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Making the Harm Visible
Global Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls
Speaking Out and Providing Services


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Introduction, Donna M. Hughes

Globalization, Human Rights and Sexual Exploitation, Aida F. Santos

Confronting Trafficking, Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation: The Struggle for Survival and Dignity, Aurora Javate de Dios

Prostitution: A Form of Modern Slavery, Dorchen A. Leidholdt

Legalizing Prostitution Will Not Stop the Harm, Donna M. Hughes

The Health Effects of Prostitution, Janice G. Raymond

The Internet and the Global Prostitution Industry, Donna M. Hughes

Why Do Men Buy Women in Prostitution? Research Project on Men and Prostitution

The Violence of Silence: Survivor Testimony in Political Struggle, Malka Marcovich

Never Be Quiet, Angel Cassidy


The Sale of Women and Girls to Brothels in Cambodia, Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center

Corregidor Tales, Aida F. Santos

Memories, Aida F. Santos

Trafficking and Prostitution in Bangladesh: Contradictions in Law and Practice, Sigma Huda

Blazing Trails, Confronting Challenges: The Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls in the Philippines, Aida F. Santos

Support Groups for Survivors of the Prostitution Industry in Manila, Martha Daguno


Prostitution in Mali, Fatoumata Sire Diakite


Marketing Women's Sexual Exploitation in Australia, Mary Sullivan


Russian Women in Norway, Asta Beate Haaland

Legalizing Pimping, Dutch Style, Marie-Victoire Louis

Human Rights: A European Challenge? Malka Marcovich

Women United Can Make A Difference: The Situation in Spain and the European Union, Asuncion Miura

Middle East

Iranian Women and Girls: Victims of Exploitation and Violence, Sarvnaz Chitsaz and Soona Samsami

Women’s Activism for Freedom in Iran, Ladan Pardeshenas

North America

You Need Some Place to Escape To, Minerva Kalenandi

They Are Showing Your Face, Victoria Marinelli

Making the Harm Visible, Norma Hotaling

A Commitment to Living, Jill Leighton and Katherine DePasquale

What Happens to Women in Prostitution in the United States, Norma Hotaling

Strip Clubs According to Strippers, Kelly Holsopple

Not Sex Work (a manifesto), Victoria Marinelli

Phoenix Rising, Kathleen Mitchell

Breaking Free in Minnesota, Vednita Carter

She Let Me Talk and She Listened, Jill Leighton

Still Alive and Fighting in Canada, Jenny

The First Offender Prostitution Program in San Francisco, Norma Hotaling

I’d Like to Make Us Our Own Quilt, Victoria Marinelli

Surviving Sexual Slavery: Women in Search of Freedom, Christine Grussendorf

South America

Report from Latin America, Zoraida Ramirez Rodriguez

My Experience, I Don’t Want for Anyone, Alexia

The Center for Psycho-Social Rehabilitation in Chile, Marlene Sandoval

Casa de Passagem in Brazil, Ana Vasconcelos

Prostitution and Mothers with Special Needs in Argentina, Claudia Vigil

Preventative Action Against Prostitution in Venezuela, Zoraida Ramirez Rodriguez


Donna M. Hughes is the Education and Research Coordinator of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women. She holds the Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Chair in Women’s Studies and is the Director of Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island.

Claire M. Roche is a Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Rhode Island.

This report was funded by NORAD, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. many thanks to Kvinnefronten (Women's Front) of Norway - especially to Agnete Strom and Anne Soyland, without whose sponsorship the project could not have been funded.







Published by
The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, February 1999
Donna M. Hughes and Claire M. Roche, Editors
ISBN 0-9670857-0-50
Donna M. Hughes, dhughes@uri.edu