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» Meeting Notes #2

Meeting Notes #2

July 26th, 2010 by rkolton

PDF file of these notes.
July 13, 2010

Time: 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.
Facilitator: Elaina Goldstein
Subject: URI Streamlining Task Force
Attendees: M. Bell; S. Bell; G. Bozylinsky; J. Burkhardt; A. Coleman; W. Euler; E. Goldstein; C. Katz; N. Kelley; R. Kolton; M. Milkman; M. Motta; C. Schifino; S. Thompson

Key Points Discussed

1. Restate Guiding Principles

Review and amend notes from June 30th meeting Agenda and Sign-in sheet were passed around Notes from June 30 meeting were reviewed.

2. Discuss Timekeeper and Note taker Roles for Meeting

Efficiency Nancy Kelley agreed to be the note taker for July 13 meeting.

3. Review and discuss all “Action Items

Work Plan (Action 2 – 6.30.2010 – Elaina Goldstein): Elaina passed out a handout of a Draft Work Plan. Draft Work Plan outlines who will be presenting at future meetings, the major projects they are working on, such as Purchasing Systems, Human Resources Systems, Financial Systems, and People Soft. Group did not come to consensus on this work plan. After meeting with Anne Morrissey, Elaina will produce another work plan for discussion.

Meeting Time Change/Schedule (Action 2 – 6.30.2010 – Task Force Members) Dates were agreed upon for the future meetings, the time was changed to 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. The July 28 meeting conflicts with the Council of Deans meeting, so Cliff, Gary and Dean Jordan will not be able to attend. Charlie Schifino and Mike Motta will be there to represent IT.

BLOG (Action 2 – 6.30.2010 – Russell Kolton): Purpose of the Blog: Only registered members can post and view. Everyone on the email list can be authors. Users will get an email once something is posted. Elaina will post meeting notes on Blog; it is a greener way to get information.

Nancy Kelley tested the system by logging in, she was able to successfully get a password and post comments. She later deleted her comments to make sure that function worked.

SAKAI: Garry brought up the possibility of using SAKAI for Task Force management. Large amount of faculty and students are using it now. Mike Motta said he could set up a SAKAI site for the committee; most in the Task Force were not that familiar with it. It has the capability to segregate private and public posts.

4. Review Work Plan/Timeline

Cliff mentioned that in the Council of Deans there are broad global discussions regarding what is happening in all the Task Force Committees. Michael Rice and Brad Moran are co-chairs for the Research Task Force. Task Force chairs are meeting and coordinating activities. Sharon Bell passed out a revised report to the committee about Streamlining, Paperless Systems and other systems enhancements.


Streamlining current and future projects in the Controller’s Office, Human Resources and Purchasing.

At the beginning of each meeting a summary from the principle person within these projects will be given.


Garry said they are undertaking a “systems change” not just streamlining. He called it ‘processing engineering’. There are large broad spectrums of changes.

Charlie talked in detail about how they work with many offices and how this technical involvement is much more efficient. An example used was the TAR, an electronic form that has automated signatures, no need to go from office to office. Many projects are pending in IT; members want to know where in line these projects are, and which ones have priority.

Three Major Work Flow Projects ( College of Engineering is being used as a pilot):

1. Automatic time cards

2. HR work force forms

3. On-line requisitioning for all purchases

Cayuse –Internal Transmittal Sheet

Cliff stated that there are hundreds of Categories of Processes. He suggested that we look at the broader constructs. He said 51 classrooms are being renovated with digital video equipment, and that faculty will need training for this.
Garry also suggested using sub-committees in order to save time; Elaina did not think this was a good idea. Her concern is that not all stakeholders would be adequately represented in all discussions. Since most of the members of this Task Force are administrators, concerned faculty would not be adequately represented.

The Provost has asked, “What are the areas where we can enhance effectiveness?” Cliff said that we need to identify areas where processes can be more efficient, general categories. We need updates from Mary Kate, in the research office, we need to know what the highest priorities are and identify funds. Garry suggested we look at items 3 and 4 first. He said there are over 300 servers and that most organizations are becoming more efficient and productive.

5. Next Steps

IT Work Flow update: Charlie Schifino

Task Force Questions to Address:

Should the end-users be asking questions, commenting, and giving feedback on streamlining changes in progress?
Should we be reviewing systems from the general to the specifics?

Platform (foundation) needed first, before launching into recommendations.

IT Work Flow Update: Charlie Schifino: July 28, 2010
What Goals are being worked on now?
Where are we already in the major areas?
Post on blog before next meeting


Post H.R. info on the Blog: Anne Marie Coleman: July 28, 2010

Schedule Meeting with: Anne Morrissey: Elaina Goldstein: July 21, 2010

Discuss Chair meetings

Research Task Force Chairs: Brad Moran and Mike Rice: Elaina Goldstein: July 28, 2010

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