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Undergraduate Psychology Minor

How to Declare a Minor in Psychology

To declare a minor in Psychology, a student must have the approval of the Psychology chairperson and the dean. Application for the minor must be filed in the academic deanís office no later than the beginning of the studentís final semester or term. To declare a minor:

1. Obtain the Minor Fields of Study Form from the College of Arts and Sciences office in the second floor of Chafee, or download from this link: Most Requested Student Forms

2. Complete the form.

3. Drop off the form in the Department of Psychology office in Chafee 306.

4. The Department Chair will sign your form and you can pick it, usually the next day.

Requirements for the Psychology Minor

The minor in Psychology is very straightforward and consistent with the university standards as presented in the University Bulletin. Minor requirements for psychology are met by completing (18 or more) credits in psychology courses. If your catalogue year is Fall 2003 or later, then chafeethese credits must include General Psychology (Psy113). For catalogue years Fall 2003 or later, experiential courses for which letter grades are given (that is, Psy305 and Psy489) can count toward the minor, but only up to 3 credits. Regardless of catalogue year, your quality point average in the psychology courses must be at least a 2.0 and 12 of the 18 credits must be in courses numbered 200 or above. At least half of the psychology credits (three courses) used for the minor must have been taken at URI. General education requirements may be used for the minor, but no course may be used for both the major and minor field of study. Courses for your minor cannot be taken pass fail or S/U.

The psychology courses you take as your minor are up to you, but should be selected to satisfy your curiosity about an area of psychology or to compliment your major.

Here are suggested courses for a psychology minor listed according to interest areas

  • Suggested Undergraduate Psychology Minor Courses