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Undergraduate Study Abroad

Living in another culture is an exciting and enriching experience. If students are working on learning a foreign language (a highly recommended goal by many job experts), practicing the language in a country where it is spoken is very helpful. Even if students are taking classes in English or are in a English-speaking country, they invariably report that the exposure to the different culture expanded their worldview and was very beneficial. Most students choose to go abroad for a semester during their junior year, but other semesters also are possible. The first steps are to identify what type of experience you are interested in such as: which country, an urban or rural setting, the type of program (small group/specialized; large university), the living arrangements (dorm; home stay), etc. The Study Abroad Office can help you learn about various programs, their requirements and the application process. You also can explore online to discover excellent study abroad programs and then work with the Study Abroad Office to make the arrangements.

Once you have been accepted in a program, you will need to make decisions about the courses you will take, getting approval from faculty at URI (see section below). That process gives students peace of mind regarding the course credit they will receive for the classes they take while abroad. For courses taken off campus, whether abroad or in the U.S., the grades will not transfer, but the credits will, providing you earn a C or better in the courses. During the semester abroad, students must be registered at URI for Off-Campus Study (OCS 999).

Information about Prior Approval of Psychology Courses

1. Obtain the Study Abroad Prior Approval Form from the Office of International Education in the URI International Center at 37 Lower College Road or download from this link: Study Abroad Prior Approval Form

2. Complete the form.

3. Print out descriptions of psychology courses.

4. Drop off the form and course descriptions in the Department of Psychology office in Chafee 306.

5. The Department Chair will sign your form and you can pick it up, usually the next day.

Additional Study Abroad Information

Please visit the Office of International Education at the University of Rhode Island for more information. Office of International Education