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Painting by Paul Gaugin

About Us

Sociology and Anthropology at URI is unique in a number of ways:

  • a close community of faculty with a broad spectrum of interests
  • three different degree programs each with the flexibility to meet individual interests
  • nationally and internationally known faculty who teach courses at all levels of the curriculum, from introductions to the field to senior seminars and independent study
  • exciting opportunities for experiential learning in criminal justice, archaeology, sustainable indigenous agriculture, coastal cultures and fisheries, human services, and more
  • supporting students through the provision of individual attention and personalized advising

What's Happening Now

Dionne Julius (left) and Mecca Smith (second from right),were selected as winners of the President's Excellence Award in Sociology and Anthropology respectively. The were joined on that happy occasion byProfessor Rosaria Pisa and Professor Jill Doerner.





Kris Bovy and her work with what she calls "bird bones" will receive international recognition in Winter 2011. Kris is publishing "Archaeological Evidence for a Double-crested Cormorant (Phalacrocorax auritus) Colony in the Pacific Northwest, USA" in Waterbirds, an international journal on waterbird ecology and conservation. The double-crested cormorant is, as you can see, one cool-looking bird.


Carlos Garcia-Quijano (along with Tomas A. Carlo-Joglar, and Javier Arce-Nazario) will be publishing "Human Ecology of an 'Invasion': Interactions Between Humans and Introduced Green Iguanas (Iguana iguana) in a Puerto Rican Estuary" in the prestigious journal, Human Organization in Spring 2011. That's the green iguana to the left, not Carlos.


Helen Mederer, Professor of Sociology, and Barbara Silver, Director of the University's NSF Advance Project have become nationally-known advocates for family-friendly policies in America's colleges and universities. The pair presented their findings at the national conference of College and University Work/Family Association held at Harvard University. Mederer and Silver urged institutions to take a distinctly sociological view of interactions between colleagues and between colleagues and supervisors (chairs, deans, etc.).

In addition, they urged close attention be paid to the underlying cultural imagery of the "ideal worker" whose career is his overriding concern while domestic concerns, including children, are left as the primary responsibility of a "stay-at-home wife." A fuller discussion of this important work can be found here.

What Students Are Saying

Professor Leo Carroll enlightened my views and broadened my perspective on things, He was that teacher who opened my eyes. He kept me interested and made me want to learn more.

Greg Borrelli, Sociology B.S., summa cum laude 2010

News & Announcements


Excellence in Research

Christine Zozula

Carlos Garcia-Quijano

Carlos Garcia-Quijano was selected to receive the 2013 Early Career Faculty Reseach Award in the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.Kudos to him!

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