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John Stevenson

John Stevenson


Behavioral Science

Office: Chafee 417
Phone: 401-874-4240

Educational Background

Ph.D. 1974, University of Michigan

Research Interests

For over 30 years I have applied social science methods and theories to social and academic program evaluation, with an emphasis on community-based prevention.
I have added a new area of scholarly interest stemming from my long-standing university service roles dealing with assessment and general education.
Improving the usefulness - and use - of evaluation findings is a central concern of my work.

Selected Publications

Fairlie, A. M., DeJong, W., Stevenson, J. F., Lavigne, A. M., & Wood, M. D. (2010). Fraternity and sorority leaders and members: A comparison of alcohol use, attitudes, and policy awareness. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 36, 187-193.

Sawyer, T.M. & Stevenson, J.F. (2008). Perceived parent and peer disapproval toward substances: Influence on adolescent decision-making. Journal of Primary Prevention, 29(6), 465-477.

Quina, K., Varna Garis, A., Stevenson, J., Garrido, M., Brown, J., Richman, R., Renzi, J., Fox, J., & Mitchell, K. (2007) Through the bullet-proof glass: Conducting research in prison settings. Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, 8(2), 123-139.

Florin, P., Celebucki, C., Stevenson, J., Mena, J., Salgado, D., White, A., Harvey, B., & Dougal, M. (2006). Cultivating systemic capacity: The Rhode Island Tobacco Control Enhancement Project. American Journal of Community Psychology, 38(3/4), 213-220.

Stevenson, J.F. & Thomas, D. (2006) Chapter 9: Intellectual Contexts. In I.F. Shaw, J.C. Greene, & M.M. Mark (eds.) Handbook of Evaluation. London: Sage Publications.

Mitchell, R., Stone-Wiggins, B., Stevenson, J. S. & Florin, P. (2004). Cultivating capacity: Outcomes of a statewide support system for prevention coalitions, Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community, 27(2), 67-87.

Stevenson, J.F. & Mitchell, R.E. (2003) Community-level collaboration for substance abuse prevention. Journal of Primary Prevention, 23(3), 373-406.

Stevenson, J.F., Florin, P., Mills, D.S., & Andrade, M. (2002) Building evaluation capacity in human service organizations: A case study. Evaluation and Program Planning, 25(3), 233-243.

Wood, M.D., Read, J., Palfai, T., & Stevenson, J. F. (2001). Social influences and alcohol use and misuse among college students: The mediational role of alcohol outcome expectancies. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 63, 3243.

Stevenson, J.F., McMillan, B., Mitchell, R., & Blanco, M. (1998) Project HOPE: Altering risk and protective factors for high risk Hispanic youth and their families. Journal of Primary Prevention, 18(3): 287-317.

Curriculum Vitae