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Geography (GEG)

Chairperson: Professor Green

101 World Geography (3)

An examination of major world regions. Basic geographic concepts are presented. Physiographic, political, economic, social, and cultural influences are addressed in a spatial context. (Lec. 3) (S) [D]

104 Political Geography (3)

Pattern of political units throughout the world; special emphasis on boundaries, newly independent nations, and other aspects of political control over territory. (Lec. 3) (S) [D]

200 The Geography of Human Ecosystems (3)

The evolution of human environments from the Stone Age to the contemporary megalopolis and the emergent world city in terms of human-earth-space-resource relationships. (Lec. 3)

202 Introductory Urban Geography: Understanding Cities

See Community Planning 202.

203 Economic Geography (3)

Surveys the geographic backgrounds of economic activities. Populations and the resources of agriculture, industry, and commerce in terms of their world and regional distribution. (Lec. 3)

350 (or MAF 350) Caribbean Geography (3)

Exploration of the physical, political, economic, and cultural environment of the Caribbean region, with emphasis on small island states from the colonial era to the present. (Lec. 3)

475 The Revolutionary City: Cuba

See Community Planning 475.

511 Geography for Life: Educational Strategies (3)

Knowledge of geography and its importance for effective citizenship. Classroom teachers integrate geographic concepts for lesson plan development using National Geographic Standards and other source materials. (Lec. 3)

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