Entry & Regulations

Download Entry Form

Applications are due in person and copies are needed for viewing.

If you are having issues finalizing the DVD on time please contact to upload the video online. Entry forms must still be turned in by the due dates and DVD's will still be required for the festival.

EntrySubmission Format

All Film and Video entries for Visualizations 2010 may originate in any visual motion media format from Standard or Digital Video and/or computer-based media, but all entries must be submitted on 2 DVDs. Each DVD must be individually labeled with information including name of applicant, category, title, running time and copy number.

Entries for the Critical Essay and Film Treatment categories must be in printed form and must meet the specific guidelines for their chosen category. Each entry in all categories must be accompanied by a properly completed and signed entry form or it will not be accepted. Detailed criteria for each category are listed below and all entries should conform to the following category-specific guidelines.


  1. Only URI undergraduate students enrolled for the 2009/2010 academic year may enter the competition working individually or collaboratively. Undergraduates from all URI colleges and academic disciplines are eligible to submit entries. Students under disciplinary or academic suspension are ineligible to enter.
  2. All entries must contain original work produced by a single URI student or by collaborative group of URI students. Any collaborative work must include a complete listing of any and all students who participated with said project. Any non-original clips, portions of films, soundtracks and/or works cited must be legally utilized and properly credited.
  3. All entries must have been produced while the filmmakers/authors were students at URI.
  4. Students may not submit any work for which they have already received any professional endorsement, payment, commission, and/or other compensation.
  5. Students may enter as many categories as they like, but may submit only one entry per category. Also, students may enter a particular film in only one category. (Please consult the published criteria for each category). Festival/Category Directors reserve the right to re-categorize and/or disqualify entries that do not fit the stated requirements for their chosen category.
  6. Each film/video entry must consist of 2 copies of the work on DVDs only. DVD's must be properly labeled and accompanied by signed and completed entry forms. Each entry must meet the specific requirements for its chosen category.
  7. Each Critical Essay and Film Treatment entry must be accompanied by a signed and completed entry form; students must submit 4 copies of an Essay entry or 3 copies of a Treatment entry. Each Essay and Treatment submission must meet the specific requirements for its chosen category.
  8. All entries must be submitted to the official collection point located on the second floor lobby of Chafee on April 6th and 7th. The entry deadline is 5 p.m. on April 7th. For students who cannot be on campus during the submission period, arrangements may be made to submit entries to the appropriate Category Director(s) or to the Festival Director prior to the entry deadline of 5 p.m. on April 7th. ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Entry forms may be obtained at the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office in 257 Chafee, The Film Media Office, in 175C Swan Hall, or downloaded below.
  9. No entries will be returned, therefore, please do not submit the original/master copies of your work. All winning entries will be archived in the URI Media Room's film collection.
  10. Any student who attempts to interfere in any way with the Festival's entry, submission and/or judging processes, contact Category Judges about their entry, or interfere in any way with another student's projects and/or entries will be immediately disqualified from the Festival.
  11. Under certain circumstances, Festival Judges or Directors may opt not to declare a winner for a particular category/award.
  12. All decisions and rulings reached by Festival Judges and Directors are final.