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Donna M. Hughes
Professor, Women's Studies Program
Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Chair


Donna M. Hughes does research and writing on trafficking, sexual exploitation, violence against women, women's organized resistance to violence, and religious fundamentalism and women's rights. She also works on issues related to women, science and technology. 

Trafficking, Violence, and Sexual Exploitation

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orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes) A Study of the Users, May 2001 (486KB PDF)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes) Etude sur les utilisateurs, Mai 2001 (622KB PDF)

orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes) Marriage agencies and images, Nov 2001 (378KB PDF)
orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes) Agences matrimoniales et images, Nov 2001 (
415KB PDF)

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orange_arrow.gif (100 bytes) Men Create the Demand; Women Are the Supply, November 2000 (Russian Мужчины создают спрос; Женщины являются предложением)  (Spanish  Los hombres generan la demanda; las mujeres son la oferta)

The "Natasha" Trade: The Transnational Shadow Market of Trafficking in Women, (79KB PDF) Journal of International Affairs, Spring 2000 (Russian  "Торговля “Наташами” - Транснациональный теневой рынок торговли женщинами) (Italian: "Il commercio delle Natasha" 174 KB PDF)

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 Donna M. Hughes
 316 Eleanor Roosevelt Hall
 Phone: 401-874-2757 Fax: 401-874-4527
 E-Mail: dhughes@uri.edu

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