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Scenes from Women's Studies

Eleanor M. Carlson

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     In 1988, Eleanor M. Carlson pledged a gift of one million dollars to the University of Rhode Island Women's Studies program.  In her letter of conveyance she said,

"I have a deep interest in, and a great passion for matters which affect the status of women in our society. That interest has motivated me to give a great deal of my energy to opportunities for women and lately to the subject of women as an academic pursuit. Because of this, and my deep convictions about the importance and influence of my education, I wish to make a gift to the University; one which will serve to advance the status of women by providing educational opportunity and add to the growing prestige of Women’s Studies as a discipline and a department of the University."

    The proceeds of the million dollar gift, in compliance with Elearnor Carlson's wishes, were used to establish the following four endowments:

  • The Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Chair in Women’s Studies   Income from this endowment supports a chair in the Women’s Studies Program at the University of Rhode Island.
  • The Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Scholarship Fund   Income from this endowment provides financial aid to women students who are single-parent heads of households, and who have one or more dependent children.
  • The Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Women’s Studies Visiting Scholars Endowment   Income from this endowment brings to the University distinguished lecturers whose scholarship is related to the field of Women’s Studies.
  • The Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Women’s Studies Library Endowment   Income from this endowment is used for Women’s Studies related journals, periodicals, and books.

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