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Dental Hygiene (DHY)

100 Introduction to Dental Hygiene (2)

An overview of the dental hygiene profession including basic dental anatomy, dental terminology, current infection control protocols, and preventive dentistry concepts. (Lec. 2)

350 Dental Health Education (3)

Educational philosophy, teaching methods, and acquisition of skills in methods of research. Investigation, review, interpretation, and critical evaluation of scientific literature as the basis for dental health education. (Lec. 3) For dental hygiene majors only.

440 (or CMD 440 or PHT 440) Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy (3)

Study of structure and function of human head and neck anatomy, supplemented by dissection laboratory. Emphasis on the musculoskeletal, visceral, nervous, and vascular systems related to dental hygiene and communicative disorders. (Lec. 2, Lab. 2) Pre: BIO 121 or equivalent.

464 Field Experience in Community Oral Health (3)

Directed field experience in dental health education in cooperation with community-based agencies. Weekly seminar. The experience will be defined by a job description and learning contract or letter of intent arranged by the instructor with the student and the agency supervisor. (Practicum) Pre: permission of instructor.

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