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Black Scholar Awards

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Black Scholar Awards Program

Donald CunnigenOver a decade ago, University of Rhode Island Black faculty members established the Black Scholar Awards Program. In the University's history, it was the first and only awards program founded with the primary objective to acknowledge the diverse achievements and contributions of students of African descent. The program has recognized hundreds of students who have made outstanding contributions to the university, state, and nation. It has become the type of vehicle for alumni support that the founders envisioned at its inception. The event offers a rare opportunity for faculty, staff, students, alumni, community leaders, family, friends, and other colleagues to recognize student accomplishments in the areas of community service, university service, athletics, leadership, arts, science, research, and scholarship.

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The program has become an integral part of the university's and the alumni association's commitment to diversity on the campus. It continues to provide recognition for a segment of the university's community that needs such attention. We encourage you to browse our web site. It contains historical information, past programs, video links, nomination information, and award categories. The web site was designed to provide information to the community about the program as well as an opportunity to nominate candidates for future programs.

Donald Cunnigen, Ph.D.
Founder and Co-Chairperson
Black Scholar Awards Program

Black Scholar Awards Call for Nomination

2015 Call for Nomination info

URI Honors students at 17th annual Black Scholar Awards

Read the Official News Release here

2014 Black Scholar Awards

Congratulations to all the 2014 BSA recipients!

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