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Su Boatright

Su Boatright-Horowitz


Interim Chair, Department of Psychology

Director, Undergraduate Program in Psychology

Behavioral Science

Office: Chafee 310
Phone: 401-874-4231


Ph.D. 1992, Biopsychology, CUNY
B.S. 1979, VPI & SU

Research Interests

Antiracism teaching
Public perceptions of domestic violence
Primate learning and cognition (journal review, only)
Undergraduate research, teaching, and programming

Professional Interests

1. Facilitating the freshman transition to campus.

2. Training graduate students to teach undergraduates.

3. Increasing self awareness of racism in college students.

Honors and Awards

Who’s Who in Social Sciences in Higher Education (2010)

Recipient of U.R.I. Faculty Excellence (Leadership/Service) Diversity Award (2009)

Recipient of the 2009 Society for the Teaching of Psychology Honorary Membership for Infusing Diversity into Teaching

Selected Publications

Boatright-Horowitz, S. L., & Arruda, C. (submitted for publication). College Students’ Categorical Perceptions of Grades: It’s Simply “Good” vs. “Bad.”

Boatright-Horowitz, S. L. (2010). Useful pedagogies or financial hardship?: Interactive response technology (“clickers”) in the large college classroom. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 21(3), 295 – 298.

Boatright-Horowitz, S. L., & Seoung, S. (2009). Teaching White Privilege to white students can mean saying good-bye to positive student evaluations, American Psychologist, 64(6), 574-575.

Boatright, S. L. (2010). Compression-caused peroneal neuropathy: Commentary from a biopsychologist. Southern Medical Journal, 103(1), 66-71.

Boatright -Horowitz, S. L., Langley, M., & Gunnip, M. (2009). Depth-of-processing effects as college students use academic advising web sites. Cyberpsychology & Behavior, 12(3), 331-335.

Boatright-Horowitz, S. L. (2005), APS Observer, 18(9).

Boatright-Horowitz, S. L., & Mashikian, S. (2005). Some of my friends are fat, others are thin, and some are built like Arnold Schwarzenegger: A body typing exercise that teaches critical thinking, Psychology Learning and Teaching, 4(1), 47-50.

Boatright-Horowitz, S. L. (2005). Teaching antiracism in a large introductory psychology class: A course module and its evaluation. Journal of Black Studies. 36(1), 34-51.

Boatright-Horowitz, S. L., Olick, K., & Amaral, R. (2003). Calling 911 during domestic disputes: What justifies a call for help?, Journal of Criminal Justice, 32, 89-92.