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Research Opportunities

The Department of Psychology at U.R.I. strongly encourages students to get involved in conducting research throughout their college careers. Research is absolutely necessary to be accepted into most graduate programs today. Here is how you can get research experience:

  1. Find a psychology faculty member who will supervise you, or whose graduate student can use an assistant,
  2. Watch the Undergraduate Psychology listserv for opportunities sent from the faculty, graduate students, and outside research labs.
  3. Register for Psy 489 with that faculty member. It is a 3-credit course!

The Benefits of Research

  • Undergraduate research looks great on your resume or curriculum vitae
  • Our students typically receive departmental awards for their research
  • Great opportunity to get hands-on experience in your potential field of interest
  • You get close mentorship from faculty and the work may result in an excellent recommendation
  • Puts classroom knowledge to work
  • Allows student to make educated future career decisions
  • Lets you stand out in graduate school applications from peers who did not participate in research

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