Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation

Papua New Guinea

Organized and Institutionalized Sexual Exploitation and Violence

Policy and Law

In Papua New Guinea, the compensation demand for the killing of a clan leader was $15,000, 25 pigs and an 18-year-old girl. However, Miriam Wilngal, an 18-year-old girl refused to be sold by her own tribe as an object of compensation for the murder of a tribe leader. She wanted to finish high school, and not be dependent upon a man. (Seth Mydans, "A Bartered Bride’s ‘No’ Stuns Papua New Guinea: Rejection of Tribal Customs is a Sign of Changing Times," New York Times, 7 May 1997)

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Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation
Donna M. Hughes, Laura Joy Sporcic and Nadine Z. Mendelsohn