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URI Theatre production of Cinderella

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Paula McGlasson, Chair

Do you have to audition for the program?

We do not require students to audition for our program. If you are accepted at URI, you may choose theatre as your intended major. However, our standards and expectations are high for all of our students and we maintain integrity within our programs by holding annual juries at the end of each year. During these juries, each student is reviewed by numerous faculty members and guest artists. Students receive both written and oral critiques summarizing their strengths and weaknesses. If a student is failing coursework or underperforming in production duties, they may be asked to choose a less rigorous major.

Can I double major?

Yes, this is certainly possible with almost all other majors at URI. You take general education courses and then follow the curriculum for each individual major. You still need 120 credits to graduate and you will have two majors on your diploma. We have many students who double major in the following areas: Film & Theatre, English and Theatre, Elementary education and Theatre, etc.

How many majors and minors does URI Theatre have?

URI Theatre is relatively small by some standards with 75 majors and another 10 minors. This low teacher to student ratio allows us to get to know you well and in turn, you'll come to know us. You have access to a caring faculty and staff who are truly eager to listen to your questions and your thoughts. Individual programs can be fashioned to suit your individual interests. We are not a "cookie cutter" program where one size fits all and we do not expect students to bend to a "one size fits all" mentality. We applaud your individual uniqueness and we will work along side you to make you the best that you can be.

Do you have scholarships, and how do I get one?

We have several different scholarships for theatre majors. We offer smaller Merit Scholarships that cover books each semester to larger scholarships such as the Thomas R. Pezzullo Scholarship and the General Theatre Scholarship which can offset tuition and fees. The Mary Zorabedian Scholarship alternates between Music and Theatre students each year and it recognizes outstanding talent in these art forms. The largest scholarships for URI students are available only to students who apply Early Admission so be sure to make this deadline.

Do you offer a major in musical theatre?

We offer a BFA in Acting and a minor in Vocal Performance. The minor is delivered by the professional faculty in the Music department. It includes private voice lessons, courses in Basic Musicianship and Music Theory, music history classes and an opportunity to perform in choirs and operas. For serious students pursuing a musical theatre career, the BFA Acting track includes coursework in Dance, Singing, Acting for the Musical Theatre, History of Musical Theatre and course credit is given for performance in musicals.

Who can audition for the plays?

Any URI student may elect to audition for URI Theatre productions. You do not have to be a theatre major or minor. Preference is given to theatre majors if we are casting a lead role but almost all of our productions feature actors who have majors other than theatre. Theatre majors who are following a BFA Acting track MUST audition for all main stage productions to improve their abilities.

Can I have more than one concentration within theatre?

URI Theatre offers four concentrations: acting, directing, design/tech and stage/theatre management. Fifty percent of our students complete two tracks by graduation and occasionally, we have an A type personality who finishes all 3 in a four-year program. The choice is yours... the more expertise and experience you accrue in college, the better prepared you are to find a job in your area of interest when you graduate.

What kind of job can I find after I graduate?

This is a question that is most often posed to me by parents. Here is the answer I firmly believe in. Theatre students are extremely well qualified to pursue a broad range of employment opportunities following graduation. They have been taught to express themselves clearly, collaborate with others as part of a team, display sensitivity to others, use visual mediums to convey thoughts and feelings, improvise freely, and advocate for themselves. URI Theatre graduates have found themselves on cruise ships in the western Caribbean and Mediterranean running sound and costumes, stage managing South Pacific on Broadway, pursuing MFAs in graduate school in California majoring in Film Production or Acting, performing with Cirque du Soleil, thriving in NYC as talent agents, and so much more. Theatre students are inventive, creative, resourceful people who love what they do and we are eager to help them get started.

Are there jobs available within the department while I attend school?

We have salaried positions open in the Main Office, the Box Office (with a new computerized ticketing system), the Costume Shop and the Scene Shop. We also hire qualified upperclassmen to teach THE 100 Introduction to Theatre to non majors. That's an amazing opportunity... to be a salaried teaching assistant while still an undergraduate. And former students have told us that it made a huge difference when applying to graduate schools. It's just another example of how we want to give you every opportunity to gain experience while going to college so that you leave us, prepared, excited and ready to begin your professional career.

Do you have a Masters program?

Our curriculum is focused on undergraduate education only. What does this mean to you as a student? In many universities that feature graduate programs, older characters are usually played by graduate students due to their age. At URI Theatre, you will not be competing with a 30-year old grad student to play a 30-year old role.

2013-2014 Season

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Apr. 17-19 & 24-27, 2014

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Crimes of the Heart
Feb. 20-23 & Feb. 27-Mar. 2, 2014

How the Other Half Loves
Nov. 14-17 & 21-24, 2013

Be Agressive
Oct. 10-13 & 17-20, 2013


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