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Getting Help

Please call the clinic to inquire about our services: 401-874-4263. You will then be contacted to complete a phone screen.

Intake Process:

  1. Phone Screen
  2. Complete a brief (10-15 minute) phone screen with the Clinic Assistant. The purpose of the phone screen is:

    • To gather information regarding what is prompting your call to begin to evaluate if we are the best place to fit your needs
    • To provide you with more information about our services and answer any questions you may have.

  3. Intake Evaluation
  4. Within a week after the phone screen, a therapist will contact you to set up an Intake Evaluation. This appointment serves several purposes:

    • It gives you a chance to learn more about our clinic and the type of treatment we provide.
    • It provides us with a better sense about the specifics of what is most problematic so that we can individualize the treatment approach and set goals for therapy.
    • Importantly, it also allows us to determine if we are able to provide the best services for your specific needs. If we decide that we are not able to accommodate your needs, we will provide you with referrals for more appropriate treatment providers or facilities.

    After the Intake and all clinic forms are completed, your therapist will contact you to schedule continued treatment or to discuss the appropriateness of services at the Psychological Consultation Center. Given the availability of clinic resources, clients with certain treatment goals may be offered alternative referral information and support in setting up appointments to more effectively meet clients’ treatment needs.

  5. Treatment
  6. Our primary theoretical orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – is a type of psychotherapy that is active, problem-focused, goal-oriented, and based on teamwork between the therapist and the client. It is often used to treat mood and anxiety disorders and numerous scientific studies have shown that CBT is effective for a wide-range of psychological problems. In CBT, we believe that difficulties in living, relationships, general health, and more, have their origin in and are maintained by the way we think, feel, and behave. By focusing on thoughts and feelings and how they may influence behaviors we can begin to change the way we think, feel, and act to lead more productive and satisfying lives.

    In addition to CBT and Assessment services, the clinic has also provided services using Structural Family therapy and Interpersonal therapy. Provision of these particular services is contingent upon the availability of appropriate supervision by licensed Psychologists and may or may not be available at a given time.

    • Structural Family Therapy – is documented in the research literature as being one of the most effective methods for understanding and healing troubled families. The family is viewed as a system which exists to support the continuing positive growth and development of its members. The goal of structural therapy is to help families understand and change the dysfunctional interactional patterns that interfere with family functioning. Brief structural interventions are often sufficient to promote powerful, long lasting change in the family.
    • Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) - is an approach to psychotherapy that focuses the interpersonal components of psychopathology and how it affects relationships and roles in those relationships. The focus of IPT targets interpersonal events (e.g., disputes/conflicts, interpersonal role transitions, complicated grief, etc.) that seem to be most important to the onset and/or maintenance of symptoms. IPT is designed to help individuals interact in a healthier way with family, friends, and others. The goal of IPT is to develop skills and tools to help process and work through interpersonal issues.

We will work with you to make the best determination about the type of treatment for you depending on your individual needs and the availability of services.


A standing $30 Intake fee is collected from all clients. Individual session fees are then determined with a clinician based on a sliding-scale fee schedule. The Psychological Consultation Center is committed to making excellent treatment available to everyone; flexible payment options and intake/session fees can be negotiated.

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