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The Psychological Consultation Center (PCC) is a mental health service, research, and training facility established in 1968 as a training clinic for doctoral level graduate students. The PCC is designed to help people learn ways to improve their emotional and physical health.

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Our Mission:

We are committed to helping people in the University and surrounding communities make healthy lifestyle changes. The Psychological Consultation Center seeks to educate others about psychological health and processes that affect daily living. By offering evidence-based treatments that are grounded in science and research, we strive to find ways of not only affecting change, but doing so in meaningful and sustainable ways. In an effort to develop collaborative working relationships with all of our clients, the PCC is committed to and embraces cultural, individual, and role differences due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status that influence individual experiences.

Individual Changes
  • To gain a better understanding of feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, depression and related issues and how to best manage such feelings
  • To address interpersonal problems
  • To develop healthy lifestyle habits (e.g., reduce smoking, anger management, etc.)
  • To better manage individual health-related problems and promote healthy behaviors
  • To maximize individual strengths and build on pre-existing skills and capabilities
Child Anxiety
  • To better understand and manage anxiety disorders
  • To learn skills to be able to cope with anxious situations
  • To gain specific techniques and strategies to facilitate parenting an anxious child
  • To provide excellence in cognitive assessment of attention deficit disorders (AD/HD), learning disorders, and memory impairments
  • To serve as advocates for clients in need of additional services and to formulate a treatment plan to maximize client independence and responsibility
  • To collaborate with community supports (schools, parents/families, coaches, employers, etc.) to ensure provision of appropriate services to clients
  • Due to the time and materials necessary for thorough Assessments, these services carry a separate fee from regular clinical treatment and, depending on the services requested, will run between $275 and $400.
Additional Services: In addition to these services, other services such as Interpersonal therapy, Family/Couple’s therapy, Group therapy, and Psychodynamic therapy have also been provided through the Psychological Consultation Center. The availability of these services is contingent upon appropriate and available supervision by licensed Psychologists.

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