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Entry-Level Positions in Psychology

There are numerous entry-level positions that are open to individuals with a bachelor's degree in psychology. These kinds of positions typically are those that use "people skills" (e.g., communicating with and relating to individuals from diverse backgrounds as is required for case workers, counselor's aides, and in sales, marketing, personnel, and management positions), analytical skills (e.g., figuring out why a certain problem occurs and how to minimize or eliminate it), writing skills (e.g., writing a logically developed report), and research skills (e.g., using statistics, tables, and graphs to analyze problems and to communicate relevant findings). Clearly, these skills can be used in a wide variety of work settings. Human services (e.g., counseling, social work), business, criminal justice (e.g., probation officer, corrections officer), health and recreation, and education are some examples.

URI Career Services provides numerous opportunities for students to explore entry-level career opportunities, including free aptitude testing and job lists: URI Career Services

The American Psychological Association (APA) has a useful website for undergraduate students:

Experience, Inc. also provides lists of job opportunities, including positions in non-profit organizations: is a search engine for selecting graduate programs in Psychology, and is also a good tool for exploring career interests:

Psychology Career Center is a resource site for students, educators, and professionals, and also includes information on licensure, internships, and graduate programs:

Psychweb online provides helpful information about careers in psychology and it lists a variety of entry-level positions that can be obtained by psychology majors:

You also might use the "Monster Board" web site and search for psychology positions with the keyword "entry.": provides useful information about careers in psychology, as well as links to job listings.: Online Psychology Career Center

The Riley Guide for Women, Minorities, and Other Affinity Groups and Audiences:

Finally, the following sources should be helpful in getting an idea of the wide variety of entry-level positions that are open to psychology majors:

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