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Behavioral Science Program


The faculty listed below comprise the core faculty of the Behavioral Science program. In addition to interests of individual faculty members described here, the Department has organized four interest areas that involve faculty and graduate students from all three of our Ph.D. programs. Students in Behavioral Science are encouraged to affiliate with at least one of these interest areas, which represent special strengths of the Department. Very brief descriptions are provided following the list of faculty members.

Please refer to the Psychology Department faculty page for contact information and listings of faculty in School and Clinical Psychology programs.

Core Faculty

Su L. Boatright-Horowitz

Ph.D. (The City University of New York), Professor, Director of the Undergraduate Program in Psychology.
Research Interests: Self-perception, social priming, primate learning and cognition, animal behavior.

Jerry Cohen

Ph.D. (University of Illinois), Professor
Research Interests: Social motivation, methodology, cognition.

Charles Collyer

Ph.D. (Princeton University), Professor
Research Interests: General psychology; cognitive psychology, psychology of peace, conflict, violence, and non-violence.

Kathleen Gorman

Ph.D. (University of Maryland),Professor
Research Interests: Infant and child development, malnutrition and behavior, risk and resilience in the context of poverty.

Lisa Harlow

Ph.D.(University of California, Los Angeles), Professor
Research Interests: Increasing interest, participation, performance and diversity in quantitative science; multivariate statistics, structural equation modeling, methodology, meaning in life, women's health.

Robert LaForge

Sc.D. (John Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health),Professor
Research Interests: behavioral epidemiology with specific emphasis in harm reduction approaches to substance abuse, biostatistical methods, survey research and cancer epidemiology. Grants in college student drinking and alcohol harm reduction in the general public.

Kathryn Quina

Ph.D. (University of Georgia), Professor
Research Interests: Gender Studies, HIV risk and sexual abuse, research with incarcerated women. (Joint appointment in Women's Studies)

Joseph Rossi

Ph.D. (University of Rhode Island), Professor, Behavioral Science Program Director
Research Interests: Behavioral statistics, research methods, measurement development, health promotion, disease prevention, transtheoretical model of behavior change.

Wayne Velicer

Ph.D. (Purdue University), Professor
Research Interests: Statistics and methodology, measure development and health psychology.

Theodore Walls

Ph.D. (Boston College), Associate Professor
Research Interests: Statistical methodology for social science, developmental and educational psychology, prevention and intervention science.

Mark Wood

Ph.D. (University of Missouri-Columbia), Associate Professor
Research Interests: Etiology of alcohol use and misuse, early interventions to reduce alcohol misuse, alcohol-related aggressive behavior, and research methodology.

Emeritus Faculty

The following individuals have retired from active teaching, but may be available for consultations.

Albert Lott

Ph.D. University of Colorado, Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Social and men's studies.

Bernice Lott

Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles), Professor Emerita
Research Interests: Social and feminist psychology; social learning, interpersonal discrimination, social class/poverty, multicultural issues.(Joint appointment in Women's Studies)

Peter Merenda

Ph.D. (University of Wisonsin), Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Statistics and methodology.

Albert Silverstein

Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley), Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Human learning & memory, acquisition of motives, history of scientific thought in psychology.

Nelson Smith

Ph.D. (Princeton University), Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Conditioning processes, behavior change through multimedia.

Dominic Valentino

Ph.D. (University of California, Riverside), Professor Emeritus, Department Chairperson
Research Interests: Physiological psychology, cognitive neuroscience, measurement and structure of attention.