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Yumi & Building a Bootable Thumb Drive for Windows XP/Vista & Windows 7:

01. YUMI (Multiboot USB Creator for Win)

02. Parted Magic iso (with CloneZilla & Symantec Ghost on bootable Linux thumb drive)

Cloning Macintosh OS X(.x.x) Computers

01. Carbon Copy Cloner (Downloads Here)

02. Super Duper! (Download Here)

03. Apple's Disk Utility (Instructions Here)

Windows updates and Freeware/Shareware install & update utilities:

01. (Multiple downloads available here)

02. (Configure your download at the same site)

Creating a Macintosh from an Intel Based PC (only certain Intel Chipsets work as of right now):

01. Duel Boot Windows 7 and mac OS X (guide/instructions)

02. Unibeast (Bootable Thumb Drive creator for Mac)

03. iBoot (for Snow Leopard installation only)

Macintosh updates and Freeware/Shareware install & update utilities and Information:

01. AppFresh for Mac (Download here) For updating Mac OS and 3rd Party Apps.

02. AppZapper (for fully uninstalling applications on Macintosh)

03. Stuffit (Expander, Deluxe and Stuffit)

04. UnRarX (For opening/Compressing files in .rar and .zip formats)

05. Apple Remote Desktop (managing remote Mac OS X computers)


06. MacJanitor (similar to Ccleaner, cleans up system)

07. Synergy (allows you to use a Mouse and Keyboard across multiple computers)

08. TinkerTool (access addittional preferences in the Mac Operating System)

09. VMWare (lots of possibilities when using VMWare applications - Downloads are here)

10. MainMenu (to help clean up operating system and keep your Mac running smooth)

11. Hardware Monitor (Reads all hardware sensors and reports back to the User)



tech news & announcements

What's Happening with Technology in Arts & Sciences Right Now:

College of Arts & Sciences Web Site cleanup in progress; Misspells, Broken Links etc.. URI now has a reporting system (off site) that presents me with a list of Misspells & Broken Links on all Arts & Sciences Web Pages which allows me to go in and fix these errors little by little. The last shows that A&S has over 2132 pages in existance (this does not count Departments Computer Science, Math, Chemistry or the Harrington School as they administaer their own Web Pages as of right now) with 541 broken links (left, that number was allot higher a few weeks ago when this whole report & repair process started) and 177 misspellings (as of the April 29, 2012 report).