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» Meeting with Ann Morrissey

Meeting with Ann Morrissey

July 22nd, 2010 by elaina

I wanted to let everyone know that I had a very productive meeting with Ann yesterday.   Here are the key takeaway points:

  • There were supposed to be more faculty appointed to this Task Force.  Ann is contacting the Faculty Senate for additional membership.
  • There were meetings of the Chairs of the other Task Forces but since we have basically started at a point in time they have all completed their work–we’ve missed out on that collaboration.  (As suggested by Cliff–I have contacted the co-chairs of the Research Task Force but both were unavailable to meet until after our next meeting.  I did receive a confidential copy of their draft report from Ann. Process issues with regard to grants was highlighted as a great concern but no formal recommendations seemed to have been made for improvement.  I will touch base with both of them for further clarification and was considering inviting them to attend one of our meetings.  Do you think this would be a valuable use of our time at our meeting?)
  • Many suggestions were offered on  how to move forward including creating surveys and focus groups for additional input from the University community.
  • In agreement that the workload of this group is extensive –especially since we began our work in the summer and with a deadline of Nov 1st– we could either request (1) an extension or (2) inventory committees at the University where work on various topic areas is currently being done; determine the current stakeholder make-up of those committees and discuss how we can integrate with these committees.  I would like this to be a key discussion at our next meeting.

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