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Scenes from Women's Studies

Emily Hall

     Before graduating from URI, Emily worked as a Special Ed Assistant (temp) for a residential program for children with behavioral and/or emotional challenges. She usually did this work during vacations. When she graduated, Emily continued working in this capacity for a few months, and then got promoted to a case management position. She worked as a case manager for about 2 1/2 years. After which, she decided it was time to return to school for a Master's degree in Social Work, as her goal has always been to become a therapist. She was accepted to Boston University, where she has been attending full time for the past two years. Her concentration at BU was clinical, and she also participated in a certificate program which focused on family therapy. As part of the MSW program, students also have field placements (internships) while completing their course work. Last year, Emily had the opportunity to be the first intern at a program in Fall River called Youth Build. They provide alternative education for teens/young adults who have dropped out of  high school. This past year Emily interned at the Youth Trauma Program at Saint Anne's hospital. This is a very clinically intensive outpatient program for children ranging in age from 3-22 and their families. These clients have either been victimized or have witnessed a traumatic event(s). Both of these placements provided very unique and unforgettable learning opportunities. Emily has now graduated and is presently enjoying some down time, but getting ready to take her first social work licensing exam, and beginning a job search. Emily's goal is to continue working clinically with children and families, although she is not sure exactly what type of setting it will be in at this time.


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