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Mary Clair

Mary Clair

Assistant Professor (Research)

Clinical Psychology

Office: CPRC 51W
Phone: 401-874-4013

Educational Background

B.A., 1997, Rowan University
M.S., 2003, Drexel University
Ph.D., 2006 Drexel University

Research Interests

Assessment and treatment of substance use and other risky behaviors in criminal justice involved youth and adults.

Honors and Awards

National Institutes of Health, Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program, 2008-2010

Selected Publications

Clair, M., Stein, L., Martin, R., Colby, S.M., Barnett, N., Monti, P., Golembeske, C., & Lebeau, R. (accepted, pending revisions). Motivation to change alcohol use and treatment engagement in incarcerated youth. Addictive Behaviors.

Stein, L.A.R., Clair, M., Lebeau, R., Prochaska, J.O., Rossi, J. S. & Swift, J. (in press). Facilitating grant proposal-writing in health behaviors for university faculty: A descriptive study. Health Promotion Practice.

Stein, L. A. R., Lebeau, R., Clair, M., Rossi, J., Martin, R. & Golembeske, C. (in press). Validation of a measure to assess alcohol- and marijuana-related risks and consequences among incarcerated adolescents. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Stein, L.A.R., Lebeau, R., Clair, M., Martin, R., Bryant, M., Storti, S. & Monti, P. (in press). A web-based study of GHB: Patterns and reasons for use. American Journal on the Addictions.

Clair, M., Faille, L., & Penn, V.P. (2010). Prevention and treatment of violence. In C.J. Ferguson (Ed.), Violent Crime: Clinical and social implications. New York: Sage.

Nezu, C.M., Nezu, A.M., Klein, T., & Clair, M. (2007). Sex offending behavior. In J.W. Jacobson & J.A. Mulick (Eds.), Handbook of Mental Retardation. New York: Plenum Publishers.

Faille, L., Clair, M., Penn, J.V. (2007). Special risk management issues in child and adolescent psychiatry. Psychiatric Times, 24(8), 1-2.

Curriculum Vitae