300 (after 2011) on the GRE Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections and a grade point average of "B" (3.0) or better in their prior (undergraduate, graduate) course work. It should be noted that these are approximations and a range of factors are considered in our admissions process. Particularly, the specific nature of each applicants' research interest is considered in admission decisions in order to maximize the fit between prospective students and the program and its faculty.

Transfer Credit

Students entering the Behavioral Science program who have done graduate work at another accredited college, university, or professional school may:
  1. transfer up to 30 credits if they have a Master's degree in psychology; or,
  2. transfer as many as one-fifth of the credits required to complete their Master's degree or doctoral program.
Transfer credit is granted only when the request is endorsed by the major professor and approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Requests for transfer credit for course equivalency are typically reviewed and endorsed in writing by the faculty member who usually teaches the course at URI. Transfer credit for core content courses is limited to six credits (two courses). Transfer credit for courses taken prior to admission should be submitted as part of the student's program of study (within the first year of graduate work).

Additional Important Dates

  • February 23: Meet the Area Day (not required for acceptance)
  • March 17 (approx.) - Notification of admissions recommendations to Graduate School.
  • March 31 (approx.) Notification of departmental assistantships
  • April 15 (approx.) - Applicants notify program of intent to accept admission offer; final notification of waitlist applicants.

We anticipate having our entering class established by May 1.

Contact Information

For additional information about the Behavioral Science Program, contact:

Mark Wood, Ph.D., Director, Behavioral Science Program
Tel: (401) 874-4252

Meada Daly-Cano, Behavioral Science Graduate Admissions Assistant
Tel: (401) 874-4225