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» Meeting Notes #3

Meeting Notes #3

August 17th, 2010 by rkolton

PDF file of these notes.
Date: August 11, 2010

Time: 9:30-11:00am
Facilitator: Ron Jordan, Dean, College of Pharmacy
Subject: URI Streamlining Task Force
Attendees: Attendance sheet was not passed around. From memory: S. Bell, G. Bozylinski, A. Colman, B. Gill, W. Euler, N. Kelley, R. Kolton, M. Motta, R. Jordan

Key Points Discussed

1. Introductions and review of last meeting

  • Attendance sheet was not passed around.
  • Russell had not received the notes from the last meeting, so they had not yet been posted on the blog.
  • Nancy Kelley agreed to take notes

2. Ron Jordan asked: How can URI create incentives and remove disincentives, related to efficient and effective management of Human Resources, including administration, faculty and staff?

Overall frustration expressed.

  • URI receives 10% of funding from State, yet State regulates 90% of how HR operates.
  • State is still using forms and systems for Personnel and Payroll from 1950.
  • Technology needs to be updated to allow for more efficiency.
  • Updated technology could help to save the State money and time.
  • Gary and Ron suggested that URI buy the hardware needed for the State to help save URI money.
  • Currently only one payroll program for the whole State, which is at its maximum capacity.
  • Mike stated that the current system is from 1955, has only one programmer and limited skill set within the office.
  • Anne Marie pointed out that the State is currently responsible for payroll for all State Workers, Workmen’s Comp., Unemployment and Health Insurance.
  • Sharon questioned if URI would want to take on all these responsibilities?
  • Everyone agreed that the FTE cap should be eliminated.
  • Directors and Department Heads all expressed frustration of having to hire open positions quickly out of fear of losing them – would rather be able to use the money in other ways to improve efficiencies in their departments.

How can all three institutions, URI, CCRI and RIC work together to improve State policies?

  • Betty brought up that the State recently hired someone to do all the purchasing for URI, CCRI and RIC, which is a move to be more efficient.
  • Anne Marie stated that all three institutions, and the RIBOG need to work together to make broad range changes within the State’s policies.
    • Need to work together as a united voice, and not compete against each other.
    • Working together would give us more power as a group.
    • Currently policies are different between all institutions, each should adopt best practices.
  • Anne Marie suggested that URI, CCRI and RIC need to have a “Strategic Planning Initiative”.
    • Everyone should have the same recruitment policy.
    • Every time politicians change, so does policy – creates a lot of “false starts”.
    • State tends to be “all about control”, as far as not wanting to make beneficial changes.
    • When a new administration starts, there needs to be a contact with a high level administrator.
    • Changes need to be implemented within 60-90 days.

Could RI float a bond to approve administration?

  • The RIC/URI Nursing building in Providence will not be a bond item this year.
  • New URI Chemistry building and RIC Art building are on the same budget item – $78 million – which is not favorable.
  • Ballot listing is so important.
  • Transportation Bond was to be listed before CHM/ART which puts it at a disadvantage.

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