Past Winners

2010 Winners

Fred Joyal Best of Festival:

Awktober, by Hillary Scofield & Jessica Donovan

Dean's Choice Awards:

My Brother's Story, by Anna Vaccaro


3rd Place: Cartoons, by Goodwin Anderson

2nd Place: Red Letter Day, by Adam O'brien

1st Place: Seven Inches, by Michael Commendatore, Kevin Kasko, & Aaron Max Weininger


3rd Place: Against the Current, by Alya Fox

2nd Place: My Brother's Story, by Anna Vaccaro

1st Place: Aotearoa: Land of the Long White Cloud, by Thomas Ryan Cuming

Narrative / Open:

3rd Place (tie): Bathmo, by Matt Reynolds, Dennis Hofer, & Goodwin Anderson

3rd Place (tie): Lactose Intolerance, by Colby Blanchet

2nd Place: Paradise on Hold, by Kristopher Castro & Nicholas Counts

1st Place: Awktober, by Hillary Scofield & Jessica Donovan

News Segment:

2nd Place: Damage, by Erika Sloan

1st Place: Texting While Walking, by Christine Buck & Rebekan Lindquist

Commercial / Public Service Announcement:

3rd Place: Sneaker Mad, by Joe Rand

2nd Place: Nerds on Germs, by Colby Blanchet

1st Place: If We Could Only See, by Kevin Krasko & Ethan Gallo

Critical Essay:

3rd Place: A Distant Barbaric Dream, by Adam O'Brien

2nd Place: Poetry in the Moment, by Anna Vaccaro

1st Place: The Other as Sound in Exploitation Film, by Eric Emma

Film Treatment:

3rd Place (tie): Othersideville, by Hannah Zoll

3rd Place (tie): A Dreamer's Reality, by Kyle DeMartino

3rd Place (tie): Arabian Princess, by Michelle McCarthy

2nd Place: The Comeback, by Samantha Epstein

1st Place: Happiness in a Nutshell, by Patrick Michael

2009 Winners

Fred Joyal Best of Festival:

Hit by a Car, by Danielle Christy

Dean's Choice Awards:

Silence, by Kristopher Castro

Papa John's Commercial, by Ethan Gallo


3rd Place: In the Mind, by Kaitlyn Zullo

2nd Place: Unbalance, by John Oppito

1st Place: Hit by A Car, by Danielle Christy


3rd Place: The Louisiana Wetlands: A Disappearing Treasure, by Peter Conopask

2nd Place: Election 2008, by Amy Miller, Dara Hoy, & Matt Reynolds

1st Place: The Maroon Juggernaut, by Justin Meunier

Narrative / Open:

3rd Place: Silence, by Kristopher Castro

2nd Place: Another Day, Another Dollar, by Chris Anreozzi

1st Place: Melissa Full of Grace, by Amy Miller

News Segment:

2nd Place: Dance, by Rachel Seidman

1st Place: Marching Band, by Courtnet Catalano

Commercial / Public Service Announcement:

2nd Place: A Papa John's Commercial, by Ethan Gallo

1st Place: Get Tested, by Chrissy Barabas, Amanda Ingemi, Dagny Card, Audrey Menard, Craig Messer, & Kristopher Castro

Critical Essay:

3rd Place: Give Me Domesticity of Give Me Death, by Elizabeth Darling

2nd Place: Gimme Shelter, by Adamn O'Brien

1st Place: Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain: A Work of French Impressionist Cinema, by Sara Manteiga

Film Treatment:

2nd Place (tie): Henhouse, by Emily Trefrey

2nd Place (tie): Just Bite Me, by Kristopher Castro

1st Place: Anna, by Rhode Laurent